mr. hyphen 2011, november 5

It is on, Bay Area. Our friends at Hyphen present the sixth annual Mr. Hyphen, a one-of-a-kind pageant celebrating Asian American men who devote themselves to worthy community causes. The man crowned Mr. Hyphen will win a cash donation of $1,000 for his chosen nonprofit organization.

It's happening Saturday, November 5 at the Brava! Theater in San Francisco. Here are some more details about the evening:

job opportunity: national director, japanese american citizens league

Just passing along this announcement about an open position with the Japanese American Citizens League, the oldest and largest Asian American civil rights organization in the United States... The JACL National Board is currently seeking prospective candidates to serve as National Director. Here's some more information about the position:

music video: "buzzkillin" by shin-b

Awwww yeah. Andrea Kim, aka Los Angeles-based hip hop artist Shin-B, has dropped the official music video for her second single "Buzzkillin," produced by THX, from her debut album 3 Choices. Take a look:

who is planet earth's 7 billionth baby?

Seven billion. There are now seven billion of us human beings living on this planet. At two minutes before midnight, a tiny baby girl was born in Manila, becoming the world's 7 billionth person. Well, one of them: Various '7 Billionth' Babies Born Worldwide.

While it's impossible to pinpoint the arrival of the planet's 7 billionth occupant, 5.5-pound Danica May Camacho became one of the babies included in the United Nations' symbolic celebration of today's global population milestone:

patrick wang's in the family opening at quad cinema, november 4

Heads up, New York moviegoers. This Friday marks the theatrical premiere of the indie family drama In The Family, running November 4-10 at Quad Cinema.

Produced, written, directed by and starring first-time filmmaker Patrick Wang, this is one of the most stunning feature debuts I've seen in years. In The Family is the kind of film I step out of and can't wait to tell people about. First, take a look at the trailer:

rep. scott garrett says "other ethnicities" are not as "straight-forward" as midwesterners

Oh, hell no. Saw this on Mother Jones... Last week during a business tour of Warren County, New Jersey, Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) made some interesting remarks contrasting American midwesterners versus "other ethnicities": Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.): "Other Ethnicities" Are Not As "Straight-Forward" as Midwesterners.

According to Rep. Garrett, people of "other ethnicities" are not as "straight-forward" as those good ol' Midwesterners, because those shady people of other ethnicities are always saying s#%t they don't mean:

the yomyomf network is coming to youtube

On Friday, YouTube took things to the next level, announcing the launch of an expanded channel lineup of original content, bringing together a variety of high profile producers to create new programming. This is a pretty big deal.

One of those partners is The YOMYOMF Network, a collaboration between director Justin Lin, Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu, Abdul Khan, Philip W. Chung, Cash Warren, NBA star Baron Davis and Chester See. YOMYOMF dropped some more details about the new initiative on the blog:

Asian American teens bullied more than any other group

This probably won't come as a surprise, but it still sucks to hear... It's official: Asian Americans endure far more bullying at U.S. schools than members of any other ethnic group. When it comes to Asian Americans targeted for racial abuse and harassment, compared to other teens, the numbers aren't even close: Asian Americans most bullied in US schools: study.

According to new survey data release over the weekend for the Bullying Prevention Summit, 54 percent of Asian American teenagers said they were bullied in the classroom -- a figure waaaaay above the percentages of other groups. And Asian Americans teens are apparently three times as likely to face bullying on the internet:

greg pak's new comic book dead man's run

Oooh. Awesome. Our old friend Greg Pak's latest comic book project, a supernatural thriller called Dead Man's Run debuted last week with a #0 introductory issue. The book tells the story of a jailbreak from Hell and is produced in conjunction with Aspen Comics and legendary Aliens and The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd. Here's an official description:

the 15 apa women leader spotlights: stephanie tanny

15 Days. 15 APA Women. 15th Anniversary. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, we're partnering up with NAPAWF and Hyphen to spotlight 15 Women Warriors for 15 days, sponsored by 15 hosts. Meet today's spotlight:

Stephanie Tanny
Nominated by Brandon Iwamoto and Iimay Ho.

