Angry Reader of the Week: Bobby Rubio

"Truth, justice and the Asian American way!"

Greetings, good people of the internet! It is time, once again, to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Bobby Rubio.

Who are you?

I am Bobby Alcid Rubio

What are you?

I am a Filipino American! I'm a comic book artist, animator, story artist, writer, director and filmmaker!

Where are you?

Currently in my office at Pixar Animation Studios, in Emeryville, California.

Where are you from?

SAN DIEGO! California

What do you do?

During the day, I work at Pixar Animation Studios on a top secret project as a story artist AND I am also the writer and director of the Pixar SparkShorts film Float which is steaming on the Disney+ streaming service right now! So go and watch it and tell all your friends and family to watch it, too! Support Asian Creatives!

What are you all about?

Truth, justice and the Asian American way!

Sorry for the "Dad joke,” but I am a dad. I am a father to three amazing boys and husband to my beautiful wife, Susan. I'm a family man and Filipino Creative. I strive to tell entertaining stories in the comic book medium and animated films. I've worked for Marvel Comics, Disney Feature Animation, Nickelodeon on Avatar: The Last Airbender and currently at Pixar Animation Studios. I also create my own comics and intellectual properties: Alcatraz High, 4 Gun Conclusion and Neighborhood Legend. With my own creations, I always strive to have persons of color as a lead character. I want to promote empowerment and diversity! I want to tell stories from my unique perspective and I hope my creations will inspire more Asian Creatives to tell their stories!

What makes you angry?

The lack of Asian characters, particularly Filipino characters in multi-media makes me angry AND it also inspires me to strive to create more authentic Asian characters. I want to showcase my Filipino culture because we are the third largest Asian community in America, yet you wouldn't know it watching movies or television. We're known as the "Invisible Minority" because we blend in. I want to change that and shine a spotlight on us by telling our stories when I can. I am grateful to Pixar for giving me an opportunity to create the first Filipino American leads in a Pixar film. My Filipino culture is rich and vast and there are so many stories to tell and share with the world!

I am a father of a child on the autism spectrum and I am also angry about how sometimes children with autism are excluded from society. I am angry that sometimes parents of typical children don't encourage their kids to play with atypical children. I want to erase the stigma that comes with the autism diagnosis. I want to educate the world to accept and include people with special needs and love and embrace them. I want to celebrate our differences and create a world that is more inclusive of people that look and act differently from us. I am angry but I want to use that anger and redirect it into inspiration to create more stories and characters that will touch people's lives and hopefully encourage them to live more positive lives and unite us to a stronger and more inclusive society!