42nd jacl national convention, july 7-10

The Japanese American Citizens League will host the 42nd JACL National Convention, happening July 7-10 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. This year's convention theme is "JACL 2.0 - Making New Waves." Here's a little video promo for the convention:

fund this: ping pong documentary top spin

Top Spin is a feature documentary project by Mina T. Son and Sara Newens about two exciting young table tennis competitors, Ariel Hsing and Michael Landers, as they compete domestically and internationally to qualify for the Olympic games. They both apparently have a really strong chance at qualifying for the games next summer, and the film will follow their journey.

But of course, the project will need some cash to make it happen. The filmmakers are currently in the early phases of fundraising and production, and have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money towards their upcoming summer shoots. They're trying to raise $20,000 by July 20. Here's a video with some background on the project:

documentary: no look pass

I recently heard about the documentary No Look Pass, an "identity quest film" that tells the story of Burmese American basketball player Emily Tay as she transitions from her senior year at Harvard to her first year playing professionally in Europe. She also happens to be a lesbian, and falls in love with a U.S. servicewoman living under Don't Ask Don't Tell. Here's the trailer:

white house to host twitter town hall, july 6

The White House has announced that it will host its first ever Twitter Town Hall next week. The President Obama will answer your questions about the economy and jobs live via webcast from the White House. It's happening Wednesday, July 6 at 2:00pm ET. Here's the White House press release:

james brown gets funky with cup noodles

For your amusement... Bet you didn't know that the Godfather of Soul got down with Cup Noodles. Ego Trip uncovers this crazy-ass Japanese commercial, circa 1992, featuring James Brown paying the bills with some serious love for miso soup. Check it out:

paul kariya announces retirement from hockey

This week, after fifteen seasons in the NHL, Paul Kariya announced his retirement from hockey due to post-concussion brain damage that took him out of the 2010-11 season and has left him unable to play: Paul Kariya announces retirement.

Kariya had 989 career points (402 goals, 587 assists) in 989 regular-season games and was a two-time winner of the Lady Byng Trophy. His concussions have also become something of a cautionary tale for re-thinking safety standards in professional hockey:

api wellness center launches [un]spoken shorts

A&PI Wellness Center presents [UN]SPOKEN, a new digital shorts campaign "uncovering the lives of real Asian & Pacific Islander guys with real sex stories, tangled in raw, unspoken situations." The goal of these narratives is to provide tools and create discussion for young folks about safer sex by getting a glimpse of the lives of young men who have overcome real life sexual challenges.

To watch the shorts, go to the [UN]SPOKEN YouTube channel here. Be warned, the films could be described as graphic, and definitely for mature audiences. For more information, go to the [UN]SPOKEN SHORTS Facebook page here. Also check out the Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center website here.

department of health and human services announces new draft standards for data collection

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced new draft standards for collecting and reporting data on race, ethnicity, sex, primary language, disability status and on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations: Affordable Care Act to Improve Data Collection, Reduce Health Disparities.

The goal is to help researchers, policy makers, health providers and advocates to identify and address health disparities afflicting these communities -- including Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders: HHS New Draft Standards for Data Collection and Reporting Will Improve Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Health.


asian pacifically new york: the photography of corky lee

If you're in New York, you must check out Asian Pacifically New York, an exhibition celebrating the work of photographer Corky Lee, who has been documenting the experiences of New York's Asian and Pacific Islander American communities for over 40 years. The opening reception was last weekend, but the exhibition is on view through August 14 at the Queens Museum of Art:

kaffny open audition, august 20-21

This is an opportunity for Korean American actors in New York... the Korean American Film Festival New York invites aspiring talent to its first ever Open Audition happening August 20-21 at Bennett Media Studios.

