Angry Asian America Ep. 13: Ask Randall Park

Special 'Fresh Off The Boat' edition with co-host Jenny Yang and guest Randall Park

Hey, internet video watchers! We're back with another episode of our YouTube talk show Angry Asian America on ISAtv. In Episode 13, another special Fresh Off The Boat edition, co-host Jenny Yang and are I joined by our old pal Randall Park, who plays patriarch Louis Huang on the hit ABC sitcom. He talks about audience reaction to the show, meeting the real-life Louis, and his own lifelong love of hip hop.

Check it out:

Ins Choi's 'Kim's Convenience' adapted for Canadian TV

CBC picks up a single-camera comedy series based on the award-winning play.

Ins Choi, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Jane Luk, Chantelle Han and Andre Sills in Soulpepper's 'Kim's Convenience'

Hmm... is it the Fresh Off The Boat effect? Some interesting television news out of Canada.... CBC has picked up a new series based on Ins Choi's award-winning 2011 play Kim's Convenience for the 2015-16 season.

CBC renews Schitt's Creek and Murdoch Mysteries, cancels Strange Empire

The single-camera comedy will center on convenience store owner Mr. Kim, a Korean immigrant and fiery patriarch, as he struggles with changes within his business, family and their Toronto community of Regent Park.

Kim's Convenience won Best New Play at the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival, as well as two Toronto Theatre Critics awards in 2012, for Best Actor in a Play for Paul Sun Hyung Lee and Best Canadian Play.

Here's the full description of the play, which is available in paperback from Amazon:

Patsy Mink should replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

Isn't it time to put a woman's face on our paper currency?

Andrew Jackson, whose face currently graces the $20 bill, was the seventh President of the United States. Also, he did some seriously shitty stuff. Jackson's authorization and enforcement of the Indian Removal Act of 1830 forced several Native American tribes to give up their land to make room for white European settlers.

Last year, Slate pitched the idea of kicking Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill, arguing that a president who "engineered a genocide" does not deserve a place of honor on U.S. currency. They make a pretty good point. But if not Andrew Jackson, whose face should go on the twenty? There are plenty of great alternatives.

A group called Women on $20s says it's about time to put a woman's face on our paper currency. They're urging the U.S. government to boot Jackson off the $20 bill and have put forth a list of fifteen inspiring American women heroes as potential replacements, including Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosvelt, Harriet Tubman...

Victims' families file lawsuit over Isla Vista killings

Parents of slain roommates say Elliot Rodger's deadly rampage could have been prevented.

The families of the three UC Santa Barbara students who were killed in Elliot Rodger's deadly rampage in Isla Vista last year have filed a federal lawsuit against Santa Barbara County, the county Sheriff's Department and the apartment complex where Rodger lived, alleging all ignored warning signs that he was dangerous.

Families of Elliot Rodger's slain roommates sue sheriff's, apartment

Rodger killed six UC Santa Barbara students and injured 14 others before taking his own life on May 23, 2014.

The lawsuit was filed by the parents of David Wang and James Hong, who were Rodger's roommates, and the parents of George Chen, who was a friend of Wang and Hong. They three students were each ambushed in the apartment and stabbed repeatedly to death before Rodger went out on a shooting spree.

The lawsuit alleges a failure on several levels, by multiple agents, to recognize red flags that Roger was potentially unstable, violent and a possible danger to himself or others.


Pending Deportation of Korean American Adoptee Highlights Major Loophole in Immigration Law

By Jenn Fang. Cross-posted from Reappropriate.

Adam Crasper as a child. (Photo via Gazillion Strong)

By his own admission, Adam Thomas Crasper has had a difficult journey; but through it all, he has worked hard to create what he calls a "a semblance of a ‘normal' life."

In 1979, Adam arrived in the United States with his older sister as a transnational and transracial Korean American adoptee. Through most of his childhood — and through two placements — Adam was forced to endure unspeakable physical and emotional abuse. In 1991, Adam's adoptive parents, Thomas Francis Crasper and Dolly-Jean Crasper, were arrested, charged and ultimately plead guilty to multiple counts of child rape, child sex abuse, and child abuse. Adam is a survivor of the Craspers' violence.

Adam's life bears the scars of that torture and what it took to survive; but, Adam has emerged today as a married father of three, with a fourth child due in May. He is, by all accounts, living that "normal" American life.

Yet, that's not how the federal government sees it. In January of this year, the Department of Homeland Security served Adam with deportation papers. In just one month, Adam will face a hearing regarding deportation to a country he has never known.

