Emory student arrested for posting mass shooting threat

21-year-old Emily Sakamoto posted an anonymous Yik Yak message about "shooting up the school."

Dude. Come on. This week in Atlanta, a student at Emory University was arrested for posting an internet message threatening to carry out a mass shooting on campus. She later claimed it was a joke.

Police: Student accused of Emory shooting threat says it was a joke

21-year-old Emily Hikari Sakamoto, a sophomore at Emory's Oxford College, posted the threat to Yik Yak, an anonymous text messaging app. The message said, "I'm shooting up the school. Tomorrow. Stay in your rooms. The ones on the quad are the ones who will go first."

Other students saw the threat, screen-captured the message and contacted authorities, who traced the message to Sakamoto. She was arrested Sunday afternoon in her dorm. According to police, she told the arresting officer that the message was intended as "a joke and not against the law."

That afternoon, Oxford College Dean Stephen Bowen sent an email informing students of the arrest:

Dear Oxford College Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Late last night a message on social media said the writer intended indiscriminate acts of violence toward persons on the Oxford College campus. The message was on the web site only a few minutes but several Oxford students saw it and one of them called 911. Emory police responded immediately. Additional officers were sent to the Oxford campus and work began to identify the person sending the message. At this time a sophomore student has confessed to sending the message and has been arrested. She is currently in the Newton County jail pending charging tomorrow.

Emory University is committed to providing a safe environment for all community members and will take swift and appropriate action to maintain the security of the campus community. In particular, Oxford’s emergency response team has been on top of this incident since the 911 call and we can thank them for seeing the incident trough to this conclusion.

Stephen Bowen, Dean and CEO
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Biology
Oxford College, Emory University

Why the hell would you send a message like that, even as a joke? Sakamoto faces a single felony charge for making terroristic threats and acts. If convicted, she could face one to five years in prison.

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