mtv chi/k/desi gets the axe

Word on the street, according to Gawker, is that MTV World—which includes Chinese American-themed MTV Chi, South Asian-themed MTV Desi and Korean American-themed MTV K—have completely folded: What's Left At MTV After Slaughter. This news seems to be coming from someone who works there. Can anyone out there confirm this rumor? Have the three Asian American MTV networks really gone to the chopping block? And things really seemed to be looking up... Of course, we were reporting the demise of AZN a while back and they seem to be still hanging on. So what's the real deal?

UPDATE:I got an email from Simon Yin of MTV Chi, and posted it here earlier today. Since then, I was asked by one one of the behind-the-scenes people to take it down until they sorted things out over there. Things at MTV are still apparently up in the air, so who knows what could happen? One thing's for sure, it's not very stable at the moment. But let's wait and see what happens. Maybe there's some hope for Asian Americans on MTV...

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