Sikh kid films bullying classmates call him "terrorist"

Just another day on the school bus for too many kids.

Some kids are great. Some kids are the worst. The kids in this video are the f*cking worst. In this cell phone video, a Sikh boy filmed himself facing racist abuse and bullying from classmates calling him "terrorist."

The Sikh boy labelled a 'terrorist' by his classmates

The boy is Sikh, and wears a traditional headdress in accordance with his faith. In the short clip, he can be heard quietly explaining to the camera, "Kids being racist to me." A female classmate can be seen pointing at him and shouting, "terrorist, terrorist!" You get the feeling that this is a regular occurrence.

A girl can be heard saying, "I never gave you permission to film me, you're going to court." When they tell him to "quit filming us," the Sikh student responds, "I can't if you're being racist to me, motherfucker." Like I said, this is probably not the first time he's had to deal with this shit.


Beau Sia: Love Beau - Session Four

Wednesday, March 4 at Giant Robot 2

If you're in Los Angeles, poet Beau Sia invites you to the latest edition of his LOVE, BEAU series, an intimate little monthly gathering where he shares poems and work on his relationship with love. It's happening this Wednesday, March 3 at GR2. This month's meetup will feature special guest Chinaka Hodge.

Here are some more details:

Giveaway: Win tickets to CAAMFest 2015!

I'm giving away three pairs of tickets to the Opening Night Gala presentation of 'Seoul Searching.'

Bay Area! CAAMFest 2015 kicks off next week with an awesome lineup of film screenings and showcase events. It's one of my favorite events of the year, and I'll be headed to the festival to check out some of the programming, see old friends, and just be part of the CAAM community. So... who else wants to go?

I'm giving away three pairs of passes to CAAMFest's Opening Night Gala presentation of Benson Lee's coming-of-age comedy Seoul Searching, happening Thursday, March 12, 6:30pm at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. Then head over to the Asian Art Museum for the afterparty. Scroll down for details...

Here's some more information about the movie:

New Bruce Lee movie biopic in the works

Family promises "the definitive biographical film" on the martial arts icon.

Heads up, fellow Bruce fans. The family of Bruce Lee has announced that they've partnered with Hollywood producers to mount a new movie biopic about the life and career of the revered martial arts icon.

Bruce Lee Family Plans New Film Biopic

Bruce Lee Entertainment has partnered with producers Lawrence Grey, Ben Everard and Janet Yang to take on what they promise will be "the definitive biographical film" on Bruce Lee. There have already been several screen takes on Lee's life, including a 50-part Chinese television miniseries and the 1993 Hollywood feature film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, as well as other movie projects in the works. Do we need another one?

Ken Jeong shares about his family's struggles with cancer

Actor found out his wife had breast cancer when he started shooting 'The Hangover.'

Ken Jeong can be a somewhat divisive figure. I've never been particularly fond of his career-making turn as Mr. Chow in The Hangover and its sequels, but I've always considered Ken Jeong an immensely talented performer. I'm looking forward to seeing him star in the title role of his own upcoming sitcom Dr. Ken.

While The Hangover has never been my cup of tea, I have to appreciate the personal story behind Dr. Jeong's performance in that movie. When he was offered the part, his wife was battling stage three breast cancer, and he considered turning it down. But he took the role at the urging of his wife, who thought it could be therapeutic.

In this clip from the PBS documentary series Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies, Jeong shares how The Hangover became a way to lash out at the demons in his personal life. It adds an extra dimension to his darkly comic, raged-filled performance as Leslie Chow:

"I Want My Fast Food Made by a White Person!"

Australian fast food customer's racist tirade caught on video.

Here's another one that comes to us from Australia. What is it with people getting their racist shit caught on camera in the land down under? It seems to happen a lot. This one happened at a fast food restaurant.

In Adelaide, a customer at Hungry Jacks (the Australian subsidiary of Burger King) was arrested for disorderly behavior after going off on an abusive, racist tirade directed at an Asian employee.

Police charge man, 19, with disorderly behaviour over racist attack against Hungry Jack's staff

The incident was caught on video. After placing his order, the customer can be heard demanding, "I want it made by a white person," and then saying, "I refuse it." When staff asks him to leave the restaurant, he screams, "At least I'm born here c---. Where do you come from, f---ing Africa and Asia? Disgusting."


Read These Blogs

Free of Ebola but not fear: She survived Ebola. But 26-year-old nurse Nina Pham is still grappling with the aftermath of her highly publicized fight against the deadly disease, which she contracted while caring for a patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. She's filing a lawsuit against the hospital.

