hollywood's white akira by enfu

So everybody's kind of up in arms about this whole Akira adaptation casting debacle, in which the studio is seriously considering white actors to play the classic manga/anime's principal characters. Pretty typical.

But what might that actually look like? Artist Ken Taya (aka Enfu) has come up with his own cleverly illustrated vision of the blond, Hollywood-ized Kaneda. Here's also a hi-res version of the image where you can insert your own snarky caption in the word bubble:

Feel free to fill in your own clever commentary and disseminate widely.

And for those who are wondering whether this movie project could be as bad as people are speculating, take it from someone who has allegedly gotten a good look at the actual script. The headline pretty much says it all: The Actual Live-Action Akira Script: Worse Than You Think.

It does not sound good. At this point, why even bother calling it Akira?