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Green Destiny.  GameCube style.

They're making a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon video game. Doesn't look very good.


Interview with Jin the MC at Asian Avenue: Jin and Juice


Miss China
Miss China, Ling Zhuo, placed 2nd Runner Up in the Miss Universe 2002 Pageant last night. Apparently, this was the first time China sent a delegate to the competition. Yes, I was watching some of the broadcast. Don't ask me why.


Check out this weird video clip from CNN Sunday night... Koreans have gotten a bad rap for the dog-eating thing. To combat such negative publicity, they had a public display of how NICELY they treat dogs in Korea. While the effort is kind of dumb, the news clip is even worse. "More WALKED then WOK-ed." Stupid. Check it out: http://littledevilgirl.com/downloads/CNN_dogs.mpg. (Thanks, Nancy)


Linus pointed me to this clip of Triumph the dog on Conan O'Brien. About ten minutes, thirty seconds. He's going around making fun of the crazy people waiting in line for Star Wars. I think the segment is pretty dang funny (although rather mean-spirited)... but it falls flat when the frickin' dog makes a quick joke about Koreans eating dogs (at about 7:42). Cheap shot. That's racist! Check out the clip here (Thanks Linus).


"Ang Rhee," a filmmaker in LA, recently went to a test screening of Better Luck Tomorrow:

During one screening (focus group research) of "BLT" that the film's PR folks invited me to, a white middle-aged racist sat next to me. He revealed himself to be a random audience member when at the opening of the film he said : "OH . . . . THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT GOOKS!".

It was dark inside the theater, so I could not identify him at the time. So I let it go. Afterwards, the MTV Films people passed out the surveys. I then overheard the racist (which I now could identify as the white guy) mutter to himself : "IF THEY'RE GONNA HAVE ASIANS IN THIS MOVIE - WHY DON'T THEY HAVE ACCENTS?"

I then turned to him and asked: "WHY SHOULD THEY HAVE ACCENTS? I DON'T HAVE AN ACCENT!"


Since the tension could only escalate and I didn't want to go to jail (or
embarrass myself to Justin Lin - who was in the theater but not a witness), I
decided to let the racist leave without further challenge. Having loved the
film, I took this confrontation very hard. I did tell Justin and the entire
cast later on. They all expressed appreciation for my defense on their behalf.

The sad thing is, as much as I like this movie, this is something we might have to expect when Better Luck Tomorrow gets theatrical release. It'll probably be unlike anything any mainstream audience has ever seen... Are they ready for it? This white sucka obviously wasn't. That's racist!


Yo, near the end of the season finale of 24 last night, some random Asian cleaning lady walked in on Nina, (The Traitor) doing dastardly deeds. She was promptly shot. Just blown away. I think she had half a line of dialogue, then bang (not really a bang --it was a silencer), shot dead. What's up with that? Why they gotta kill the Asian? I think there were a total of like two Asians on 24 this entire season, a terrorist (Al Leong!) and this cleaning lady. Both got killed. Funny, since the main characters on the show happened to be running around Los Angeles all day. Yet not an Asian in sight. That's racist!


Student Academy Awards were announced last week. Check out the list of winners... and look at all the Asian folks! : 29th Annual Student Academy Awards


Got this email forwarded to me, regarding some racist stuff said earlier this week on the radio program "Loveline."

About an hour ago, I was outraged by the comments made on Loveline, a
radio talk show that is nationally broadcasted. One of the talk show
host Adam Corolla was specifically talking down about Asians. And I
wanted to write to ask for your help and support in letting Loveline
know that they should not do that. I'm afraid that if I call in, they
are probablly goign to hang up on me or not listen to what I have to

Basically there was a white woman that called in saying that she's
really into the Asian culture, particularly Japanese. She loves it so
much that she was beginning to think that she should be Asian. Dr.
Drew then advised her saying that there is nothing wrong about that
and that she should indulge and appreciate that culture w/out any
guilt. [ED NOTE: Of course there is an exotification/objectification
aspect here, but there are bigger fish to fry] Adam Corolla then
said, "But let me tell you, I think you will be disappointed ...
here's my take on the Asians... Asians are like blonde women at a
bar. They look good from far away, but once you get to know them
they're no good." He further went on and commented on how Asians will
disappoint her because they are the kinds of people who kill
endangered species, they enlarge their penis and treat women badly,
etc. They also had a conversation about how all Asians have to be
good in math or they shut you out, and how Asian women have mostly B
cup bra sizes.