Describe your name.
T. Stephanie Tanny. Most people call me Stephanie. Some call me Stephtastic. I've had a variety of nicknames throughout my life that usually stick for just a few years. Or, why not, you can even come up a new name for me if you so desire.

How do you identify?
Activist. Artist. Spoken Word Poet. {Feminist. Survivor. 1.5 Generation Immigrant. Indonesian. Coloradoan. Snowboarder. Gamer. Yogi. Ally, striving to always be.}


read these blogs

Do Chinese Pioneers Get Railroaded in AMC's 'Hell on Wheels'?: Jeff Yang's latest "Tao Jones" column for Speakeasy takes a look at Hell on Wheels, AMC's new Transcontinental Railroad drama, which has conspicuously left out the story of Chinese workers and their part in building the railroad.

The Sorry State Of '2 Broke Girls': Racism and Lame Sex Jokes: Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter joins the chorus of critics and viewers taking issue with the racist (and more importantly) painfully unfunny character of Han Lee in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

Exclusive! Ask John Cho or Kal Penn a Question; Win Tickets to the Premiere of 'A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas': Short notice (entries are due October 31, 5:00pm PT), but our friends at 8Asians are giving away tickets to the Hollywood premiere of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.

Top 8 Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Asian Americans: "Crap. It's the day before Halloween and you don't have a costume. You're also Asian, which means your options are either limited to Bruce Lee, GoGo from Kill Bill, Ryu from Street Fighter or Mulan. Yawn."


kristina wong in cat lady, november 4-6

If you're in the Bay Area, our old friend Kristina Wong invites you to her new show Cat Lady, described as "a little Ed Hardy meets Lord of the Flies meets cat pee," exploring the parallel lonely worlds of cat ladies and pick up artists. What the heck is that supposed to mean? You'll find out. It's happening November 4-6 at the ODC Theater in San Francisco.

To create the show, Kristina interviewed Asian pick-up artists, attended their trainings and even went to a meeting of the "Casanova Crew," and incorporated a lot of these pick-up artist exercises, pick-up routines, text, and interviews into the show. She also did a lot of research about animal hoarding. Here are some more details about the show:

youtube announces new original channels

I knew this has been in the works for a while, but today YouTube went official with the announcement that they're creating an expanded channel lineup of original programming from personalities, celebrities and content producers from the TV, film, music, news, and sports fields: More great content creators coming to YouTube.

We already know that Asian Americans play a significant role in YouTube's existing channels, from musicians to comedians, filmmakers and other interests. You know the players. But these original channels are noteworthy because they include several legit new channels from folks like Jon M. Chu, Justin Lin, Michelle Phan and more:

anya ayoung-chee wins project runway

I would be remiss if I didn't post something about Anya Ayoung Chee, the talented designer from Trinidad and Tobago who was crowned the season 9 winner of the fashion reality competition Project Runway: 'Project Runway' season finale recap: No sleeves, no bra, no problem!

I didn't really follow the season very carefully, but I caught a couple of episodes here there. I was impressed with Anya's style and taste -- not to mention her kickass hairstyle and rad Caribbean accent. She will perhaps be remembered as the contestant with extremely novice sewing skills.

Here's an EW interview with Anya: 'Project Runway' season 9 winner: 'I did not anticipate creating such great friendships out of a competition.'

california assemblywoman mary hayashi charged with shoplifting

Asians behaving badly... shoplifting state legislator edition! This week in San Francisco, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was arrested for allegedly shoplifting $2,000 worth of merchandise from Neiman Marcus: Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi charged with shoplifting at Neiman Marcus.

Video surveillance cameras caught Hayashi, who represents the East Bay's 18th Assembly District, stuffing $2,450 worth of unpaid items -- apparently leather pants, a black skirt and white blouse -- into a shopping bag. She was stopped by store security after leaving the store:

angry reader of the week: andrew figueroa chiang

What's up, my people? Once again, it's time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is.

This week's Angry Reader is singer/songwriter Andrew Figueroa Chiang, who will be performing at Kollaboration 11 on November 5 and Hotel Cafe on November 19.

whiaapi bullying prevention summit livestream, october 29

If you're not in New York, and can't make it out to the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders' Bullying Prevention Summit tomorrow, you can still catch the proceedings on livestream video starting at 9:00am ET.

