for the ultimate fan: lost: the complete collection dvd box set

Of course, I can't go without mentioning this week's release of not only Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season on DVD and Blu-ray, but even better, for the ultimate fan, Lost: The Complete Collection. Anybody got $148.99 and 5,074 minutes to spare?

This one's epic -- every single episode of all six seasons, including the all-new season six epilogue "The New Man in Charge." There are also three hours of never-before-seen bonus features (in addition to the 32 hours hours of features from previous seasons' DVDs), as well as other collectible nonsense like a senet game, a black light torch and an ankh with a "secret message from Jacob."

Mine came in the mail last week, and the thing is massive -- damn thing weighs seven pounds. (I checked on my bathroom scale.) I haven't even begun to make my way through all the awesome stuff on the discs. It's actually a little bit daunting. But make no mistake, this one's for true Lost fans. I have a feeling this box set is going to make a pretty sweet gift for the holidays.