Kolten Wong picked off first base for final out of Game 4

To nobody's surprise, racist baseball fans tweet racist things.

Wow. Rookie mistake. Another shocking game-ender in the one of the weirdest World Series ever. Boston took Game 4 when St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Kolten Wong was picked off first base by Red Sox pitcher Koji Uehara for the final out of the game: Koji Uehara picks off Kolten Wong for final out of Game 4.

Wong, a rookie from Hawaii, was pinch-running for Allen Craig, who singled earlier in the inning. Alas, with slugger Carlos Beltran at bat, Wong wasn't even trying to steal. He was just trying to get his lead for the pitch, but his "foot slipped," and he wasn't able to beat the throw to first.

It was the only game-ending pickoff in the World Series history. Here's the play:

More here: Emotional Wong laments game-ending pickoff.

Now, this is America's pastime. And you can't have a crazy televised moment like this, involving a guy named "Wong," without a truckload of folks -- mostly angry Cardinals fans -- excreting racist shit out into the world via Twitter. Here are a few choice tweets, compiled by @BestFansStLouis:

This behavior stopped surprising me a long time ago.