all eyes on the ice

Tonight, all eyes are on South Korean figure skater Kim Yu-Na. Hugely popular in her home country, she's got an array of lucrative endorsement deals and throngs of photographers following her around, but now it's time to live up to the hype. The pressure's on -- bring home a medal or bust: Pressure on Yu-Na Kim to turn Olympic gold into gold.

Meanwhile, 16-year-old American skater Mirai Nagasu isn't really considered a favorite to win (it's a 'rebuilding year' for U.S. figure skating), but she's still looking at the biggest night of her career. Who knows what could happen? She's skilled, cute, and immensely charming, and I can't wait to see what she does on the ice: Nagasus work together to reach Olympics.

And with all this awesome Asian talent on the ice, from Kim to Nagasu, as well as a strong group of Japanese skaters -- and let's not forget skating royalty Kristi Yamaguchi or Michelle Kwan -- it's inspiring a whole new generation of young Asian American figure skaters to go for the gold: Young Asian American skaters dream they can soar.