janice min named editorial director at hollywood reporter

It was announced today that Janice Min, former editor in chief of Us Weekly magazine, has been named editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter. She'll start her new job mid-June in Los Angeles: Janice Min named THR editorial director.

During her seven-year tenure at Us Weekly, Min more than doubled the weekly circulation, increased advertising sales, launched and served as editor in chief of Usmagazine.com and garnered many of publishing's most prestigious awards, including Adweek's Editor of the Year.

Min, who was making a reported $2 million a year, stepped down from Us Weekly last summer, amid tabloid talk about contract negotiations going sour with publisher Jenn Wenner.

At The Hollywood Reporter, she'll be stepping into a new position, and will cover editorial leadership of various platforms.

As someone who actually reads The Hollywood Reporter fairly regularly, I'm interested in seeing what her hiring will mean for the publication. Some say it suggests a tilt toward celebrity news, which wouldn't be a surprise.

Whatever the case, I think Janice Min is undoubtedly one of the more influential figures in entertaining publishing, and I'm interested in seeing what happens when she takes on the non-celebrity side of Hollywood. More here: Janice Min Named Editorial Director at Hollywood Reporter.