Volunteer for the UC Berkeley SASC Summer Institute

Mentorship program for Southeast Asian high school students, June 18-22

This summer, UC Berkeley's Southeast Asian Student Coalition will be hosting its 2014 Summer Institute, a five-day educational and mentorship program for Southeast Asian high school youth to engage in workshops, dialogues, and a variety of peer-bonding activities promoting higher education, cultural awareness, and other subjects. The all-expense paid program runs June 18-22 at Cal.

SASC is currently looking for volunteers to help run the program. Duties may include (but are not limited to) driving and picking up mentees, cooking, cleaning, setting up, etc. They need your help to get this thing running smoothly and make it a rewarding experience for all participants.

Here's some more information about volunteering for the SASC Summer Institute:

SASC Summer Institute's objective is to build networks among high school students, college students, parents, and community members in order to promote greater access to college education for Southeast Asian American communities. Selected students will participate in college workshops, lectures, and other peer-bonding activities while staying in a UC Berkeley dormitory. SASC Summer Institute is an all-expense paid summer program that provides a safe learning environment for Southeast Asian American youth. It provides an exciting experience for students who are interested in pursuing a higher education and enhancing their knowledge on Southeast Asian issues.

The dates this year are Wednesday, June 18th, through Sunday, June 22nd. There is also a volunteer training day on June 14th-15th that is mandatory for all who have signed up for Volunteer. If you can not make it to the training because of (personal issues, transportation, out of state, etc.), please fill out your reasons below. Volunteer training is important because it is the day where you will meet most of your volunteer crew, coordinators and directors for the program. You will also be learning the logistics, curriculum and responsibilities of your roles when SI days come. It's also important that we get to know each other and have a sense of who we will be working with. We don't want you to feel like you have no idea of what to do during the days of SI. Look for a follow-up email once you have signed up in the near future.
To volunteer, fill out the application.

For all you high school students interested in participating, you can apply to be a mentee. Students of any ethnicity are eligible to apply, but be aware that the majority of the workshops will cater to students who relate to the Southeast Asian experience. The application deadline is March 31.

For further information about the SASC Summer Institute, visit the Facebook event