You can also participate by chiming in and submitting questions via Twitter. Use the hashtag #aapiWH. Here are some more details about the livestream:

little bruce lee and sho 'nuff the shogun of harlem

A little tribute to Game of Death and The Last Dragon. I don't know who these kids are, or where this photo was taken, but it's awesome. Saw this on Shannon Lee's Twitter feed, so you know it's Bruce Lee Family approved. To the parents of these children: you rock and I salute you.

By the way, good readers, if you (or your kids) are going to be dressed up as something rad this Halloween, please feel free to send me your photos on Monday (or the morning after). I'll pick out some of the best ones and post them here. Hope to see some cute kids in costumes!

the 15 apa women leader spotlights: zenei cortez

15 Days. 15 APA Women. 15th Anniversary. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, we're partnering up with NAPAWF and Hyphen to spotlight 15 Women Warriors for 15 days, sponsored by 15 hosts. Meet today's spotlight:

Zenei Cortez
Nominated by Filipino Advocates for Justice.

Filipino Advocates for Justice was established in 1973 in response to the growing influx of immigrants from the Philippines and the discrimination they faced as newcomers to the U.S. FAJ's mission is to build a strong and empowered Filipino community by providing services, developing leaders, organizing constituents, and advocating for policies that promote social and economic justice and equity. Our vision is for a Filipino community with the power to advance social and economic justice and to realize democratic and human rights for everyone.

Describe your name.
My real name is Zenaida - but would like to be called Zenei (pronounced as Zeni).

How do you identify?
I have been married for over 25 years, we do not have kids. I am blessed with a lot of god children (my nephews and nieces (plus their kids).


the jubilee project presents dear daniel, october 29

If you're in Los Angeles, the Jubilee Project invites to the premiere of their latest film, Dear Daniel, as part of their "Doing Good Is Contagious" tour.

The 20-minute short is described as a coming-of-age story about a college student trying to pursue his dreams while caught in a web of relationships with his Tiger mom, brother and girlfriend.

In addition to Dear Daniel, evening's program will also include a new short film about sex trafficking featuring teen singer Megan Lee, as well as an after-event reception. It's happening this Saturday, October 29 at CGV Cinemas in Koreatown. Here are some more details:

joy osmanski's in the new animated fox show allen gregory

Heads up. Our friend, actress Joy Osmanski, stars in the next FOX animated series Allen Gregory, which premieres this Sunday, October 30 as part of the network's animation block (right after The Simpsons). Joy supplies the voice of Julie DeLongpre, Allen Gregory's sister. Here's a preview of the show, which gives you a glimpse of this offbeat family:

das racist on the cover of spin

Oh, whaaaat? Das Racist is rocking the November 2011 cover of Spin. If that's not awesome enough, the cover story is written by standup comedian Hari Kondabolu, brother of Ashok Kondabolu -- aka Dapwell -- hype man of the group: Das Racist Cover Story: These Colors Don't Run.

the 15 apa women leader spotlights: caroline fan

15 Days. 15 APA Women. 15th Anniversary. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, we're partnering up with NAPAWF and Hyphen to spotlight 15 Women Warriors for 15 days, sponsored by 15 hosts. Meet today's spotlight:

Caroline Fan
Nominated by Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance.

Founded in 1992, the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), AFL-CIO, is the first and only national organization of Asian Pacific American (APA) union members. Since its founding, APALA has played a unique role in addressing the civil, immigrant, and workers’ rights of
660,000 APA union members. Serving as a bridge between labor and community groups, APALA has 13 chapters and a national office in Washington, D.C.

Describe your name.
My parents named me for the state I was born in.

How do you identify?
Proud daughter of immigrants and loyal friend. Activist, political geek and foodie.


page turner - the asian american literary festival, october 29

Lovers of literature, this one's for you. Make plans to be at the Asian American Writers' Workshop's Page Turner 2011, the third annual Asian American literary festival. They have a great lineup that includes Junot Diaz, Amitav Ghosh, Jessica Hagedorn and more, as well as a Korean taco truck, a staged play reading, and a kickass afterparty. It's happening this Saturday, October 29 at powerHouse Arena and Melville House in Brooklyn. Here are some more details:

man charged in murder of 12-year-old girl

This is a really awful story out of Maryland, about a 12-year-old girl who was found stabbed to death in her home earlier this year. According to prosecutors, Jessica Nguyen was killed by a man who was angry at her family: Man arrested in Jessica Nguyen's slaying was mad at her family, say prosecutors.

