music video: "magic world" by mista cookie jar

Wanna see something trippy and fun? Check out the music video for "Magic World" by Mista Cookie Jar, from his debut children's album The Love Bubble. It is described as "Urban Island Folky Rock N Roll for the Inner Child." Works for me. Take a look:

What the heck is going on in this crazy video? I don't know. But I like it. Mista Cookie Jar's band of kids, the Chocolate Chips, includes Ava Flava--the flavorful 9 year old butterfly rapper, her brother, Lucas, aka Professa P gettin jiggy, and Miss Mikyla the Lollipop Princess. It's a party.

But wait! There's more! Also featured are Peachy Keen the Woodland Fairy, Michael the Pimpin Leprechaun, Georgia Smarty Pants, Georgia the Dog, Jessica the Hula Hoop Witch, butterflies, caterpillars, snails, a turtle, a crowned toad, and the many young Chocolate Chips who hopped aboard the Love Bubble on the way to school.

Mista Cookie Jar is also known as C.J. Pizarro, who is embarking on the Love Bubble Coast to Coast Summer Tour. For more information on the tour and his funktastic music, go to his website here. Also see Mista Cookie Jar's MySpace page here and his YouTube channel here.