fund this: sci-fi action drama the last cause

Uh... what kind of awesomeness is this? Saw this project on io9, and was kind of stunned at how cool it looks: A conspiracy movie about Gundam-style mechs and cloning set in a dystopian future.

The Last Cause is described as "a conspiracy story set in a dark future with Gundam-style mechs," written and directed by Linh Mai. The project is currently seeking to raise $50,000 to produce a proof-of-concept reel for what will eventually become a full-length feature.

Think The Matrix, Blade Runner and all those mecha-inspired anime series you know and love. They've got something special going here, if they can just raise enough scratch. Check out the Kickstarter pitch video:

Here's some more information on the project:
The Last Cause is a Sci-Fi film we plan to shoot in the future. Before that happens, we need to finish the shortfilm respectively the proof of concept. Therefore we need your help! Please support us to execute this ambitious project!

100% of the raised money will go to the pre-production and production of the shortfilm/proof of concept! If we exceed our budget goal, the exceeding money goes in to the pre-production of the feature film.

We're going to spend the money for equipment, cast, props, sets and a bit for living:) During the production of The Last Cause we (freelancers) have no income as we've canceled all job requests to work fulltime on this project.

Visit our facebook page to share ideas, suggestions or just to say hello. The page is live since 10 weeks and got awesome responses during this time. Many VFX artists contacted us who have worked on films like Avatar, Battle: L.A., 2012, Iron Man etc. to offer their help if we pass the fundraising process. Thank you so much!
It's definitely ambitious, and they've got a lot of work ahead of them. But they clearly have a unique, interesting vision for this project, and I would love to see how it all comes together. They're trying to reach their goal of $50,000 by May 25. To learn more about the project, and to donate, go to The Last Cause Kickstarter page here.