This is also not Adam Corolla's first jab at Asians. A few months
ago, he made a comment on air about how Korean are "the meanest
Asians of them all" and "during the riots they were up in the roofs
with their guns and stuff."

I understand that his comments must [NOT] have a figment of truth in
them. However, I find it offensive because Adam Corolla has more than
once generalized all asians to be this way, which sets a bad example
toward the millions of younger generations that listen to his show
habitually. I believe that had he made a comment nearly close to what
he has said about Blacks or Mexicans, he would have been fired.

I haven't heard any of this, so I can't really confirm. Anybody got a tape, or an audio file of this particular segment? I've heard Loveline on occasion, and Adam Corolla is one of those obnoxious radio personalities. He often says stuff primarily to shock and piss people off -- and this just seems like another one of those instances. But let me tell you, it sure sounds racist. Why do people think that Asians are fair game when it comes to these broad, stereotypical generalizations? This sucka is going to tell us what we're all about? That's racist! And the worst part of is, the majority of this show's listeners are going to eat it up.

So are you sufficiently angry? Do something! Here are some useful links regarding this manner:

KROQ-FM (California) is the home station for Loveline.

KROQ-FM is owned by Infinity Broadcasting.

Westwood One provides the Loveline show to a variety of stations.

Use these links, find the appropriate information, and contact the necessary people. Stay angry.


Brief shot of an Asian woman as a Jedi knight in one of the end battle scenes in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.


Yo, pan-Asian spoken word group I Was Born With 2 Tongues has re-released their debut CD Broken Speak (previously sold out). The new edition features the 15 original tracks, along with a few remastered and bonus performances. If you haven't heard this CD, you have GOT TO GET IT. It easily one of the best recordings I own. Purchase it at Asian Improv.com.


So last night on the season finale of ER they gave Ming Na more than three lines, and she actually got to do some medical type dealings. Unfortunately she also gets infected with small pox and has to be quarantined. The good doctor's most memorable moment in the episode is the look on her face when she finally gets to go pee. Go Ming Na. Her future on the show is uncertain... I've heard that she's been in talks to star in a sitcom about an interracial couple (Asian-Black), which probably means she'll be leaving ER in the near future. I suppose that's no big deal -- she is seriously one of the most underused characters on that show. That's racist!

Here is Ming Na and her momma in the May issue of InStyle.

Ming Na and Mr. T!

And here is a picture of Ming Na and Mr. T.


It's true, Asians are bad drivers: Asians among the most reckless drivers (Thanks Kevin)


Thanks to the several people who pointed me to this story. This study apparently finds that there is a lack of network TV diversity: Study: Network TV Lacking Diversity

Big whoop dee doo. I could've told you that. I don't need no study to do it, either. Any media scholar, even any regular schmoe could tell you this.

What's up with this article though, there is no mention of Asians whatsoever. Where are all the Asians? That's racist!


Went to a community screening of Hidden Internment: The Art Shibayama Story. Really interesting story about Japanese Latin Americans taken prisoner and interned by the United States in World War II to be used in hostage exchanges with Japan. Mr. Art Shibayama and the many internees like him have still not received full redress for these actions against them. If you're like me, you probably have little or no knowledge of this particular part of history. The United States government would probably prefer it if you didn't. That's racist!.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Koreans are good at golf. Check out this girl, who's just really really stinkin' young: Wie, 12, on early track for stardom in LPGA


There is apparently an Asian couple prominently featured in a Celine Dion video. (Thanks Erin).


Lela LeeAs I've mentioned before, Charles Chun is a regular on Scrubs as Dr. Wen. Tonight's episode also featured Lela Lee as Bonnie, the surgical intern Dr. Wen chooses over Turk to assist him in a surgery. I thought she was quite sassy, funny and cute. Pretty cool to have her prominently in the episode... In a funny bit, Turk pulls the race card on Dr. Wen ("I notice that both of you are Asian..."). Ha ha ha... Of course, most of you probably know Lela Lee as Angry Little Asian Girl. But it was good to see her on Scrubs. The funniest show on television!


Ah, sad. Lang Hsiung, the old man in Eat Drink Man Woman, The Wedding Banquet and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon has passed away at age 72.