KAFFNY is looking for Korean American actors of all ages, levels of experience, language ability to participate for a chance to be cast in upcoming film and TV productions. Directors and producers are also encouraged to apply to view the Open Audition to cast their projects. Here are more details:

you should read: vietnamerica by gb tran

I've been meaning to tell you about Vietnamerica. GB Tran's autobiographical graphic novel dropped into my hands several months ago, but it's taken me some time to get through it. At a massive, hardcover 288 full-color pages, telling the story of a Vietnamese American family's epic journey, it's a beast of a book. And it's extraordinary. Here's a cool trailer for a book:

thomas jane complains he was replaced by an "ethnic guy" in stallone movie

What a whiner, Thomas Jane. We recently heard the cool news that Fast Five star (and friend to the blog) Sung Kang would be starring alongside Sylvester Stallone in the upcoming action flick Headshot, directed by Walter Hill.

Turns out, he was brought in to replace Thomas Jane, who's been complaining that he got the boot in lieu of the "quote-unquote 'ethnic guy'" in producer Joel Silver's buddy cop formula: Thomas Jane fired from Sylvester Stallone movie for being white and having a big dick, says Thomas Jane.

video: umamiya in "savory: a recipe for pop"

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the up-and-coming Asian record company, S-Cube Entertainment, poised for world domination its the formation of the all-girl pop group Umamiya. It's the revealing and dramatic true story of mastermind Sang Sung Song, Young Bum and the girls of Umamiya: Savory: A Recipe for Pop (Umamiya). Take a look:

plans for bruce lee museum fall apart

Bad news for Bruce fans... There have been talks and plans to build a Bruce Lee museum in Hong Kong for quite a while now. Unfortunately, it's going to be a little while longer before that happens. The plans have hit a snag again: Plan for Bruce Lee museum in Hong Kong stalls.

The proposed museum site, Bruce lee's former house at 41 Cumberland Road, is currently being used as an hourly love motel. Alas, after a great deal of fanfare about museum plans a few years back, negotiations between the Hong Kong government and the owner of the property have apparently fallen apart:

for the classy asian man: bacon tuxedo

Do you like bacon? I mean, do you really like bacon? Then can I interest you in a Bacon Tuxedo? You'll be the smoothest dude at the ball with this formalwear for the bacon enthusiast. Oh, what? Your love for bacon goes even deeper than that? Then consider purchasing a puzzle of a photo of a man wearing a bacon tuxedo. Now that is an Asian man who keeps it classy. (Thanks, May.)

muslim woman sues abercrombie & fitch over hijab

All these years after the Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt debacle, it still actually makes kind of happy to see the dumbass fratboy clothier getting slapped with repeated legal troubles.

This time, a former Muslim employee is suing A&F, claiming that she was illegaly fired after refusing to remove her headscarf while on the job: Muslim woman sues Abercrombie & Fitch over hijab.

Hani Khan says she was wearing her hijab when she was hired the company's Hollister Co. store in San Mateo, California. Months later, a district manager and human resources manager asked if she could remove the hijab while working. She was suspended and then fired for refusing to do so.


janm presents year of the rabbit: stan sakai's usagi yojimbo

For all you comic book fans in Los Angeles, or visiting sometime in the next few months, the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo is presenting an exhibition celebration the award-winning work of comic book creator Stan Sakai: Year of the Rabbit: Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo, July 9 through October 30.

How cool is that? This retrospective exhibition celebrates the work of Sakai and includes original drawings and paintings that bring to life the adventures of Usagi Yojimbo, the samurai rabbit from 17th century feudal Japan. Stan Sakai will be the guest of honor for a talk, demonstration and signing at the exhibition opening on Saturday, July 9. Here are some more details:

apply for moca's youth advisory board 2011

Young people of New York! The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) is looking for dedicated New York City high school students to participate in its summer program, Youth Advisory Board 2011.

Weekly workshops provide an out-of-classroom learning experience where students are thinking creatively and critically, building leadership skills and documenting their experiences through multimedia technology. This summer, the program focuses on media representation of Asian and Asian Americans. Here are some more details:

fund this: comfort women documentary within every woman

Within Every Woman is a documentary by Tiffany Hsiung about "comfort women," the thousands of women were coerced or kidnapped into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II. This film focuses on the aftermath of such atrocities, and the complexities involved in healing from sexual abuse.

