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The term 'Asian American' has a radical history
"Asian American" is a term that is both ambitious and contentious, depending on who you ask... There are significant limitations to a single category that encompasses such a vast and diverse population. But despite its imperfect nature, scholars of Asian American history say that the term's origins suggest that it has immense potential, too.

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More people now incorrectly blame Asian Americans for Covid than at height of pandemic
A new report finds that the percentage of Americans who say Asian Americans are responsible for Covid-19 nearly doubled from 2021 to 2022.

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Horrified by the surge of anti-Asian violence, she's giving her community tools to protect themselves
Medical studnet Michelle Tran was horrified by the spike in anti-Asian violence and wanted to do something to help her community. She co-founded Soar Over Hate, a nonprofit that works to support and protect AAPI communities in New York and San Francisco.

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A Story of Succession on a New Jersey Farm, in 'Seasons'
Nevia No's mother, who emigrated from what is now North Korea, was embarrassed of her chosen profession as a farmer; in turn, Gabriella Canal and Michael Fearon's documentary about Bodhitree Farm focusses on Nevia’s desire to pass on her work to her own daughter.

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Some of the Most Influential Asian American Literature of All Time
"This post was originally going to be called 'The Most Influential Asian American Literature of All Time' but who on earth could write that post?"

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From ‘Turning Red’ to ‘Everything Everywhere,’ the Asian (North) American mom goes mainstream
Imperfect, complex Asian American moms are the center of many recent mainstream narratives.

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Wayne Wang Still Isn't Satisfied
On the 40th anniversary of his breakthrough drama, Chan Is Missing, director Wayne Wang says a new generation of Asian American filmmakers must make more challenging work.

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Memories of a Vibrant Moment in Asian American Cinema
"To understand our contemporary moment, we must look back at the 1980s and ’90s, when cultural media organizations and film festivals that supported Asian American filmmakers robustly programmed a diversity of aesthetic approaches."

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Young Hollywood Was Asian
The playboys, half-castes, outsiders, and sirens who made motion pictures.

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'Fresh Off the Boat' Was Just the Start
Though Fresh Off the Boat has ended, executive producers Jake Kasdan and Melvin Mar are continuing to lead TV’s expansion in Asian American and Pacific Islander representation.