For those in the San Jose area, check out this really interesting Heritage Month event happening on Wednesday:


In honor of API month, Generation Exchange of Silicon Valley and the Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley would like to invite you to a presentation of the Japanese Latin American Experience during World War II. Featured, will be the debut screening of "Hidden Internment: The Art Shibayama Story", a NEW 28 minute documentary directed by Casey Peek on Wednesday, May 15 from 7:00 - 8:30pm at the Wesley United Methodist Church located at 566 N. 5th St. in downtown San Jose

Come hear and view the amazing story of Art's experience as one of 2,264 Japanese-Latin Americans who was forcibly taken from his home in Latin America during W.W.II by the U.S. military and interned in United States Department of Justice camps to be used in hostage exchanges with Japan. Both Mr. Shibayama, a San Jose resident and director Casey Peek, will be available for Questions & Answers after the screening of this compelling, and unrecognized piece of Asian American history.

For more information, check out the Commonwealth Club website and the Hidden Internment website.


Now this is a subject that angers me. Jerry of drunkenstyle points me to this particular travesty -- Disney/Miramax's disastrous mishandling of Hong Kong cinema. The most recent case in point: the upcoming release of Tsui Hark's The Legend of Zu, for some reason retitled for American release as Zu Warriors. What the crap boils down to is this: For one thing, in the American version they've cut up, edited and butchered the movie. I'll admit, this movie is one crazy trip. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. But one thing I love about it: it's a work of beauty. Now it's not. But that's not even the worst part. They've thrown out subtitles and dubbed the movie, which is almost to be expected, considering that the general moviegoing public is made up of people who never really learned to read. But all the characters have been dubbed with ASIAN ACCENTS. What the hell are they trying to pull? This is pure exploitation. Check out the discussion on this here: Report on test screening for Zu Warriors (aka Legend of Zu). It will make you angry. And read Jerry's rants at drunkenstyle.


Okay, so ESPN.com is doing this whole Asian American thing in honor of APA Heritage Month, which is commendable. I've been sent links to a bunch of their articles... To see the whole deal, check out: Coming to America: The Next Big Thing from Asia. I've gotten one email complaining about one of the articles... Ben "Heimat" Lee writes:

I just wanted to draw your attention to extremely insulting ESPN article about Ichiro and other Asian athletes by Darren Rovell. It got a lot of attention, because MSN picked it up and put it up on their website:


I found it to be completely insulting. It assumes 1) that American teams are taking on Japanese players just to widen their fan base and sell more merchandise to Asians and Asian-Americans, and not because these players are the best and deserve to be on the teams and 2) that only Asians and Asian-Americans are fans of Ichiro and other Asian athletes--it only shows pictures of Japanese fans with their Ichiro signs, but anyone who has been to a Mariners' game can tell you that there are more fans of Ichiro with t-shirts and signs who are non-Asian than Asian.

This is an example of an article written in the name of "diversity" that actually ends up being a lot more divisive.

I agree with you, Ben, but only to a point. I don't think the article, while a little one-sided, is necessarily racist, but it does point us in the direction of racism. Not exactly racism as we know and love it, but what might be considered by some as exploitation --Asian baseball players are suddenly en vogue. The people making decisions for these teams aren't dumb. They're making a ton of money off these players. Granted, these players are talented --Ichiro's Rookie of the Year was well deserved, and Byun Hyung Kim is tearing it UP-- but it's also no coincidence that these players are popping up in cities with large Asian populations. As for the photos and coverage of Asian fans, it just backs the idea of the strong Asian fanbase. Still, I love that GOOD Asian players are getting recognition.


Taiwenese Tooth Torture
That Taiwenese Tooth Torture guy was back on Alias for the season finale. Played so excellently by Ric Young.


For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, here's something cool going on tomorrow (Sunday): May Asian American Film Showcase. Check it out, if you can.


Parry Shen
Our man Parry Shen is in The New Guy, which opens today. He plays Glen, a geeky band guy with some crazy matted down hair. His one line in the trailer is: "You have to make her say, 'WHO'S YOUR DADDY?'...while respecting her as a woman." Nerdy guy? Doesn't sound so positive, maybe even racist, right? ...However, Parry assures me that Glen becomes cool by movie's end, so it's all good. All right, man. Doesn't really look like my kind of movie. But for you, Parry, I suppose I will go see it. Everybody, go see The New Guy, with Parry Shen.