42-year-old David R. Hang had apparently entered into a sham marriage with Jessica's mother to help her gain citizenship, but had difficulty getting out of it after he fell in love and married someone else too. DNA evidence links Hang to Jessica's murder:

music video: "earthquakey people" by steve aoki (feat. rivers cuomo)

Nerds and hipsters, gather 'round. DJ/producer Steve Aoki teams up with Weezer's Rivers Cuomo for the dance pop joint "Earthquakey People", a track that's definitely working overtime to get your ass on the dance floor. The music video feels like the audio/visual version of your 1987-era Trapper Keeper. Take a look:

mayor jean quan faces harsh criticism for occupy oakland police brutality

When I wrote about the effort to recall Mayor Jean Quan earlier in the week, I had no idea all hell was simultaneously busting loose in the streets of Oakland, where police brutally cracked down on Occupy Oakland protestors. Now she's being criticized from all sides for the violent police action: Occupy Oakland: Jean Quan 'I don't know everything.'

new music: forever and ever by david choi

Singer/songwriter and friend to this blog David Choi has just released his new album, Forever and Ever, available on iTunes, Forever and Ever, and good old fashioned physical CD. I just got it up and running on my iPod, and I'm literally listening to it as I write this. Good stuff, as usual. Here's a video of David performing an acoustic version of one of the tracks, "Underneath Your Love":

new report analyzes latest demographic trends for asian americans

The Asian American Center for Advancing Justice just released a new report, A Community of Contrasts: Asian Americans in the United States, 2011, analyzing the latest demographic trends for Asian Americans.

The demographic report, released today as a part of the Advancing Justice Conference, analyzes Census and other data on Asian Americans and highlights key issues facing the nation's fastest growing racial group.

The report assesses contributions and challenges facing the diverse ethnic groups that comprise the Asian American community, from their increased economic and civic contributions to continued challenges in housing and healthcare access to stereotypes around educational attainment and employment. Here are a few facts from the report:

    ken jeong to produce and star in the chung factor

    You may have seen much more of Ken Jeong than you've ever wanted to see -- spoiler: I'm talking about his penis -- in The Hangover. Or perhaps seeing him every week on NBC's Community isn't quite enough Jeong for you.

    Well then, here's some movie news... According to The Wrap, Ken Jeong will produce and star as "an offbeat relationship coach" in the comedy The Chung Factor: Ken Jeong to Star In, Produce 'The Chung Factor' for Lionsgate.

    the 15 apa women leader spotlights: isabel kang

    15 Days. 15 APA Women. 15th Anniversary. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, we're partnering up with NAPAWF and Hyphen to spotlight 15 Women Warriors for 15 days, sponsored by 15 hosts. Meet today's spotlight:

    Isabel Kang
    Nominated by Terry Park

    Describe your name.
    Isabel, because my mother chose it for me, and she is Catholic, and I'm bi-cultural Korean-Brazilian, and I love my Korean name, but it is only for my family use, and was carefully chosen by my father, reflecting the characters for East, and Hope.

    How do you identify?
    A radical activist, person of color, immigrant, working class allegiance, mother, WOMAN!


    rightsfest film festival, october 26-28

    If you're in San Francisco, here's an opportunity to see some really amazing films at RightsFest, an annual film festival organized by the Korematsu Institute for Civil Rights and Education as part of the Advancing Justice Conference.

    Over three nights, the festival will screen documentaries about civil rights activism. Each night will close with an in-depth Q & A discussion with film directors and the activists who led the movements represented on screen.