* * *

The Brother Went To Fight Ebola. So Did His Sister. Mom Was 'A Wreck': Alex and Jen Tran are American siblings who both went to Western Sierra Leone, one of the hardest-hit places in the Ebola outbreak, to help set up a treatment center. (As you can imagine, their parents were pretty worried.)

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Indictment of New York Officer Divides Chinese-Americans: The indictment of Peter Liang, the NYPD officer whose bullet killed Akai Gurley, an unarmed Black man, has divided the Chinese American community.

* * *

Why The Chinese Community Shouldn't Rally Around Indicted Cop Peter Liang: "If we care when our own community members are targeted by the police and are moved to call for an end to police violence, then we need to widen the breadth of our outrage, compassion and empathy to include all those who are targeted, harassed and murdered by the police. And in this country, this means we need to speak out when black men, women and trans people are killed with impunity by police officers in cities around the country."

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A 'Show Boat' With An Asian-American Cast Hits The Rocks: Why the National Asian Artists Project pulled an all-Asian American cast production of Show Boat, a musical that's all about black-white racial conflict.

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9 Asian American Coming-of-Age Movies That Aren't the Joy Luck Club: Here are nine Asian American coming-of-age films (in no particular order) that aren't The Joy Luck Club. How many have you seen?

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Why Hollywood Refuses to Embrace Diversity -- Even Though It Makes More Money: "The fact that audiences -- the ones who pay the money that fuel the industry -- want more diversity and still aren't getting it is as puzzling as it is troubling. Money drives many things in this world, but apparently even dollar signs aren't enough to improve the balance of faces in Hollywood."

* * *

How Hollywood Keeps Minorities Out: More on Hollywood's appalling diversity numbers.

* * *

What Star Trek taught me: Eric Liu , writer and former policy advisor for Bill Clinton, reflects on the passing of Leonard Nimoy and the lessons Liu learned from watching Star Trek in an immigrant household.

* * *

Throwback Thursday: 1982 to 2015: A look back at the humble beginnings of the Bay Area's inaugural Asian American film festival, the 1982 Asian American International Film Festival -- now known as CAAMFest.

* * *

Chris Hadfield's flight suit found in Toronto thrift store: Dr. Julielynn Wong came across famed astronaut Chris Hadfield's flight suit in a Toronto thrift store -- and bought it at a discount, for $40!

* * *

A child genius explains how she can memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than an hour: As part of a memory challenge on the TV competition series Child Geniuses, 11-year-old contestant Katherine memorized the order of a shuffled deck of cards within an hour. How the heck did she do it?

* * *

Fifty Dinners: Chef Takes Filipino Food Across America: Yana Gilbuena, founder of the Salo Project, is bringing Filipino food to every state in fifty weeks in the form of pop-up dinners.

* * *

How an Old Highland Park Phone Booth Became a Tiny Library: Book designer and artist Amy Inouye repurposed an old phone booth into a little free library, where passers-by are free to leave and take books.

* * *

Students push for Asian-American studies program: A group of students at Dartmouth College are pushing for the establishment of an Asian American Studies program. I support this.

* * *

New World: Hannah Simone: An interview with actress Hannah Simone, who plays CeCe on the Fox comedy New Girl and appears in the indie feature film Miss India America, which screens next week at CAAMFest.

* * *

Daniel Dae Kim Makes Directorial Debut on 'Hawaii Five-0': An interview with Daniel Dae Kim of Hawaii Five-0, who recently stepped behind the camera to try his hand at directing.

* * *

Randall Park Goes From Dictator to Dad Onscreen: Actor Randall Park talks about going from playing Kim Jong-un in the now-infamous film The Interview, to playing Eddie Huang's dad on Fresh Off the Boat.

* * *

Episode 92: MC Jin: In the latest episode of his podcast, Alex Wong interviews MC Jin, who talks about his career, from his big break on 106 & Park, to his Ruff Ryder days, to his work in Hong Kong and the present.

* * *

Bay Area Comic Book Writers Introduce First Sikh Super Hero. Who Loves Elvis: Meet Deep Singh of Super Sikh, the turbaned Indian super agent hero who fights the Taliban.


This Week's Angriest Posts

Not necessarily the angriest, just the most viewed.

1. This 'Power Rangers' fan film will ruin your childhood
Director Joseph Kahn's crazy-ass re-imagining is definitely not for kids.

