This Photo Perfectly Sums Up Inauguration Day

This woman flipped off Donald Trump during his inauguration speech.


The inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America (Lord, help us) has a lot of people feeling all sorts of things. But nothing quite sums up the moment for me quite like this photo. During Trump's first speech as president, this woman was spotted in the crowd at the National Mall, both middle fingers firmly outstretched in solemn salute at the newly sworn in leader of the free world.

She is my hero.

Naturally, the photo of this woman, her purple parka, and her two-gun salute has gone viral, winning the hearts of everyone who's feeling rather angry as hell right now. She is the perfect symbol of that anger, resistance and give-no-fucks defiance we need today, for the rest of 2017, and/or the next 4-8 years and beyond.

So, who is she anyway? The internet has helpfully identified her as Anita Yavich, an award-winning costume designer, Associate Professor of Theater Design at SUNY Purchase, and a Lecturer in Theater at Princeton University. And clearly, not a fan of Donald J. Trump and the new regime.