Angry Reader of the Week: Randall Park

"My favorite comedy happens when really dumb things are made by really smart people."

Heeeyyyy everybody! It's that time again. For the last time this year, it is time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Randall Park.


County refuses to help child injured by SWAT team grenade

The Phonesavanh family faces over $1 million in medical bills for little "Bou Bou."

Remember the baby in Georgia who was severely injured when a SWAT team threw a "flash bang" grenade in his crib during a botched drug raid? The child suffered serious burns to his face and chest, and his family has been left with over $1 million in medical bills that the county has refused to pay.

Family of Toddler Injured by SWAT 'Grenade' Faces $1M in Medical Bills

18-month-old Bounkham "Bou Bou" Phonesavanh and his family were sleeping at their relatives' house, visiting from Wisconsin, when a police team burst into the home and tossed a grenade that landed and exploded in the crib. They were acting on an informant's tip that he had purchased drugs at the house earlier in the day.

They were wrong.

Angry Gift Guide: Sriracha2Go

Bring the Sriracha. No, literally bring it.

Looking for a gift a last-minute gift for that loved one who likes it spicy?

Do you love Sriracha? I mean, REALLY FREAKING LOVE SRIRACHA? With Sriracha2Go, you'll never worry about a sriracha-less meal again. It's a miniature bottle of Sriracha that attaches to your keychain. It's simple and brilliant, and I know what you're thinking: why the hell didn't I think of that?

Justin Lin to direct 'Star Trek 3'

'Fast & Furious' director signs on to helm the latest adventure into the final frontier.

Whaaat. Boldly go and add this to the fat stack of projects on Justin Lin's plate: Space. The final frontier. The Fast & Furious director is set to sit in the captain's chair for the third installment of the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek 3's New Director Will Be 'Fast & Furious 6' Helmer Justin Lin

Justin, you're my dude. And you know I love me some Star Trek. Let me get the obvious jokes out of the way: I hope we'll get to see the Enterprise in some totally awesome starship races. With an Asian guy driving, no less!

According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions and JJ Abrams' Bad Robot have signed on Justin Lin to direct Star Trek 3. He steps in for Roberto Orci, who exited the project earlier this month.

SNL's Asian American Doll: The Doll That's Asian American

"We made her from a place of fear."

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live aired one bit that might be a little too clever for its good. The perennial TV sketch comedy show's final episode of 2014 included a fake commercial for "Asian American Doll," The Doll That's Asian American -- and that's it. The joke: the marketing purposely excludes all other possible details about the doll, in quivering, paralyzed fear of being accused of racial or cultural insensitivity.

I've seen a lot of divergent reactions to the sketch. Some are hailing it as clever commentary on well-meaning-but-clueless white people who have no idea what they're doing when it comes to dealing with race. Others are calling it a jab at hypersensitive consumers and activists. It's either a quiet middle finger or an embarrassed "sorrrreeeeeee" shrug to Asian Americans. I don't know, I'm thinking it's actually both.

Take a look:

Two police officers murdered in Brooklyn

Gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley fatally shot officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos before killing himself.

New York City is reeling from the murder of two police officers who were shot and killed over the weekend in Brooklyn. The suspect, who reportedly shared over social media that he wanted to kill police, traveled from Baltimore to New York, fatally shot the officers at point-blank range in their patrol car, then killed himself.

2 N.Y.P.D. Officers Killed in Brooklyn Ambush; Suspect Commits Suicide

Officers Wenjian Liu, 32, and Rafael Ramos, 40, were sitting in their patrol car in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Saturday afternoon when the gunman, 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Brinsley, walked up to the passenger-side window, and without warning or provocation, fired several shots at the officers, who did not draw their weapons. Brinsley then fled to a nearby subway station, where he killed himself as officers closed in.

Brinsley, who had a long rap sheet and a history of mental problems, used the same gun to shoot his former girlfriend, Shaneka Thompson, in Baltimore earlier that day, before boarding a bus to New York City. He had apparently seized on a plan, shared to the world via Instagram, to kill two police officers.


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North Korea: Not Funny: "Rightful calls to defend freedom of expression and go ahead with [The Interview] are also mixing with a far more dubious strain of thinking: that the film itself is a form of defiance against a dictatorial regime. It is not."

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Don't Let North Korea Win: "The Interview was not conceived to fight against totalitarianism and trumpet human freedom, and it did not have to. But in light of recent developments, the film has now become something more—a symbol of the centrality of free expression as the foundation of liberty, and a touchstone for how the Free World ought to deal with terrorist threats. Speech should be protected no matter how distasteful."

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These experts still don't buy the FBI claim that North Korea hacked Sony: While experts aren't ruling out North Korea for the attack on Sony, "Let's take a step back here and ponder the FBI statement today on colonel mustard in the study with the laptop before we go PEW PEW PEW ok?"

