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Watch Jane Lui's Crazy Fun Cover of TLC's "Waterfalls"

Featuring Tamlyn Tomita, Lynn Chen and a band of merry misfit music makers

So this awesome thing totally happened... In this super-fun video, singer/songwriter Jane Lui is joined by friends Tamlyn Tomita and Lynn Chen, and leads a band of merry misfit music makers in an ultra-homemade one-take cover of TLC's "Waterfalls," complete with typewriters, a toy piano, a water jugand cardboard cutouts. (Yes, I make an appearance somewhere in there too.) Take a look:


Not a bad day to re-visit Goh Nakamura's "Surrogate Valentine"

Oh, heck. Why not? Today also seem like a good day to revisit "Surrogate Valentine," one of my favorite songs by our good friend Goh Nakamura. Great song. Goh also stars in an indie film of the same name, but here's the low-key acoustic bedroom version he uploaded to YouTube five years ago:


win tickets to daylight savings in seattle and portland

This is for you movie lovers in the areas of Portland and Seattle. The indie film Daylight Savings, directed by Dave Boyle and starring Goh Nakamura, is playing in your town this week. It's a great little quirky road comedy with a lot of charm. Want to win a pair of free tickets? Read on. But first, here's the trailer:


Sound and Fury Podcast Episode 3: Goh Nakamura

Greetings, angry listeners. A big thank you to everyone who checked out episodes 001 and 002 of Sound and Fury: The Angry Asian Podcast. And much gratitude for all the great feedback. Be sure to subscribe if you haven't already.

We took a little break after hustling hard to release those first two episodes so close together, back-to-back. Still getting used to format. But Sound and Fury is back and ready to go with another episode.

So, without further ado, check out my conversation with Goh Nakamura...

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