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Robert Ito has a great piece in the current issue of Los Angeles magazine on former pro skateboarding phenom Christian Hosoi, who, after becoming one of the most successful figures in the sport, spiraled into a life of drugs and crime. After going to prison in 2001 for drug possession, he found Jesus, turned his life around... and is now skating for the Lord: Heaven on Wheels

The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran an interesting profile on Carlito Bonjoc Jr, master of the Filipino martial art of escrima: Filipino martial arts, escrima, gets noticed in hands of a master. How badass is this man? Bonjoc was born with spina bifida, a congenital spinal cord defect, but practices escrima from the seat of his wheelchair or with the aid of crutches. And he could probably kick your ass.

Meet Mami Yamaguchi, star of Florida State's soccer team: Tokyo To Tallahassee: Yamaguchi Playing Big Role For Seminoles. Part of the Japanese national team for years, she was recruited to play for the Seminoles and has become one of Florida State's most valuable players, on pace to shatter school records for goals and points in a season. Check out this video of her doing some cool tricks.

Professor Edward Chang is among the small, growing number of Korean American parents who are questioning their community's stifling drive towards education and success, which has recently taken a tragic toll on the young: Rethinking an emphasis on achievement

On Monday, the Dalai Lama was formally installed as a professor at Emory University, complete with faculty ID: Dalai Lama becomes Emory professor. As Presidential Distinguished Professor, the Dalai Lama will provide private teaching sessions with students and faculty during Emory's study-abroad program in Dharamsala, India, and will periodically visit Emory. When are his office hours?

Frank Wu, author of the influential book Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, recently paid a visit to the University of Utah, speaking about his personal experiences with stereotypes and quest to widen the racial conversation in America. I think a lot of us can relate to his experiences.