mayoral candidate singles out "the asians"

Wanna stir up some crap in your local community? Make disparaging remarks about "the Asians." Last week during a mayoral debate in Montville, Connecticut, candidate James Andriote offended some residents when he made comments about the town's Chinese community: Candidate Was Insulting, Says Cultural Group. He specifically singled out Asians in regards to the town's housing problems:
During the debate, candidates used the term "hotbeds" to refer to more than 10 people living in a house, sometimes in violation of health and fire codes. Andriote said that with the expansion of Mohegan Sun, there would be more hotbeds in town. He referred to "the Asians" and said the area where they live and walk to work at the casino, on Route 32, is "a bad situation" and "very dangerous."

"I'm glad that there's only been two fatal accidents" in that area, Andriote said Wednesday.
What an easy way to solve your city's problems! Blame it on the Asians. And their dirty, crowded "hotbeds." Bringing up the topic of possibly building affordable housing, Adriote said, "I'm not in favor of it.... It will probably be bought out by the Asians. They'll be walking back and forth on Route 32." I have to agree with John Wong of Chinese and American Cultural Assistance Association, who said, "Those are his (Andriote's) opinions... I can understand his point, but he's not an educated guy." In other words, you don't know what the hell you're talking about.