interpretations: canvas by mora stephens

Here is the last of the commissioned sample shorts for the Interpretations filmmaking initiative: Canvas, directed by Mora Stephens and starring acclaimed artist James Jean. Take a look:

James Jean, by the way, is amazing. Check out some of his work here.

The parameters of the Interpretations initiative are pretty simple: create a short film, no longer than three minutes, using only the following four lines dialogue, in this exact order:
It's not something I'd do.


It's not what I expected.

You sure?
Everything else -- story, characters, visuals -- is up to you. As we've already seen, it's pretty amazing all the different kinds of visions that can emerge from the same script. The "winning" filmmakers will get a bunch of cool stuff, as well as supreme bragging rights. The deadline has been extended to September 15. Get to work.

I can't wait to see how everyone's film turns out. To see the full rules and guidelines, as well as more great sample works, from the likes Kenneth Bi, Wong Fu Productions, Spencer Nakasako, Iris Yamashita and more, go to the Interpretations website here.