Scarlett Johansson offered lead in 'Ghost in the Shell'

Anime classic's Japanese cyborg super-cop gets the Hollywood whitewash.

It appears that this live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell keeps chugging along, with none other than Scarlett Johansson now reportedly first in line to star as cyborg cop Major Motoko Kusanagi.

Scarlett Johansson Offered Ghost in the Shell!

It was previously reported that Margot Robbie was in talks to star in DreamWorks' adaptation of the manga/anime classic, but she's now apparently out of the running. According to Deadline, the role has been offered to Scarlett Johansson, who was last seen killing a lot of Asian dudes -- with her mind! -- in Lucy.

SAG-AFTRA leader Sumi Haru dies at 75

Former Screen Actors Guild president fought for better roles for Asian Americans.

Some sad news out of Hollywood... Sumi Sevilla Haru, longtime leader of the Screen Actors Guild who paved the way for Asian Americans actors to get better TV and film roles, died last week in Los Angeles. She was 75.

Sumi Sevilla Haru, Former Interim Screen Actors Guild President, Dead at 75

Haru served as the interim Screen Actors Guild president in 1995, and was the first and only woman of color to hold the position. She joined SAG in 1968 and AFTRA in 1972 and served as a national board member for both organizations, often working to address the lack of opportunities and roles for Asians Americans.

In her own acting career, she refused to audition for stereotypical roles, like the maid or the dragon lady, and spoke out against the discrimination Asian actors and the racist practice of yellowface in Hollywood.


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Family Reunion: A Storytelling Show

Presented by Disoriented Comedy, Thursday, October 23 at Echoes Under Sunset

Good people of Los Angeles, grab some friends and make some plans to be part of the third edition of Disoriented Comedy's Family Reunion, a monthly storytelling show co-presented by Angry Asian Man, Tuesday Night Project, Kaya Press and Mishthi Music. No notes. Everyday folks. Talkin' story.

This month's lineup includes Keiko Agena, Dante Basco, Lana McKissack, Rhianne Paz, Teresa T. Lee, Tess Paras, Scott Okamoto and Erik Patterson. The theme of October's show is "NO REGRETS" (stories of faith, risk and courage). It's happening Thursday, October 23 at Echoes Under Sunset.

Here are some more details about the evening:

Adam WarRock's 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon, October 18

Proceeds will benefit RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization.

Heads up. Our friend Eugene Ahn, who makes nerdy hip hop as Adam WarRock, will be doing a 24-Hour Rap-A-Thon this Saturday, October 18 to benefit RAINN.org, which fights sexual violence and assault. For one straight day, he'll be writing, recording and posting as many songs as he can -- all for a good cause.

Last time Adam WarRock did this, he made 16 songs in 24 hours. With the help of people's generous pledges and donations, he raised enough money to replace some stolen equipment and donated the rest to charity.

The last fundraiser was so successful, he's doing it again. This time, Adam WarRock is going to be raising money directly for RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence charity. You can support him by pledging a per-song or lump sum donation to the Rap-A-Thon.

Eugene explains how it works:

Angry Reader of the Week: Cayden Mak

"I'm a giant overeducated dork with a philosophy degree, so I'm really here to understand the world, and deeply."

Not Cayden's cat. His neighbor's cat.

What's up, everybody? Once again, it's time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Cayden Mak.

Travis Ishikawa's home run sends Giants to the World Series

Bottom-of-the-9th blast gives San Francisco a 6-3 win over St. Louis in the NLCS

First things first: I am a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan. So excuse me if this is a little gushy.

The Giants are going to the World Series, thanks to a massive, already-legendary bottom-of-the-9th walk-off home run by Travis Ishikawa last night, giving San Francisco a 6-3 win over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series. The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!

Kawakami: Put Travis Ishikawa among San Francisco Giants' legendary heroes

Instant hero. Pretty awesome for a guy who, earlier this season, was considering quitting the game.

Ishikawa, 31, started his career with Giants back in 2002, was released, bounced around, started this season with the Pirates, got sent to the minors, but eventually made his way back on to San Francisco's roster. The journeyman first baseman found himself playing left field in the postseason, providing the Giants with some key at-bats and defensive plays. And then, tonight, that homer.

That blessed homer:


Music Video: "Monsters Calling Home" by Run River North

If the band had an anthem, this would be it.

Here's the brand new music video for Run River North's "Monsters Calling Home." If the band had an anthem, this would probably be it. In fact, this is the song they performed the first time I ever heard them -- back in 2011 at Kollaboration, when they were calling themselves "Monsters Calling Home" -- and they instantly became my new favorite band. Great performance. Great song.

Check it out:

Hari Kondabolu's Great Redskins Compromise

"The Redskins' tradition is only 81 years old. That's like one grandparent. One racist grandparent."

