the tila tequila tv train wreck

So, after hearing quite a bit about this show, I finally got around to catching MTV's A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, in which a group of contestants vie for Ms. Tequila's affections. But suprise! The big twist is that she is actually bisexual, and both men and women are competing against each other for her love. Kind of like a hootched-up bisexual version of The Bachelorette. It is the worst television program I have ever seen. So it has come to this. This is no doubt the culmination of Ms. Tequila's master plan towards world domination, so far built on a inexplicable career of being famous for absolutely nothing. Indeed, it seems that anyone can become famous.

Oh, you've never heard of Tila Tequila, aka Tila Nguyen? If anything, you've got to admire her hustle. She's a "glam model" who leveraged her assets to become the most popular profile on MySpace. No small feat, sure. She then used that notoriety in an attempt to launch a music career (as well as land on the cover of various men's magazines), which has somehow all led to this reality show... the biggest waste of time you'll ever experience. Seriously, I wish I could take back that lost half hour, and use it instead to play Minesweeper. It's a big-ass train wreck. Anyway here's a New York Times story on her: She's Famous (and So Can You). And another one here, from a few weeks back: A Shot of Tequila.