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Oregon adoptee's DNA test leads to discovery of long-lost sister
Justin Kragt and Renee Alanko were each adopted as children from South Korea by families in the United States. After a 23andMe DNA test, they discovered they were full-biological siblings.

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'Dear America,' Writes A Pulitzer-Winning Journalist — And Undocumented Immigrant
Activist, journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas talks to NPR about his new book Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen, a memoir of his time in the U.S. and the people who assisted him along the way.

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Republicans In Texas Apologize For Hindu-Themed Campaign Ad
The Republican Party in Fort Bend County, Texas apologized after its ad targeting Hindu voters in The India Herald, an area paper, sparked controversy, with many calling it offensive.

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The Love of Korean Cooking I Share With My White Mother
In her illness, Korean food was all Noah Cho's Polish American mom wanted to eat -- it was all she could bear.

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Why I wear my Hanbok
Sandra Oh's mom wore one on the Emmys red carpet. For novelist Crystal Hana Kim, adapting traditional Korean clothing is a way of reclaiming her sartorial roots.

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Jon M. Chu Shot This Short Film Entirely on an iPhone XS Max
To test out the camera on Apple's brand new iPhone, WIRED gave an iPhone XS Max to Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu, who shot a short film. The results are truly special.

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Watch: Indie Singer St. Lenox Tries to Pick Up a Guy During Gay Karaoke in His New Music Video
Indie pop artist St. Lenox, aka Andrew Choi, admits that he's great at karaoke but not so much at meeting people. So goes the inspiration for the music video "Hashtag Brooklyn Karaoke Party," a song off his upcoming album, Ten Fables Of Young Ambition And Love.


Chloe Zhao to direct Marvel's 'The Eternals'

Based on Jack Kirby's cosmic superhero team.

Filmmaker Chloe Zhao, best known for the acclaimed indie features The Rider and Songs My Brothers Taught Me, has been tapped direct Marvel's next potential franchise, The Eternals.

Marvel Studios' 'The Eternals' Finds Its Director With Chloe Zhao

Based on characters created by Jack Kirby in 1976, the superhero team adventure centers on the super-powered and near-immortal beings known as Eternals and a more villainous off-shoot know as the Deviants that were created by cosmic beings known as Celestials.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, one aspect to the story involves the love story between Ikaris, a man fueled by cosmic energy, and Sersi, who relishes moving amongst humans.

More here: Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ Taps ‘The Rider’ Director Chloe Zhao

Angry Reader of the Week: Anthony Ma

"My main thing is acting. And when I get bored or antsy I make films."

Hey, everybody! It is time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Anthony Ma.

Bowen Yang joins writing staff of 'Saturday Night Live'

Self-described former "mediocre chemistry major" and lip sync master.

NBC's Saturday Night Live has added Bowen Yang to the writing staff of the perennial late night sketch show, along with writers Alan Linic, Alison Gates and Eli Mandel, as well as new featured player Ego Nwodim.

Ego Nwodim Joins ‘Saturday Night Live'

Yang, a New York-based comedian, writer and producer who trained at Upright Citizens Brigade, is a self-described former "mediocre chemistry major" who was named one of Comedy Central's "Comics to Watch." His TV credits include Broad City and The Outs, and he is co-host of the pop culture podcast Las Culturistas.

But let's be real: we all know Bowen Yang's most valuable contribution to mankind thus far has been the ongoing series of Twitter videos flexing his unbelievalbe lip sync mastery. Bow down.


They Call Us Bruce - Episode 49: They Call Us Jose Antonio Vargas

Jeff Yang and Phil Yu present an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asian America.

What's up, podcast listeners? We've got another episode of our podcast They Call Us Bruce. Each week, my good friend, writer/columnist Jeff Yang and I host an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asian America, with a strong focus on media, entertainment and popular culture.

On this episode, we welcome journalist, activist and author Jose Antonio Vargas, "the most famous undocumented immigrant in America." We talk about his new memoir Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen, intersectional identity, and the Good, Bad and WTF of being "American."


'Avatar: The Last Airbender' live-action series in the works

Original show creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko will helm the adaptation at Netflix.

This is happening. This is happening. Netflix is working on a live-action series based on the beloved Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, with the show's original creators involved.

Live-Action 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Series Coming to Netflix

Netflix's See What Next Twitter account announced that a "reimagined" live-action Avatar was in the works. The tweet included some pretty sweet concept art from the reboot, featuring Appa the sky bison.

The company also confirmed that Avatar's original creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko will serve as executive producers and showrunners. And fans cried big soppy wet tears of jubilation.

Darren Criss wins Emmy for 'American Crime Story'

'Assassination of Gianni Versace' star wins Best Actor in a Limited Series.

Darren Criss made history at 70th Emmy Awards, winning Best Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for his portrayal of Andrew Cunanan in FX's The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.

By our calculations, Criss is the first Asian American actor to win in this category, only the second actor of Asian descent to win in any acting cateogry, and the first Filipino American actor to win an Emmy. Ever.

Criss received wide acclaim for his haunting star turn as real-life killer Andrew Cunanan (who was Filipino American, like Criss). Season two of the FX true crime anthology series chronicled Cunanan's notorious 1997 murder spree, in which he killed four men before shooting famed fashion designer Gianni Versace in Miami.

