Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold show their stuff on 'Conan'

Renegade filmmakers share an exclusive clip from their hit webseries 'Video Game High School'

In case you missed it... Filmmakers Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold appeared as guests on Conan last week to promote the upcoming third and final season of their megahit action/comedy webseries Video Game High School. These guys are able to create some really incredible special effects and action sequences -- and some fun storytelling on top of all that -- at a fraction of the cost of a multimillion dollar studio movie.

The guys shared an exclusive preview of VGHS:

Here, Freddie and Matt enlist Conan O'Brien to shoot a cameo for VGHS:

Freddie Wong's RocketJump Studios is blowing up, having recently forged a content development deal with Lionsgate. The final season of Video Game High School premieres later this year. For further information on the series, and to watch past episodes, visit RocketJump

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