keep on voting for pk

All right, my man Paul Kim, aka PK, is in the midst of online battle, and he needs your help. He's a stand-up comedian currently competing in Round 4 (The Final 64) of the AM 570 KLAC On-Air Challenge radio contest. If he wins, he gets $5000 and a chance to co-host a radio show. He's a cool guy who's involved with some great causes, and it would be great to see him win. After exposing an internet voting scandal involving one of his cheating competitors (the guy was using a bot), PK is now in it to win it, and needs as many votes as possible. I ask you, good readers, to help him out, and vote for him here. He's under R4 A #8, Paul Kim. You can vote as many times as you want, so click your asses off. Voting ends Friday midnight. Vote, vote, vote, and then vote some more. PK thanks you.