Bruce Lee, Jedi Master

Awesome fan edit re-imagines fight scene from Fist of Fury. With lightsabers.

Bruce Lee died in 1973, four years before the original Star Wars hit theaters. Now, Enter the Dragon and A New Hope are two very different movies, but if you've ever wondered what Bruce might look like kicking ass in a galaxy far, far away, or imagined what kind of damage he could do with a lightsaber... here you go.

YouTube user Patrick Nan re-edited a fight scene from Fist of Fury... with lightsabers. Lightsaber nunchucks. Nan says he was inspired by this cool work of fan art, which imagined Bruce wielding this unholy union of a weapon, and just took it one logical step further. In reality, this weapon would likely be extremely impractical and hilariously dangerous to wield. But if anyone could do it, it's Bruce.

The edit totally works, and is immensely entertaining. Take a look:

Be like water, and may the Force be with you.