Decades later, these women are breaking the silence about the abuse they endured. For some, it took over fifty years to come forward and tell their families and loved ones about their past. The hope is that their stories will inspire modern day victims of sexual abuse to come forward and speak out. Here's a trailer for the film:

stop the deportation of the choi family

I recently heard about the plight of the Choi family, who face deportation to Korea after planting roots in the United States for the past 17 years. Brothers Seul Chan and Seul Ki (also known as Chan and Ki) were just 6 and 8 years old, respectively, when they first moved to America, and it's basically the only home they know: Act Now for DREAMers Chan and Ki & Their Parents!

After Mr. Choi was denied work sponsorship, which he was originally promised by his employer, the family spent years exhausting numerous channels to legally adjust their status without success. The family now faces imminent removal orders, which will send Chan and Ki and their parents back to Korea, a country they no longer are familiar with.

The brothers' hearing date is this Friday, July 1. Community leaders, advocates, and the family's attorneys are pursuing all possible resources to support the Choi family. But here are some things that you can do to help, which includes signing the online petition to the Department of Homeland Security:

what I'm listening to: red roses by a.j. rafael

It's been out for a couple of weeks, but after hearing all sorts of buzz, I finally picked up Red Roses, the latest full-length album from popular YouTube musician A.J. Rafael. And I'm really digging it.

Independently produced, the album has made a huge splash on the iTunes charts and reportedly sold out units at retail stores like Target and Best Buy. Not bad for the guy who's been serenading to you via webcam.

Here's a sneak peek at A.J.'s upcoming music video, "Without You":

chinese residents targeted and attacked in paris

Some frightening news of hate out of France... In Paris, the city's ethnic Chinese residents say they are being systematically targeted, attacked and robbed at a rate of at least one incident each day, with increasing brutality: Chinese immigrants to France attacked in Paris.

Sounds a lot like what often happens here, stateside. Most of the muggings have taken place in the city's 20th district, and community's Chinese residents are now speaking out, publicly demonstrating and calling for authorities to take action:

awesome people hanging out together: bruce lee and chuck norris

Hey! It's a random vintage photo of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris hanging out together (with some other dude). Appropriately, from the tumblr Awesome People Hanging Out Together. Well, one awesome person, anyway. Personally, when it comes to Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris hanging out together, I think of this video:

aapi students are not as awesome as you think

Surprise, surprise from the not-so-fast-with-those-stereotypes department... According to the preliminary findings of a new report, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are, as a whole, not as well educated and financially successful as prevailing stereotypes often suggest: Asian-American and Pacific Islander Students Are Not Monolithically Successful, Report Says.

According to the "model minority myth," all us AAPI kids are smart as hell, dominating enrollments in elite universities, and kicking ass in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. When in fact, nearly half of all AAPI students attend community colleges, and many ethnic groups have some of the lowest graduation and college-degree-attainment rates in the United States.


register for the advancing justice conference 2011

Heads up. Registration is currently open for the 2011 Advancing Justice Conference, a national civil rights and social justice conference that aims to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders in one place to address a broad range of issues facing the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Hosted by the Asian Law Caucus, it's happening October 27-28 in San Francisco. This year's conference will be paying tribute to the rich history of activism that makes the Bay Area such a special place for all communities, but especially Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Holla.

research study: exploring the mental health of asian american lesbians

I recently heard form Melissa Corpus, a Counseling Psychology PhD student at Columbia University, who is looking for participants for her online study, Out of sight, out of mind: Exploring the mental health of Asian American lesbians.

