pearson's getting the boot

Oh hell yes. Roy L. Pearson, the crazy idiot who slapped Custom Cleaners with an outrageous $54 million lawsuit for allegedly losing his pants, is about to lose his job as a DC administrative law judge. That's right, baby: Judge Set to Lose Job, Sources Say. A city commission voted yesterday against reappointing Pearson to the bench of the Office of Administrative Hearings, though he apparently tried to hold on to the job.

Brothers and sisters, it's about frickin' time. Yesterday's vote came after months of discussions, including hearings where Pearson defended his two-year record on the bench. I don't care what kind of magical defense he came up with. That dude is a fool. As we've all been saying from the beginning, anyone who would demand $54 million over a pair of pants is not in their right mind, and should not be in any position of authority to administer the law. The commission's discussions are not public, and sources say the panel hasn't drafted a letter formally notifying Pearson of its decision, which would finalize it. Just get it over with! But watch out... because he's probably looking for someone else to sue. And it could be you.