Chinese Broccoli GuyThanks, Kathy, for the tip: I like VeggieTales. They're fun, clever and teach kids good values. But the latest VeggieTale adventure, The Angry Eyebrows, features a stinkin' racist character. Check out this weird Chinese Broccoli guy. Even worse, check out this video clip. Apparently he is the Superhero Class instructor. Why did they have to make him all Fu Manchu slanty-eyed? That's racist!


Two people wrote in with the exact same comment: It's ironic that several of the 'Got Milk?' ads feature Asians, since the majority of Asians are lactose intolerant. 'Tis true for me. Dairy products wreak havoc on the digestive system. But even for Pikachu?


Hot Asian People.Teen People has also put together a list: 25 Hottest Stars Under 25. Once again, there are one and a half Asians on the list. 1.5 seems to be the quota. Two Hot Asian ladies: Crouching Tiger actress Zhang Ziyi ("Hottest Knockout") and Smallville's Kristin Kreuk ("Hottest Ingenue"). Zhang Ziyi was also on the list in 2001. No denying, these two ladies are Hot --they get the Angry Asian Man thumbs up. And you can say, yay, two Asian Americans on the list. But the thing is, neither actresses are actually Asian American... Zhang Ziyi is of course from China, and Kristin Kreuk is Asian Canadian (props to you northern folks). Doesn't really matter, but I just thought I'd point it out. (Thanks, Christine)

Speaking of Ms. Zhang, she was indeed in San Francisco last week for a TAG Heuer promotional thing. I missed it! Rats.

9 essential nutrients in every easy-to-open bottle. Got milk?But do check out Zhang Ziyi's milk ad. Looking good again. Also worth noting, the other Asians that have been featured in the "Got Milk?" ad campaign are Jackie Chan, Kristi Yamaguchi, acrobats from Cirque Du Soleil and Pikachu.


Ever watch That 80s Show? The show could be a lot better, but our boy Eddie Shin as the Alex P. Keaton-esque Roger is easily the best part of the show. He's hilarious and crazy and entertaining, all without ethnic-izing the character with any stupid stereotypes. Unfortunately, it seems the show's future at Fox is a bit hazy... FOX's fall schedule is still currently up in the air, and with slipping ratings, the return of 80s is not a sure thing. If you think this show is important (and I sure do!), you should write a letter to the President of FOX and let her know what's up. While email helps, I'm told old-fashioned letters are more effective. So... Save That 80s Show by writing to:

Gail Berman

President of Fox Television

P.O. Box 900

Beverly Hills, CA 90013

You can also email at askfox@fox.com. The show airs on FOX, Wednesday nights, 8:00/7:00 c.


More on our man Byun Hyung Kim (This guy is only 23 years old!):

ESPN The Magazine: Save It!

Backing up BK

Thanks David.


"This guy might be the best pitcher in baseball right now."

David writes in to remind me just how FREAKIN' AWESOME Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Byung Hyun Kim is doing right now. Yes, this is the same guy who gave up two almost-disastrous game-losing home runs in last year's World Series. But the guy's performance this season is doing more than enough to redeem himself... He deserves some props. Check out this article: Kim 'might be best,' Brenly says


Beautiful Asian People.Asians are beautiful too. This year, there are one and a half Asians in People's annual 50 Most Beautiful People. Actor Will Yun Lee, who will be appearing in the next James Bond flick, and Olympic short track speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno (wanna anger a Korean person? mention this guy). Well, good for them. There have been Asians on this list before (i.e. Zhang Ziyi in 2001), and personally, I don't care all that much. But come on, there have GOT to be more frickin' Asian beautiful people that qualify for this list. Where's Kelly Hu? She's pretty hot right now, no? Forget those suckas at People. They don't know what they're donig. Kelly Hu makes MY list.


Really interesting BBC article on jokes and race: Why do people find racist jokes funny?


Asian Films Are Go!!! - The 2002 New York Asian Film Festival looks awesome. Check out TIME Magazine's article: Lights! Gamera! Action!


