angela funovits on phenomenon

Hey, there's an Asian American contestant on NBC's new "reality" show Phenomenon, which is described as "the search for the next great mentalist." (I think that means they're looking for magicians.) Hosted by famed mentalist Uri Geller and mystifier Criss Angel, each week ten carefully selected mentalists will compete against one another, demonstrating spellbinding illusions. Ooh. One of the contestants is Angela Funovits, a medical student from Ohio, whose great-grandfather was rumored to have been a celebrated magician in China. A quick Google search reveals her Myspace page... in addition to med student and magician, she lists model and beauty pageant queen under her credits. It also appears she is the competition's lone female contestant. Good luck to her. That said, I don't have a whole lot of desire to see the show. I refuse to watch anything hosted by a guy named "Criss." Phenomenon premieres on NBC tonight.