Research in this domain is pretty limited, and her goal for this study is to get a pulse on the mental health of the Asian American LGT community. Here's a brief description of her research:

web series: romance of the three kitchens

Romance of the Three Kitchens is a cooking show web series... but not really. It's described as sort of "a mash-up between a radio program, a vlog and a cooking show." After watching a couple of episodes, I'm still not actually sure how to describe it, only that it's pretty cool, and they're definitely doing something different. Here are first couple of episodes to get you started (they're short):

zachary yuen selected by winnipeg jets in nhl draft

Hockey news... Over the weekend, 18-year-old defenseman Zachary Yuen of the Western Hockey League's Tri-City Americans was selected by the Winnipeg Jets in the 5th round of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft in Minneapolis: Americans Yuen Taken by Winnipeg at NHL Draft.

A native of Vancouver, Yuen becomes the first Chinese Canadian defenseman to be drafted into the league, selected 119th overall. Here's the official press release from the Tri-City Americans concerning Yuen's selection: Yuen Hears Name Called at 2011 NHL Draft.

music video: "heartstrings" by clara c

Here's the new official music video for "Heartstrings" by Clara C. It's one of my favorite tracks off of her debut album The Art in My Heart. Great song, and man, what a ridiculously cute video. That's a fellow musician Joseph Vincent in the lead male role as her out-of-this-world pen pal. Take a look:

ed lee for mayor! one problem: he doesn't want to run.

Since taking office in January to replace outgoing mayor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco's popular interim mayor Ed Lee has insisted from day one that he would not run for the position later this year: San Francisco's popular mayor says he won't run for election.

But that doesn't mean people don't want him. A number grassroots campaigns launched by Lee's supporters, including the Draft Ed Lee Organizing Committee and Run Ed Run, are gaining steam with the hope that he'll change his mind and run for a four-year term.

julia kim smith is hanging with banksy

Saw this on happy famous artists... Artist Julia Kim Smith, whose funny Obey/Tiger Mother "tribute" I've featured here before, has a new photo project: With Banksy, in which she depicts herself doing household chores with the notoriously famous/anonymous prankster street artist hanging around. Funny stuff. For more photos, go to her website here.

north korean refugee family's journey ends in tragedy

This is a really sad story out of New York on the Seo family, four refugees from North Korea. After escaping one of the most oppressive, isolated nations in the world, and settling in the United States a year and a half ago, their journey ended in tragedy -- according to police, an apparent murder-suicide: A Refugee Family's Fight for Happiness Ends in Tragedy.


matcha: balinese jazz guitar, june 30

San Francisco! Make some plans for another night at the museum. It is time again for the latest edition of MATCHA, the Asian Art Museum's monthly after-hours art/music/mixer series. This month's event is all about guitars, galleries and good times -- a night of music with Indonesia's fastest guitarist, I Wayan Balawan. It's happening Thursday, June 30 at the Asian Art Museum. And you've got the chance to win some free passes! See below for more details:

fund this: asian american arts alliance's locating the sacred festival

The Asian American Arts Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening Asian American artists and arts/cultural groups in New York City through funding, promotion and community building.

They're currently planning for Locating the Sacred, a twelve-day, city-wide festival that "howcases artists as agents of change, demonstrating the power of art and culture to unleash imagination, break down barriers, and connect communities together for the greater good." But they can't do it alone.

Producing this kind of event costs a fair chunk of cash. That's where you come in. They've launched a Kickstarter campaign, and are asking for your help in getting this grassroots effort off the ground. Here's a video with more details:

vote for kero one in lands' end canvas' new music now

One of my favorite emcees, Kero One, is currently one of the rising acts selected by clothing brand Lands' End Canvas to compete against four other talented musicians in the New Music Now online voting contest. The winner will get hooked up with a recording session.

Who wants to help Kero One get back in the studio? (Raises hand.) The take ten seconds to vote for Kero One. You can vote once every day here. And to learn more about Kero One and his music, check out his official website here and follow him on Twitter here.

obama officially names sung kim as ambassador to korea

This week, President Obama announced his intent to nominate Sung Y. Kim, the State Department's top Korean expert and the U.S. special envoy for the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons program, as the next Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, officially confirming what has already been widely reported on for weeks: Obama taps Korean American as Seoul envoy.

angry reader of the week: julia rhee

Hey! It's time to meet another Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Julia H. Rhee, self-proclaimed hustler, baby.

