"We Love You Long Time" Billboard in Portland's Chinatown

The Phrase That Refuses to Die, courtesy of KXL-FM.

Hey Portland, for real? This is apparently an actual billboard for talk radio station FM News 101 KXL.

WE LOVE YOU LONG TIME. That's it. You've got to me kidding me. It's no coincidence that it overlooks NW 3rd and Couch -- that's Portland's Old Town Chinatown. Somebody at this radio station thought it would be a good idea to pay money to greet the neighborhood with this pointless, racist phrase -- a phrase that's been plaguing Asian Americans since 1987 (thanks, Full Metal Jacket). A phrase that really needs to die.

I'm sure some asshole at KXL thought they were being pretty damn clever.

(Thanks, Laura.)

UPDATE: If you feel like telling someone at KXL how you feel about this billboard, here is some contact information you might find useful:

Larry Wilson
Alpha Broadcasting CEO

Bob Proffitt
Alpha Broadcasting COO

Scott Mahalick
Alpha Broadcasting Program Director

UPDATE: That was fast. It looks like the radio station, claiming that it meant no disrespect, is going to take down the billboard in response to complaints: Chinatown Billboard Will Be Changed After Complaints.

In response to a Facebook comment, the station responded:
Regarding the KXL Billboard. It's a famous quote from an old rap song, we thought it would get attention but in no way meant disrespect to anyone. This was a decision from the Marketing and Programming Department. However, after our News Department came to us and said they believed it to be insensitive, we decided to change the message. That change is in process now. The new message will read "Stay Connected, my friends. FM NEWS 101" Thanks.
Note: no attempt at an apology there. It's more than just a line from an "old rap song," and the fact that the station's decision-makers were completely oblivious to this points to the broader problems with this godawful phrase. The phrase that needs to die!