eeoc to study asian americans in federal agencies

Concerned that federal agencies are not paying adequate attention to their Asian American employees, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has set up a working group to study how they are treated and promoted across the government: EEOC Turns Attention to Asian American Workers. The group will try to pull together a report by next year that examines allegations of discrimination against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who work in the federal government, how they are treated when it comes to promotions and whether they are reluctant to file discrimination complaints.

So why is this report necessary? What brought this on? According to data collected by the EEOC, of the 2.6 million employees in the federal sector, 5.9 percent are Asian Americans... but relatively few Asian Americans make it into the highest ranks of the government. I say that's worth investigating. They'll probably find that—SHOCK!—there is indeed discrimination and other workplace barriers for Asian Americans working in the government. And that's racist!