Who are you?
Julia HyunJu Rhee. Maybe once upon a time, you got an email forward from me.

What are you?
I'm a hustler, baby. Proud immigrant daughter. High-femme. Sassy Korean. Vintage lover. Compost enthusiast. Woman of color entrepreneur. Social justice die-hard!

volunteer oppprtunity: thai-english interpreter, aaldef

Volunteers needed! Just passing along another call for help from the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund in New York...

AALDEF is seeking a volunteer Thai-English interpreter to assist with an in-person client intake. The purpose of this intake is to assess the facts of the case to determine whether there is a legal remedy with which AALDEF can assist them. Previous interpretation experience is preferred but not required.

Please contact:
Ivy O. Suriyopas
Staff Attorney
212.966.5932 x235

quest crew x lmfao on so you think you can dance

In case you missed it, here's some video of Quest Crew killing it the other night alongside LMFAO performing "Party Rock Anthem" on So You Think You Can Dance. Watch it quick before Fox yanks it from YouTube:

minority babies are now the majority in the u.s.

More census data revelations... For the first time, minorities make up a majority of babies in the United States, reflecting the current and future changing face of America. This isn't all that surprising. You knew a minority/majority flip was coming, and the babies are leading the charge: 'Cultural generation gap': Most US babies are minorities, census shows.


safe is sex/y (supporting every fe/male youth), june 30

The Asian Health Services Youth Program in Oakland, which provides free, confidential, and comprehensive reproductive health care services to all youth in order to prevent teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. You're invited to help them celebrate at Safe is SEX/Y-Celebrating 20 years of the AHS Youth Program!

Unfortunately, due to huge state budget cuts, the organization is in need of some serious financial help, and they're throwing their second annual fundraiser with the goal of raising $20,000 to continue their Peer Leaders program, in-class presentations, and other activities. It's happening Thursday, June 30 at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. Here are some more details:

video: "vincent chin" by model minority

More commemorating the anniversary of Vincent Chin's death... The guys of Asian American hip hop crew Model Minority present "Vincent Chin" -- their take on case and its enduring legacy, appropriately remixed to Fort Minor's "Kenji" and set to haunting images from the documentary Who Killed Vincent Chin? Take a look:

capac speaks out against anti-china rhetoric in political campaign ads

On the 29th anniversary of the racially motivated murder of Vincent Chen, the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus is speaking out against a growing trend of anti-Chinese rhetoric in political ads. In case you haven't noticed, the looming dominance of China's economic might seems to be candidates' favorite boogeyman of the moment.

We saw a huge increase in these kinds of ads during the last election cycle -- Chinese language and imagery used to portray candidates as sympathetic to China at the expense of American interests. The latest ad from Nevada congressional candidate Mark Amodei features Chinese soldiers marching on the U.S. capitol. Here are some statements:

asian new yorkers: one million strong

This New York Times article on New York City's surging Asian population has got a lot of people talking. New decade, new Census numbers. Think the West Coast has this Asian population thing on lock? Think again: Asian New Yorkers Seek Power to Match Numbers.

According to new Census figures, for the first time, the city's Asian population now tops one million -- nearly 1 in 8 New Yorkers -- which is more than the Asian population in the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles combined.

These new numbers bolster the push for more political representation, government assistance and public recognition. Shouldn't a community that's a million strong have the comparable power and resources that reflect such a significant slice of the pie? Not without some struggling.


united for japan concert, june 24-25

If you're in Seattle, check out this fundraiser concert... Two of my favorite singing ladies, Clara C and Jennifer Chung, will be performing at a United For Japan benefit concert for disaster relief, alongside Megan Nicole, Josh Golden, Arden Cho, New Heights, Gowe, and Erin Kim. It's happening over two nights, June 24-25, at Washington State Community Church of Seattle. Here's a promo video for the concert:

pulitzer prize-winning journalist jose antonio vargas comes out as undocumented immigrant

This is amazing, crazy news... This week, Pulitzer Prize-winning Filipino American journalist came clean with a secret he had covering up his whole life: he is an undocumented immigrant. In a New York Times Magazine essay, he went public with the truth: My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant.