As a general rule, whenever Hari Kondabolu turns to the camera and says, "Hello, I'm comedian Hari Kondabolu..." you should definitely sit up and listen, because he's about to drop some knowledge. In this awesome Upworthy video, Hari discusses the unfortunate name of the Washington Football Team, and offers his solution for a compromise. Literal red skin. Take a look:

Dr. Vivek Murthy is the Surgeon General we need right now

Sign the petition to tell the Senate to stand up to the NRA and confirm Dr. Murthy.

As you might recall, President Obama nominated Dr. Vivek Murthy, a highly qualified and experienced medical professional, to the post of U.S. Surgeon General nearly a year ago. While his credentials make him a no-brainer for the job, Dr. Murthy's confirmation have been stalled by the usual partisan politics.

A Surgeon General nominee 'tied up in politics'

Dr. Murthy, a guy who probably knows many more things about health and medicine and stuff than you, has some thoughts about gun violence in this country: it is bad, and it is indeed a health care issue. This opinion put him in the sights (no pun intended) of Republicans and the NRA, who decided to block his nomination.

So now, in the midst of some serious public anxiety over the Ebola virus, America finds itself without a Surgeon General, whose job is to effectively and authoritatively communicate what the public needs to know in situations like this. Raise your hand if you would appreciate the leadership of someone like Dr. Murthy right now.

This online petition implores the Senate to stand up to the NRA and confirm Dr. Murthy as surgeon general now. As I write this, the petition has more than 70,000 signatures.


Sneak Preview Screening of 'Revenge of the Green Dragons'

Presented by Asian CineVision, October 21 at Museum of the Moving Image

If you're in New York, Asian CineVision invites you to a special preview screening of Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo's crime drama Revenge of the Green Dragons, executive produced by Martin Scorsese. The story follows two immigrant brothers who join a Chinatown gang and quickly rise up the ranks. It's happening Tuesday, October 21 at the Museum of the Moving Image.

Here are some more details about the screening:

Vanita Gupta to lead Justice Department's civil rights division

ACLU attorney is the first South Asian American appointed to lead the division.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric H. Holder appointed top civil rights lawyer Vanita Gupta to the position of Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.

New DOJ Civil Rights Chief Vanita Gupta Known For 'Trailblazing' Work

Gupta, currently Deputy Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union and Director of its Center for Justice, will take over next week as acting head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division.

Also, according to a White House official, President Obama is expected to nominate Gupta to be the permanent assistant attorney general for civil rights, a division that oversees voting rights and civil rights investigations, and has been without fixed leadership for more than a year.

Gupta will be the first South Asian American lawyer appointed to lead the division. Here's more on her background, according to the ACLU's press release:

Because we needed an "Ultra Rich Asian Girls" reality show

'HBICtv' follows "the daughters of affluent Chinese Canadians living in Vancouver."

Goodness. What the heck did I just watch? They said it was coming. Earlier this year, a Vancouver-based production company announced open auditions looking for "Ultra Rich Asian Girls" to cast a new reality television show. Because, baby, you can make a reality show about anything.

The show, officially titled "HBICtv" (Ugh. Why?), follows the daughters of affluent Chinese Canadians living in Vancouver. They are described as "young independent women starting their life and careers with the newest Hermes Birken bags and YSL shoes while vying for the status of #HBIC 'Hot Bitch in Charge.'"

And now we have the first teaser trailer:

Suspects arrested in beating and robbery of elderly couple

John Lee and Donna Demitro are accused of viciously attacking a 90-year-old couple

Following up on this heinous crime out of the Bay Area... In Oakland, two suspects are in custody in connection with the brutal beating and home invasion robbery of an elderly El Cerrito couple last month.

Couple held in attack on elderly El Cerrito couple

30-year-old John Lee and his girlfriend, 24-year-old Donna Demitro were arrested Tuesday by the U.S. Marshals Service Task Force. They are accused of talking their way into the home of Jaime and Paz Nagal -- both 90 -- viciously attacking them, tying them up, and robbing their belongings.

The victims first encountered Lee and Demitro the day before the assault, talking their way into the Nagal's home with a conversation about their flowers. After the suspects left, the couple realized a wallet, cash and jewelry were missing from a bedroom. When the suspects returned the following day, things turned violent:


Free sneak screening of 'Revenge of the Green Dragons'

Presented by Visual Communications, October 19 at the Downtown Independent Theatre

Hey, film fans. If you're in Los Angeles, Visual Communications invites you to a free sneak-peek screening of the crime drama Revenge of the Green Dragons, directed by Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo and executive produced by Martin Scorsese. Starring Justin Chon, Kevin Wu, Harry Shum Jr., Eugenia Yuan and Leonard Wu, it's a gritty gangster tale inspired by true events that explodes on the streets 1980s Chinatown.

The film screens on Sunday, October 19 at the Downtown Independent. Here are some more details:

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