happy birthday. here's a crappy card.

Got a special occasion coming up? Thinking about giving someone a crazy obnoxious, racist greeting card? Then I have just the thing for you...

Ashley Baccam came across this questionable card at Rite Aid the other day: Is This Card Racist? The takeout box and wonton font are stupid, but that's apparently not enough. The damn has to sing too. Here's what happens when you press the button:

In case you didn't catch that heartwarming tune, the lyrics are:
"The Happy Noodle Song"

Happy noodle
happy friend rice
I deliver it to you!
Happy stir-fry
for your birthday
happy chicken, egg roll, too!

Ring your doorbell
in 10 minutes,
I deliver right away.
Bring you yummy
pu-pu platter,
to avoid a poo-poo day!
And of course, the only to sing this is with a ridiculous ching chong accent. Sadly, I'm sure someone thought this was a really awesome idea. Big fat thumbs down to that. (Thanks, Ashley.)