Vargas, whose mother sent him from the Philippines to live with his grandparents in California when he was 12, says he's tired of running, tired of living in fear, and is coming forward with this story to urge Congress to pass the DREAM Act, which would open a path to citizenship for people like him if they go to college or serve in the military. It hasn't been an easy road for him:

the 1882 project

Got this call to action passed along to me from The 1882 Project...

Last month, House Resolution 282 and Senate Resolution 201 were introduced in Congress with bipartisan support. The resolutions express regret for a series of laws Congress passed between 1879 and 1904, that excluded persons of Chinese descent from immigrating to the United States and denied them U.S. citizenship. Basically, the laws were racist.

In 1943, Congress repealed these discriminatory laws, but there has never been any acknowledgment of the pain and suffering associated with the laws. All these years later, isn't it about time the U.S. government acknowledged and stopped ignoring this dark part of its history?

Here's what you can do to urge Congress to pass these resolutions:


bluebook productions web launch party, june 24

Check it. Bluebook is recently launched Los Angeles-based production company committed to delivering professional-grade services spanning the areas of music production, event management and creative consultation.

To celebrate their official website launch, they're throwing party featuring the likes of Dawen, Sam Kang, Shin B, and Vudoo Soul -- and you're invited. It's happening this Friday, June 24 at Chop Suey in Los Angeles. Here are some more event details:

seeking filmmaker for fred korematsu day psa

Hey filmmakers! Passing along this cool paid project opportunity to create a PSA for our friends at the Fred Korematsu Institute...

The Fred Korematsu Institute in San Francisco is seeking an experienced filmmaker to create a short PSA about the history, meaning and future of Fred Korematsu Day. The filmmaker will supplement the Institute's existing video footage with a limited number of new interviews as well as effects/graphics to edit a hip, short video (i.e. less than five minutes) that inspires viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

The filmmaker will ideally begin work in July. The finished film must be completed by September 30, 2011. This is a paid contract position. The deadline to apply is July 6. For more information view the PDF here.

the films of hayao miyazaki... as lego!

Stumbled across this the other day, thought it was cool... Check out the films of master director Hayao Miyazaki... created with Lego. This plastic brick ode to Studio Ghibli was created by Iain Heath for BrickCon 2010. Nausicaa, Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away... they're all there. Y'all need to get on this, Legoland.

assemblywoman grace meng urges district attorney to classify cornell assault as hate crime

In New York, Assemblywoman Grace Meng is urging the Tompkins County District Attorney to classify the assault on an Asian student earlier this month at Cornell University as a bias motivated hate crime.

According to Cornell Police, an Asian student was riding his bicycle when he was approached by four people in a vehicle yelling racial slurs at him. One person in the car then got out and assaulted the cyclist. Police have arrested 19-year-old Viktor Nikulin in connection with the incident.

Authorities are reportedly still trying to determining whether or not the assault was racially motivated. I don't understand why there's any ambiguity. The Assemblywoman apparently thinks it's a no-brainer too. Here's the strongly-worded letter she sent to District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson:

political ad: news from your future chinese rulers

Oh, hell no. Here we go again. This ridiculous campaign commercial for Nevada congressional candidate Mark Amodei is yet another fearmongering effort to prey on xenophobic American fears of China's imminent economic takeover. Behold, a scary news report from your future Chinese rulers:

ching chong ling long... chinese food delivery?

