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Totally Biased: Hari Kondabolu's Columbus Day Wish: Over 500 years later and Christopher Columbus is still the bane of Indians everywhere. In celebration of "Columbus Day," let us revisit this 2012 video of Hari Kondabolu breaking it down in a segment from the dearly departed Totally Biased.

Malala Yousafzai, Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Adds to Her Achievements and Expectations: On Friday, 17-year-old activist Malala Yousafzai became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Calling for a Model Minority Mutiny: #fergusonoctober: "Injustice is, ultimately, always, enforced with violence, and institutional injustice is enforced with state violence. Whether or not I or "we" are the target, the fact that the death toll in what sometimes feels like a war against Black communities continues unchecked is an indication of a failure of democracy, and a reminder of continuing injustice."

Unapologetic and Refusing to Remain Silent: With crowdsourced contributions from the Harvard community, four Harvard College students wrote a response to the anonymous e-mail threats that targeted Asian Americans, and mostly women: "Harvard is not an institution that erases barriers of gender, race, and other aspects of identity; rather, it is a place where Asian-American women still struggle for ownership in the classroom, in social spaces, walking down the street, their careers, and basically all facets of life."

The Asian Republican Coalition Is Mostly White and Mostly Endorses White Candidates
: The recently formed Asian Republican Coalition appears to be in an awkward position: It seems unable to find many people of Asian descent to endorse or support its cause.

Asian Americans would not lose out under affirmative action: An LA Times op-ed last week posited that Asian American students do not benefit from affirmative action. Reappropriate blogger Jenn Fang investigated the findings and found flaws in the research.

Soon to become a minority in the U.S., whites express declining support for diversity, UCLA psychology study finds: A UCLA study found that white Americans' favorable views of diversity tends to diminish if they understand that whites will soon be a minority in the United States.

This Asian-American woman could be first in Michigan Legislature: Meet Stephanie Chang, the Democratic candidate competing for a seat in Michigan's state legislature. If she wins, she will be the first Asian American woman to do so in the state.

The Single Girl's Survival Guide for Desi Weddings: Our friend Taz Ahmed shares how to navigate the frustrations of being single and in your thirties at a Desi wedding.

How I Solved the Mystery of Fumiko Nishinaka: During her field placement at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle this past summer, Rachel Smith-Gay investigated the life of a family in the city's Japantown, eventually solving the mystery of a woman named Fumiko Nishinaka.

Lisa Ling: What I learned as an average student: The latest episode of Lisa Ling's This is Life explores the results of a Robert Graham's controversial project from the 80s, in which he sought to produce geniuses through a selective process of the human gene pool. Producing this episode made Ling reflect on her own childhood, and on what she learned as an average student.

What Sleeping Dogs Gets So Right About Being An Asian American: Playing the remastered version of Sleeping Dogs, a gamer notices -- and appreciates -- some subtle nods to players of Chinese descent.

Could an Undocumented American Land an Oscar Nom This Season? Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas' feature film Documented, about his experience as an undocumented person in America, is generating some serious awards season buzz.

Roll the credit: Russell Wong stars in HBO Asia's horror-thriller series Grace, part of a new trend in modern non-traditional television programming now being explored in Asia.

Jeremy Lin knows whatever his role, it will be an important one: Jeremy Lin is technically not the Los Angeles Lakers' starting point guard, but in truth, he figures to start more games this season than starter Steve Nash, who will turn 41 in February and played in only 15 games last season.

Comedian Aamer Rahman Finds A Fan Base in America: It's hard to make racism funny, but Australia-based comedian Aamer Rahman does just that -- and has found a new fan base in North America.

Things I am called on the street, in descending order of commonality: Kumar, Harold, Sulu, MILF, that dude from LOST, John Cho. AMA. A Reddit conversation with John Cho.

Adventure Photographer Jimmy Chin: Defying the Rational, Physically and Creatively: Meet Jimmy Chin, an adventurer and documenter for publications such as National Geographic.

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