Here's an article on filmmaker Grace Lee from the UCLA Daily Bruin: All eyes on Lee (Thanks Faithy)


Yellow Fellow - Asian Canadian clothing line with a SWEET website design


Like I said, Koreans are good at golf:

Choi wins Compaq Classic by four strokes

Korean president, media hail Choi's victory


Okay, I can't seem to escape the evil world of Abercrombie and Fitch. Several weeks ago I got a couple of these email forwards written by this USC med student guy regarding the Chinese characters on an Abercrombie shirt. But I neglected putting anything up about it 'cause I was pretty much dead tired of talking about A&F at the time. For some reason it has cycled and made it back to me, because I got like four emails about it today. So I'm putting it up now. More crap from the Abercrombie suckas. You must be aware of this:

To Mr. Foung and Ms. Yue:

I am a medical student at USC and I think this issue might be of
interest to you, and hopefull you can investigate this further. I have
sent this to OCA, and the Committee of 100 as well.

Initially I thought that the corporate heads at AF not racist but just
stupid (like their press release stated). But I did some more
investigation and I found something that may show that they did this
with intention.

I am not sure if you know this, but currently on A&F's website,
there is a T-shirt under women->graphic tees-->top row (4th
shirt)--> (blue, white, or pink), and it's STILL SELLING (I've
attached them). In my mind, this tee is even more offensive than
the new line that came out because the characters on this shirt
spells out the name of Li Hong Zhang, a Chinese official who signed
a bunch of foreign concession treaties (most famous the Russo-
Chinese and Shimonoseki Treaty) around the turn of the century to
countries that came in and put up signs like "no dogs or Chinese
allowed". He represents to many Chinese a symbol of the "Century
of Humiliation" characterized by foreigners coming in to carve up
the Chinese "melon" amongst themselves.

This shirt disproves the fact that A&F made a stupid marketing
error in their "attempt" to appeal to the APA market. Obviously it
an accident or a coincidence? Most likely NO, since in the Chinese
language, the odds of having an identical WRITTEN name with
somebody else is almost impossible. AF found Li Hong Zhang, and
probably picked him knowing that they can get away with poking fun
at APAs (because most APAs can't read Chinese or even knows Chinese
history). A&F is getting away with selling shirts to Asians (and
others). It's like putting "Uncle Tom" onto a shirt and marketing it
to African Americans. This shirt indicates a high likelihood that
A&F had the racist intent and that they are not a bunch of idiots that
they are spinning to the public.

Please investigate this issue (especially since this shirt has not been
pulled and is still being sold)!!!


Ann Lo

I've seen the shirt, but I cannot read Chinese, so I can't verify if this email is actually true. But still, it's a lot of info, and I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. For the most part, I think it's just another case of Abercrombie & Fitch being stupid insensitive idiots. I wouldn't even give A&F that much credit and say they researched and put those characters on a shirt a gesture of symbolic subjugation. Some irresponsible designer (who probably was aware of the characters' significance) put it on the shirt, and Abercrombie okayed it, no questions asked. Abercrombie is thinking, Chinese characters, no matter what the hell they mean, look cool to Joe T-Shirt Buyer. If it's some kind of problem, they don't give a rat's ass anyway! It's just what I think. You know what else I think? That's racist!

Oh yeah, and here's that Abercrombie coverage from Entertainment Weekly, courtesy of PoliticalCircus.com: BOO TEE (Just click on the Jimmy Fallon/Tina Fey magazine cover -- the article is at the bottom of the PDF).


Read President Bush's proclamation of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Also, check out NAATA's special Heritage Month site: www.naatanet.org/heritagemonth. It's pretty nice. And be sure to watch APA programs this month on your local PBS station.


Does anyone have the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly? I'm told there's a write-up about the Abercrombie thing. I'd like to see it.


Koreans are good at golf. Observe the top ten: Chick-fil-A Championship final-round scores


I get email:

I know you're always deluged with comments, but today I have to add mine. I saw Spider-Man last night, and you're right, the omission of Uma Damon from IMDB credits is inexplicable ... I think IMDB gives you the ability to click on a button somewhere and submit updates and corrections.

Regarding the Wired magazine picture, the Aesculpaian staff with the dragon wrapped around it (instead of the usual snake) obviously relates to Wired's visual discussion about the medical dangers of some of the additives in Chinese food, and their "prediction" (in jest) that in the future, some Chinese restaurants will offer food without any of those additives. I think that's a fair comment to make about Chinese food ... and the use of the Aesculpaian staff with the dragon seems to be a fair use of a dragon, given that it's on a Chinese menu, and Chinese menus frequently have dragons on them, included in a visual discussion about health/medicine. Is it racist to single out Chinese restaurants for the parody? They didn't do the same for McDonalds & Co. (clearly also unhealthy food), or other non-Asian foods. So I think you have an argument that when they singled out Chinese food they were racist, but as Freud would have said, sometimes a dragon is just a dragon.

