casino pit boss sues union for slander

In Atlantic City, a Hilton pit boss and his wife are suing the United Auto Workers for $100 million, claiming the union libeled, slandered and intentionally caused them emotional distress during an organizaing drive at the Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort last spring: Pit boss, wife sue UAW for slander.

Earlier this year, the casino's management apparently recruited Wayne Chiw, who is Chinese American, to help discourage Chinese and other Asian and Asian American dealers from joining the UAW. According to the lawsuit, after meetings in which he tried to convince people that voting for the union was not in their best interest, pro-union representatives soon falsely accused Chiw of having threatened to take take away dealers' green cards and have them deported if they voted to unionize. The accusation provoked an intense union smear campaign against Chiw, which he claims has hampered his reputation and emotional well-being.

Interesting that there should be so much commotion between union and casino management over Asian and Asian American dealers' votes.... but their sizeable population in the casino industry is increasingly becoming a key force in a union election's outcome. Very interesting.