    They'll be screening influential works like Curtis Choy's The Fall of the I-Hotel, as well as important new films like Tad Nakamura's Pilgrimage. It's happening October 26-28 at a couple of locations in San Francisco. Here are some more details:

    internship opportunity: saalt fall/winter internships 2011-12

    South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) is currently accepting applications fall/winter 2011-12 internships. They're looking for self-motivated, community-minded undergraduate, graduate and law students to work and learn about civic and political engagement at SAALT's office in Takoma Park, Maryland. Here are some more details about the internships:

    lynn chen in via text

    Check out our good friend Lynn Chen in the short film Via Text, directed by Abe Forman-Greenwald. The film just wrapped up its festival run, so they've uploaded it on the internets for all to see. It's a simple story about a relationship that unfolds almost entirely through text messages. Take a look:

    opponents file for recall of oakland mayor jean quan

    In Oakland, an effort to recall Mayor Jean Quan is officially underway. This week, the mayor's opponents filed 71 signatures with the city clerk in an official notice of intent to circulate a recall petition: Quan opponents file for her recall, hoping to turn 71 signatures into 20,000.

    Recall supporters, led by Gene Hazzard of the Oakland Black Caucus, now have 160 days to collect somewhere around 20,000 signatures from registered Oakland voters to make the city hold an election. Right now, they have 71.

    So what's the recallers' problem with Jean Quan?

    ed lee is "2 legit 2 quit"

    And now for the weirdest thing I've seen today... In this crazy campaign ad/music video, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee gets endorsements from some high profile folks who want you to know that Ed Lee is 2 LEGIT 2 QUIT.

    The video features the likes of MC Hammer, Twitter founder Biz Stone, will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas, former 49er Ronnie Lott, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, and San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian "The Beard" Wilson. It's a little epic. Take a look:

    akira casting call for tetsuo and ky

    This damn Akira movie is indeed happening, whether you like it or not.

    Several people have passed along the casting call that has gone out for the lead roles of Tetsuo and Ky. (Garrett Hedlund is reportedly the frontrunner to play Kaneda.)

    According to the character breakdowns for Tetsuo and Ky, they're looking for actors of "any ethnicity," though based on what we've seen happen in other movies, that's not much cause to be hopeful.

    Here's some more information:

    harry shum jr. rocks the winter wear in gq

    Hey look! It's our favorite Glee dancing dude Harry Shum Jr. getting styled up and looking pretty fly for a winter wear fashion spread in the latest issue of GQ: Keep Your Cool This Winter: A 12-Step Plan.

    They've also got a brief interview with him on finally getting to break out on Glee this season (and what the heck took so long): The Man with No Bones. And if you just can't get enough Shum, they've also got video of him here.

    the 15 apa women leader spotlights: lisa chen

    15 Days. 15 APA Women. 15th Anniversary. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, we're partnering up with NAPAWF and Hyphen to spotlight 15 Women Warriors for 15 days, sponsored by 15 hosts. Meet today's spotlight:

    Lisa Chen
    Nominated by Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights Through Education.

    The mission of ASPIRE is to provide support for immigrant youth and allow them to reach their dreams through education. We are committed to working towards a more inclusive, equal society and protecting our rights as human beings.

    Describe your name.
    Lisa Chen. For some reason, my friends like to call me by my full name.

    How do you identify?
    Daughter of single immigrant mama. Womyn of color organizer. Food lover. Wannabe avid runner. And, cookie monster.


    matcha: new indian cuisine, october 27

    San Francisco people! Friends, it's time for another night out with MATCHA, the Asian Art Museum's monthly after-hours art/music/mixer series. This month: food. Come out and learn a thing or two about modern Indian cuisine. It's happening this Thursday, October 27 at the Asian Art Museum. Once again, you've got the chance to win some free passes. See below for more details:

    oca-gla's 2011 mentored path to citizenship grant

    Heads up. A great opportunity for you or someone you know...

    OCA-Greater Los Angeles is offering its third annual Mentored Path to Citizenship Grant, a $680 naturalization grant to provide assistance to a qualified individual in Los Angeles County seeking U.S. citizenship.

    music video: "one day" by jennifer chung

    Check it out. The lovely and talented Jennifer Chung has released the debut music video for her single "One Day," one of my favorite tracks from her album 4 Years & Counting... Looking good, Jen! Take a look:

    jodi long and vivian bang cast in steve byrne's sitcom pilot

    An update on that TBS sitcom pilot Steve Byrne was casting a couple of weeks ago... It looks like Steve has found his mother and sister: Quartet Cast In TBS Comedy Pilot 'Sullivan And Son' Produced By Vince Vaughn.