Haters and lovers of Alexandra Wallace: would you order Chinese takeout from a restaurant called 'Ching Chong Ling Long'? One of the most ridiculous and most-mocked lines from the ex-UCLA student's now-infamous anti-Asian YouTube rant is now the name of an actual Chinese food delivery service, Ching Chong Ling Long Gourmet Takeout.

Operating in partnership with The Palace Restaurant in Brentwood, the delivery service was started by UCLA students, and yes, the name is indeed an overt reference to Ms. Wallace's awful approximation of an Asian language: Ching Chong Ling Long Gourmet Takeout: From YouTube to Take-Out.


remember vincent chin vigil, june 23

This week marks the 29th anniversary of the hate crime murder of Vincent Chin. If you're in New York, join activists and community members this Thursday for a vigil commemorating his death and its lasting legacy in the Asian American civil rights movement. It's happening June 23, 6:30pm at Columbus Park in Manhattan. Here are some more details:

call for submissions: who's "asian"? essay/video contest

Here's an opportunity for my people in Canada... The Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter is seeking submissions for their essay/video contest, Who's "Asian?" Reflections on Race and Identity in the Media. I think some of you readers might have a thing or two to say on this topic.

The contest was inspired by CCNCTO's campaign against Maclean's controversial "Too Asian?" article published last November, which sparked a great deal of discussion and debate. The purpose of this contest is to keep that discussion going. Here are some more details about the contest:

bruce lee's bay area roots

Bay Area, represent! The current issue of San Francisco magazine has a pretty cool article on the early life and career of the twentysomething, not-yet-a-worldwide-icon Bruce Lee, who -- unbeknownst to many fans -- has humble beginnings in the Bay Area: The lost history of Bruce Lee.

volunteer opportunity: indonesian-english interpreter, aaldef

Volunteers needed! Just passing along this brief call for help from the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund in New York...

AALDEF is seeking a volunteer Indonesian-English interpreter to assist with an in-person client intake. The purpose of this intake is to assess the facts of the case to determine whether there is a legal remedy with which AALDEF can assist them. Previous interpretation experience is preferred but not required.

Please contact:
Ivy O. Suriyopas
Staff Attorney
212.966.5932 x235

stuck: after-hours airport shenanigans

I've been seeing this video all over the place... So your flight's been canceled. You and your buddies find yourselves stuck overnight in a deserted airport terminal. You're bored out of your mind. And you happen to be traveling with a ton of camera equipment. What do you do? These guys made a short little movie, Stuck, and it's rather amusing. Take a look:

suspect arrested in assault on asian student at cornell university

Last week at Cornell University, police arrested and charged 19-year-old Viktor Nikulin for the brutal beating of an Asian American student earlier this month. Authorities are still determining whether or not the assault was racially motivated: Police Arrest Teenager for Alleged West Campus Assault.


read these blogs

Vincent Chin? Remembering Ronald Ebens-the guy who got away with murder: Twenty-nine years after the brutal hate crime murder of Vincent Chin, blogger/journalist Emil Guillermo locates Ronald Ebens, the former Chrysler autoworker who got away with killing him... and calls him up.

Crime Without Punishment: Why the Death of Vincent Chin Resonates Today: Frances Kai-Hwa Wang explains why, with the recession and rise in anti-immigrant sentiment, the Vincent Chin murder case is even more relevant than ever.

A Father's Day tribute: If I could tell my father I love him: A moving Father's Day essay by Tina Case, who remembers the ways her late Chinese dad loved her, and what he taught her, even if he was never much for outward affection.


3rd national asian american theater conference and festival, june 16-26

Time to get your theater on. And it's going to be pretty epic. The Asian American theater world converges next week in Los Angeles for the 3rd National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival, presented by the Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists and hosted by East West Players and TeAda Productions, June 16-26.

The Festival will showcase ten works from around the world -- and four partner productions from local companies -- that feature Asian Americans performers and stories, and an eclectic array of multidisciplinary arts that include traditional theatre, dance, multimedia, storytelling, aerial arts and spoken word. The core participating performers of the festival are:

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