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Meet Vivek Murthy: The Controversial Surgeon General: At 37 years old, Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy has made history as the youngest appointed US Surgeon General and the first of Indian descent. Here are seven facts you should know about the 19th US Surgeon General.

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'Are You Going to Give Him a White Name?': An expectant mother considers the racial implications of giving an "ethnic" name or settling for a "white" name for her "brown" son.

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'Half Asian'? 'Half White'? No -- 'Hapa': Journalist Alex Laughlin reflects on growing up labeled "Asian," "white," and "hapa" -- and the significance of spaces for multiracial identity formation.

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There are No Asian American Movie Stars: In the continuing fallout of the Sony leak, you may have heard that Aaron Sorkin doesn't think there are any Asian American movie stars. Keith Chow begs to differ.

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Asian Americans Should be Movie Stars: an Update: A follow-up to Keith's Nerds of Color post on Asian American movie stars (and the lack thereof) with some complications and clarifications.

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Skating Out Classroom Stress As A 'Derby Dame': What do teachers do when they're not teaching? Outside the classroom, Nina Park competes in the Boston roller derby circuit as Elle L. Cool Jam.

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Former Saint Rose player appears in Foot Locker commercial: You may have recently seen former College of Saint Rose basketball player, 6-foot-7 Jin Hong, appearing alongside Damian Lillard and Tracy McGrady in a national TV commercial for Foot Locker -- all thanks to an unusual request on Facebook.

* * *

American Idol's First Sikh Contestant is Back in the Spotlight: Gupreet Singh Sarin, the first-ever Sikh American contestant on American Idol, just released his first post-show single "Compassionate Father."

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This Self-Professed "Bobaholic" Is Creating a Database of L.A.'s Best Milk Teas: Steven Cong drinks a lot of boba. To date, the 22-year-old UCLA student has documented over 124 different boba drinks from around the world. The majority of his finds are in California and he has been posting his drinks along with a photo and a rating on his Tumblr page -- aptly named Bobaholic.

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Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon by Ken Liu: Tor.com reprints award-winning science fiction writer Ken Liu's short story "Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon," about a pair of young women in love for the first time in their lives, who are about to be parted by circumstances beyond their control.

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21 Gorgeous Asian Men Guaranteed To Make You Thirsty: Another Buzzfeed list of hot Asian dudes.

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The Innocence Project Tells Serial Fans What Might Happen Next: Deirdre Enright, the head of the Innocence Project Clinic at University of Virginia Law School, talks about her role in the ongoing investigation -- and what might happen next -- made notorious by the true crime podcast phenomenon Serial.


Angry Reader of the Week: Tani Ikeda

"I am interested in the healing and restorative nature of story..."

What's up, good readers? Once again, it's time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Tani Ikeda.

The Flying Elvii get down with "Uptown Funk"

Raymond Lee and his 'Honeymoon in Vegas' castmates havin' a little classroom instrument jam.

This is too fun not to share. Got this passed along by our good friend Raymond Lee, who currently plays an Elvis in the cast of Broadway's Honeymoon in Vegas. He and his fellow Flying Elvii had to get down with the "Uptown Funk," busted out some classroom instruments, and did their own super-sideburn-styled rendition of Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars' ice cold/too hot hit. And it is awesome.

Check it out:


Watch these cool Asians teach you some math.

CAAM videos use cultural and artistic diversity to teach middle school math lessons.

This is pretty cool. The Center for Asian American Media has produced a series of short videos that use cultural and artistic diversity -- and a little bit of ukulele -- to teach middle school math lessons.

Learn Middle School Math with CAAM and PBS LearningMedia

The 2-5 minute videos were produced, written and directed by Kar Yin Tham, CAAM's director of education initiatives, who says she wanted to make diversity "the central starting point" in the lessons.

"The challenge was to figure out what math concepts were inherent in each artistic or cultural tradition, and how to best present them. To accomplish this, we collaborated with math educators, artists, musicians, and community based organizations."

Some of the collection's highlights include:


Racial bullying may have pushed teen to suicide

13-year-old Emilie Grace Olsen fatally shot herself in her bedroom.

Tragic news out of southwest Ohio, where a 13-year-old girl was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. Her parents believe relentless racial bullying may have pushed her to take her own life.

Fairfield Twp. parents trying to sort out daughter's untimely death

Seventh grader Emilie Grace Olsen fatally shot herself in her bedroom Thursday. Her parents say that Emilie, who was adopted from China, was the target of racial bullying by her classmates at Fairfield Middle School. Starting in the fifth grade, Emilie was bullied with a range of verbal insults, cyber abuse and physical attacks.

However, school officials claim there is no evidence Emilie was being bullied. Her father disagrees:

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