"Oh, my God, you guys are witnessing the most extraordinary moment of my life thus far," Criss exclaimed as he took the stage to accept the award.


KORE is back as a brand new print magazine

Former KoreAm Journal reboots as the only print publication covering Asian Americans in entertainment/culture.

KORE is back. The magazine formerly known as KoreAm Journal, recently rebranded as KORE Asian Media, has been rebooted as a full-fledged print magazine. They'll be publishing ten times a year as the only print publication covering Asian Americans in entertainment and culture.

Kicking off the reboot, the inaugural September 2018 issue features the likes of John Cho, Ronny Chieng, Nina Yang Bongiovi, Sujata Day and the artist Gajin Fujita. Contributing writers include Euny Hong, Oliver Wang and Susan Cheng. Contributing photographers were Joyce Kim and Melly Lee.


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Rep. Chu: Kavanaugh's Refusal To Condemn Chinese Exclusion Act Decision 'Alarming'
Senator Kamala Harris asked Brett Kavanaugh whether the 1889 case that upheld the racist Chinese Exclusion Act was correctly decided. For some reason, the Supreme Court nominee couldn't answer the question.

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Patsy Takemoto Mink’s Trailblazing Testimony Against a Supreme Court Nominee
The first woman of color in Congress opposed G. Harrold Carswell's nomination in 1970 and helped clear a path for Harry Blackmun, who wrote the Roe v. Wade opinion. It seems particularly relevant now.

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'People Saw Only A Turban And A Beard': Reflecting On A Post-Sept. 11 Death
Balbir Singh Sodhi was a Sikh American man who owned a gas station. In one of the first hate crime murders following 9/11, Balbir was shot and killed. His brothers reflect on Balbir's life and the impact of his murder.

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New generation of Asian-American women are fighting to normalize mental health treatment
Good Morning America highlights Kristina Wong, Tess Paras and Emily Wu Truong -- three Asian American women who are on a quest to normalize discussions about mental health and getting treatment.

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How I fought fear and found faith on a motorcycle trip across America
As Arvin Temkar rode his motorcycle on a cross-country solo trip, he was afraid. But as he encountered the kindness of strangers throughout his travels, he thought about how a culture of fear can lead to hate.

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14 Powerful Portraits Showing the Diversity of Asian-American Feminism
Being Asian American isn't just about Crazy Rich Asians and Harvard lawsuits. Here are 14 New York City Asian American feminists who are reclaiming the narrative surrounding Asian American activism.

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Carrying the Fire in the Windy City
A personal history of race and the outdoors, from Chicago's Red Summer to Japanese American incarceration.

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Subverting the Chinese Immigrant Story
Author Vanesesa Hua on the many different kinds of Chinese immigrant stories.

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Aneesh Chaganty on Searching, Pitching John Cho, and Casting an Asian-American Family
Aneesh Chaganty, the director of Searching, talks about the joy of his feature film debut, (spoiler-y) clues about the movie's final twist, and experiencing pushback when he wanted to cast an Asian American family.

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Alan Yang Is Keeping It Weird with His New Amazon Series Forever
The Master of NoneM vet talks his new dramedy, where Saturday Night Live alumni Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen play a married couple -- and "there's some crazy shit that happens."

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Broadway-bound 'Be More Chill' is a viral - and diverse - hit
Be More Chill, a musical about a teenage boy who takes a pill to make him cool, had a short run in New Jersey, but quickly became viral on platforms like Tumblr. So viral that it's now going to Broadway.

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How Nancy Kwan Went From Ballet to the Big Screen
Legendary actress Nancy Kwan explains how she just happened to be in "the right place at the right time" to help make Hollywood history in the 1961 movie musical Flower Drum Song.

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Beyond ‘Crazy Rich Asians': Angie Wang Makes a Movie
Angie Wang's film, MDMA, reflects the debut filmmaker's own past as a drug synthesizer and dealer in the 80s.

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Q&A: Lyrics Born on the story behind Sorry to Bother You, his 10th LP
Bay Area rapper Lyrics Born talks about his long pioneering journey as an Asian American hip hop, his recent forays into acting, and the release of his tenth album Quite a Life.


Representation Matters: A Discussion with Simu Liu

Thursday, September 20 at UCLA Geffen Hall

Kim's Convenience fans! Heads up. If you're in Los Angeles, come join us for a conversation with actor, writer and producer Simu Liu, who plays Jung on the hit Canadian sitcom (now available internationally on Netflix). He'll be talking about his breakthrough role, the insights he's learned on his unique journey to Hollywood, and the future of Asian Americans in film and television. I'll be serving as moderator for the evening.

It's happening Thursday, September 20 at UCLA Geffen Hall. Here are some more details:

Angry Reader of the Week: Jes Tom

"I make people laugh and sometimes think, when I am very lucky."

Greetings, internet friends. It's time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Jes Tom.

Where can AAPI voters have maximum impact in 2018?

AAPI Data identifies key house races where AAPIs can make a difference.

Your vote counts. Every vote counts. But in some of the most competitive races, our community's vote could actually help tip the balance. With midterm elections quickly approaching, AAPI Data took a look at the numbers and identified the areas where Asian American and Pacific Islander voters can have maximum impact in 2018.

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