2. Tom Cross wins Oscar for Best Film Editing for 'Whiplash'
Film beats out heavy favorites at the 87th Annual Academy Awards

3. Do you turn red when you drink? There's a tonic for that.
Before Elixir claims to be a safe, natural and effective way to fight the flush.

4. Pet store arsonist sentenced to 5 to 14 years
Gloria Lee pleaded guilty to deliberately setting fire to her business with 27 dogs inside.

5. No, seriously. What is up with the yellow skin emoji?
Apple introduces new "racially diverse" emoji, including a gross shade of yellow.

6. Beware fake monks running the bracelet scam
In San Francisco, scammers dressed as monks are targeting unsuspecting folks for a "donation."

7. 'Fresh Off The Boat' Episode Guide (106-108)
Asian American family sitcom airs Tuesdays at 8:00pm on ABC

8. Jeremy Lin drops 25 points on the Boston Celtics
Jeremy came off the bench to lead the Lakers to a 118-111 victory in overtime.

9. Family man murdered in Louisville highway shooting
Christopher L. McCullum is accused of fatally shooting Mukhtar Ahmed on Interstate 71.

10. Watch the new trailer for 'Twinsters'
Feature documentary tells the true story of twins, separated at birth, and reunited through social media.

Stay Angry, my friends.


CAAM presents CAAMFest 2015

March 12-22 in San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland

Bay Area film lovers! It's getting about time for one of my favorite events of the year. CAAMFest, formerly the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, returns with another exciting celebration of film, music, food and digital media from the world's most innovative Asian and Asian American artists.

CAAMFest 2015 will showcase the work of new Asian and Asian American artists, as well as pay tribute to the pioneers who have paved the way for Asian Americans in media and entertainment. It's all going down March 12-22 in San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland. This kick off Thursday, March 12 with Opening Night Gala presentation of writer/director Benson Lee's coming-of-age comedy Seoul Searching.

Here's a rundown of some of CAAMFest's programming highlights:

Angry Reader of the Week: Koji Steven Sakai

"I am now a self-anointed Hello Kitty expert -- go ahead, ask me a question."

What's up, good people? You know what time it is. Gather 'round to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Koji Steven Sakai.

Nickelodeon picks up new K-pop-inspired series 'Make It Pop'

Musical comedy about three classmates who come together to start their own K-pop band.

What happens when Glee meets K-Pop by way of Nickelodeon? You get the new scripted series Make It Pop, a "comedic music-infused daily strip about three girls who come together to start their own K-Pop-inspired band." The show, produced by Nick Cannon, will feature original songs and performances in every episode.

Nick Cannon Gets Behind New Live-Action Musical Series, 'Make It Pop,' for Upcoming TV Season

Make It Pop stars Louriza Tronco as Jodi, Megan Lee as Sun Hi and Erika Tham as Corki. The show joins two other new scripted daily live action shows on Nickelodeon's line up, Talia's Kitchen and The W.I.T.s Academy. I am one hundred percent positive that I am not in the target demographic for these shows. But it's all good.

UPDATE: Here's a short promo video for the show:

Do you turn red when you drink? There's a tonic for that.

Before Elixir claims to be a safe, natural and effective way to fight the flush.

Are you a fellow alcohol drinker who suffers from the "Asian Glow"? Party people, you know what I'm talking about. For me, it only takes a few sips. When we drink, we turn red. It happens, and it's not particularly pretty.

Alcohol Flush Reaction, aka "Asian Glow," occurs in people who have a variant of the enzyme used to metabolize alcohol causing them to process alcohol up to a hundred faster than the average person. This creates a buildup of a toxin called acetaldehyde which causes flushing, headaches, pounding heartbeats and other uncomfortable feelings. This is what more or less happens to me when I drink.

But now there's apparently a way to fight the flush. Before Elixir is a new tonic that purports to prevent flushing during alcohol consumption. It claims be "safe, natural, and effective" way to slow down the metabolism of alcohol, and thus prevent flushing. Because somebody had to think of this sooner or later, right?

Family man murdered in Louisville highway shooting

Christopher L. McCullum is accused of fatally shooting Mukhtar Ahmed on Interstate 71.

Tragic news out of Kentucky... This week in Louisville, a 43-year-old man was arrested and charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of a motorist while driving on Interstate 71.

Attorney identifies driver shot, killed on I-71

Christopher L. McCullum was charged with the murder of 41-year-old Mukhtar Ahmed, a husband and father of three, who was shot and killed in the southbound lanes of I-71 moments after dropping off his daughter at school. Ahmed was found dead in his SUV, which wound up in the highway median.