"JS"'s comment about Panda Express's "Chinese for yummy" ad as racist may be correct, but I think you should include that Panda Express is a company that is privately owned by a Chinese family. That does not mean that the ad isn't racist, or that they are not having to use such silly advertising to reach their caucasian consumer base, but I think this perfectly ties into the Abercrombie discussion .... if a Chinese clothing retailer had made those shirts, the consensus in the Asian community seemed to be that while the shirts would still be racist, they would not have been protested, because it wasn't white corporate America producing the shirts. In the case of Panda Express, it's not white corporate America producing racist ads - it's Chinese corporate America. And again, the distinction may not be great, but I think it's an important part of the dialogue that needs to take place.

OK - that's it. Keep doing the good job that you do. :)


Thanks, Whitey. I mean, Travis


Asian woman in Spider-Man as the tour guide at the super spider lab. She has a British accent. Didn't know the actress' name, but I reached into the depths of my mind and recalled she was on an old episode of Vanishing Son. The thing is, her name and role aren't listed anywhere on the Spider-Man movie page at IMDB. What's up with that? It's a speaking role, and surely more notable than some of the parts actually listed, like "Chef #2" or "Man in Street." That's racist! After a considerable amount of detective work, I suddenly remembered she also had a role in The Truman Show. Ah. Her name: Una Damon.


Read this column from the San Jose Mercury News: Anti-Latino form letter falls short of best bigotry


"JS" sends me this email:

Have you seen the new tv ads for Panda Express?

They feature the slogan: "Panda Express. Chinese for: yummy."

I think that's racist. The slogan just doesn't make sense. I mean are they
implying that Chinese people think that Panda is the place to go to for good
Chinese food?!? Or that somehow the phrase "Panda Express" is an
Anglo-Americanization of the actual Chinese word for "yummy?" Which of
course it's not.

The slogan should be "Panda Express. Chinese for: f***d up, greasy ass crap"

Dude, I don't really think that's racist, as much as I just think it's stupid. Panda Express is nasty, and anyone who thinks it's anything remotely close to real Chinese food is a gullible sucka foo.


Paranoid Dragon
This picture is in the latest issue of WIRED magazine. But what does it mean? It just looks racist!


THE AMAZING SUPER HERO BATTLES THE MASTERS OF KUNG-FUSince we're all a little Spider-Man crazy right now, I thought I'd bring this up... As some may know, Spider-Man appeared in a short-lived television series in the late 1970s... Apparently, it was pretty lame. The final episode was called "The Chinese Web," in which Spider-Man gets involved with Chinese people. The two-part episode was later re-worked into a TV movie known as Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge, in which the amazing Spidey "battles the masters of kung-fu." Haven't seen it myself, but it sure sounds racist.


Can't get enough of that tall mutha Yao:

Yao Ming shows solid skills, remarkable size

Yao plays, but how his future plays out is uncertain

Thanks, David de la F.


Here's a companion piece to that ESPN article: Asian American athletes: past, present and future


Here's a good article about Asians in American sports: The emphasis is not on 'Asian' but 'American' ... (Thanks Ooj)


Chinese basketball player Yao Ming could potentially be the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft on June 26. There's a ton of buzz surrounding this dude. He's one frickin' tall monstro mutant man -- 7 foot 5 inches! And he's supposed to be pretty money... Let's see what happens. Check out: Drafting Yao Is a Tall Order


Oh yeah, The Scorpion King has topped the box office two weeks in row. This is pretty dope, for a mainstream movie with two APAs in lead roles. However, expect this box office reign to end this week with the opening of Spider-Man. Actually, I think I will count the number of Asian faces I actually see in Spider-Man. Any predictions? And no, Stan Lee is not Asian.


I'm not entirely sure about this, but I heard through the grapevine that Zhang Ziyi will be at Macy's in San Francisco tomorrow (Thursday, 5/2) for some kind of TAG Heuer promotion. Though I can't confirm this. I am soooo tempted to go.


Hey, it's May. Heads up: the month of May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

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