SF JACL presents 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors

Saturday, February 28 at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center

The famed 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors sketch comedy troupe is celebrating its 20th anniversary season. If you're in the Bay this Saturday, February 28, you can catch a night of old and new sketches at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. Here's more info:

Hey Korean American smokers! Science needs you.

University of Southern California seeks smokers for a public health research study.

Are you Korean American? Are you in the Los Angeles area? Do you smoke?

I recently heard from a researcher at the University of Southern California's Health, Emotion & Addiction Laboratory who is currently recruiting Korean American cigarette smokers and vapers, ages 18 years or older, for a public health research study. I don't have much more in the way of details, but you will be compensated for your time and participation (and I hear the pay is pretty decent).

Teacher arrested for sexual relationship with student

High school science teacher David Park allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old student in his classroom.

Come on! Get this guy the hell away from kids. In Southern California, a high school science teacher was arrested this week in connection with an alleged sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female student.

Los Altos Teacher Accused Of Having Affair With 15-Year-Old Student

37-year-old David Park, who taught biology and chemistry at Los Altos High School in Hacienda Heights, was arrested Monday on a variety of sexual abuse charges. He is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student enrolled in one of his classes. According to sheriff's officials, acts were committed inside the classroom, after class and at his home between September and November of last year.

Watch the new trailer for 'Twinsters'

Feature documentary tells the true story of twins, separated at birth, and reunited through social media.

The feature documentary Twinsters tells the incredible true story of twin sisters Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier -- two lives changed forever with just one click. Born in Korea, they were separated at birth and raised on two different continents with no knowledge of each other's existence, then reunited as adults through the power of the internet. The film follows Samantha and Anaïs as they meet in person for the very first time.

You may have heard about this story when the Sam and Anaïs were featured on Good Morning America, or during the release of their book, or perhaps during the much-publicized Kickstarter campaign for Twinsters. The film will finally have its world premiere next month, March 15, at South by Southwest.

Here's the newly released trailer for Twinsters:

NBC's 'Chicago PD' is looking for Asian American extras

You can play a gangster, or a sewing shop worker, or a dead body. It's The Chinatown Episode!

TV watchers know it well. Sooner or later, every cop show gets around to doing The Chinatown Episode, in which the show's respective law enforcement team must solve some sort of Asian-themed crime. (It is also known as The Koreatown Episode or The Little Saigon Episode.) And that week, a bunch of Asian Americans actors get some work as guest stars and background extras. It's a time-honored TV tradition.

(The exception is Hawaii Five-0. I'd argue that every episode of Hawaii Five-0 is The Chinatown Episode.)

So it looks like NBC's cop drama Chicago PD is the latest show to take on The Chinatown Episode. I got this casting call passed along to me, seeking Asian American extras in Chicago area for an upcoming shoot. It looks like they need folks to play gangsters, sewing shop workers, grieving mothers, dead bodies, and general background set dressing for Chinatown scenes. They even need a young girl to play a gunshot victim!

Here's the rundown:

Got $50,000? Original Silk/Spider-Man Comic Art for Sale.

Own Humberto Ramos' original artwork for the first appearance of Silk in 'Amazing Spider-Man' #4

Meet Cindy Moon, aka Silk, the newest webslinging spider-superhero from Marvel Comics. She is Asian American, powered by the same radioactive arachnid that gave Peter Parker his spider-abilities, and the star of her very own monthly comic book. Silk #1, by Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee, hit shelves last week.

Silk has created quite a buzz since her first appearance last year in the pages Amazing Spider-Man #4. So check this. If you're a serious collector, the issue's original artwork by Humberto Ramos -- every page, signed -- is now for sale in its entirety on eBay. Awesome. But it will cost you $50,000. That's about $2500 a page.

Own The Complete Original Artwork For The First Appearance Of Silk In Amazing Spider-Man #4

Here are a few pages from the batch:

Beware fake monks running the bracelet scam

In San Francisco, scammers dressed as monks are targeting unsuspecting folks for a "donation."

Watch out for fake monks, San Francisco. Looks like street scammers are back at it, targeting unsuspecting folks with the good ol' "bracelet scam." This time, the latest wave of scammers are dressed up as monks.

Fake monks are using the bracelet scam in San Francisco

It works like this. A man or woman dressed as a monk approaches you on the street and puts a bracelet on your wrist with a big smile. Then they ask you to sign a "peace" petition or some shit, as well as a "donation." If you refuse, they'll become insistent and aggressive. If you don't give it up, they'll move on to another target.

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