    According to Deadline.com, Jodi Long will star as Steve's Korean American mother (I'm having flashbacks to Margaret Cho's All American Girl) and Vivian Bang will play Steve's "long-suffering, under-appreciated younger sister."

    vote for surrogate valentine in the gotham independent film audience award

    Big congratulations to Surrogate Valentine. David Boyle's indie pseudo-romantic comedy road trip flick, starring musician Goh Nakamura as Goh Nakamura, picked up the Grand Jury Prize over the weekend at the 12th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival.

    Surrogate Valentine is also among the films currently vying for the Gotham Independent Film Audience Award, to be determined through online vote. It's in pretty darn good company, including Lisette Marie Flanary's documentary One Voice and producer Karen Chien's Circumstance.

    police pepper spray haka dancers at high school football game

    Police in Roosevelt, Utah are being accused of overreacting after using pepper spray to break up a group of men and boys performing a traditional Polynesian dance after a high school football game last week: Police pepper spray Haka dancers at football game.

    Officers were apparently trying to disperse a group of performers who were blocking an exit. Police insisted that they move from the area to allow players and others to leave the field. When they began the haka instead, officers bust out the pepper spray and used it to forcefully disperse the crowd:

    There's a brief, blurry video of the police action:

    We're a Culture, Not a Costume

    Campaign addresses "ethnic" Halloween costumes.

    I love this campaign. These posters were created by Students Teaching About Racism in Society, a student organization at Ohio University. The campaign addresses all the ridiculous "ethnic" costumes that idiotic people like to wear on Halloween, something I've had to address here for many years every time October rolls around. What a great way to create awareness around the issue. Here are some more posters:

    the 15 apa women leader spotlights: urooj arshad

    15 Days. 15 APA Women. 15th Anniversary. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, we're partnering up with NAPAWF and Hyphen to spotlight 15 Women Warriors for 15 days, sponsored by 15 hosts. Meet today's spotlight:

    Urooj Arshad
    Nominated by the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance.

    The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance is a federation of LGBTQ Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander organizations. NQAPIA seeks to build the capacity of local LGBT AAPI organizations, invigorate grassroots organizing, develop leadership, and challenge homophobia, racism, and anti-immigrant bias.

    Describe your name.
    Urooj, affectionately known as Roojie. My mom named me and Urooj means Pinnacle.

    How do you identify?
    Queer. Femme. Desi. Culturally Muslim. Fashionista


    read these blogs

    An Open Letter to SNL on Why John Cho & Kal Penn Should Host: Philip over at You Offend Me You Offend My Family makes a reasonable suggestion to Saturday Night Live, asking the show to invite Harold and Kumar stars John Cho and Kal Penn as co-hosts.

    Tomboy Style: Q&A | Jen Wang: Check out our good friend, blogger Jen Wang of Disgrasian, looking hot and getting interviewed for Tomboy Style.

    New Face of Fashion: Asian Models: More Jen Wang! She was also recently interviewed for a Nightline segment, dropping some Disgrasian knowledge on the recent rise of Asian supermodels.

    How I Learned 'Chinglish' (And Why You Should Too): In this guest blog for Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy, Tony Award-winning playwright David Henry Hwang talks about the issues behind his new comedy Chinglish, currently being performed on Broadway at the Longacre Theatre.

    The Exchange: Mindy Kaling: Mindy Kaling talks to The New Yorker about her new book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).


    vote for kollaboration 11's final competitor

    So check it. The nationwide Kollaboration talent show movement returns to its roots to present the flagship show, Kollaboration 11, happening Saturday, November 5 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

    The competitive lineup includes afterschoolspecial, Andrew Figueroa Chiang and the Blazing Rays of the Sun, Dawen, Emanon Dance Crew, Inch Chua, Monsters Calling Home and Noel Kunz. That's a solid group.

    But wait! They've left room for an eighth competitor. The individual winners from Kollaboration shows around the country are competing for that competition final spot, and your vote will help determine who gets to show their stuff. Do it now, because voting closes Monday, October 24 at 11:59pm EST.

    I'm not super familiar with most of the competitors, but if I'm going to be honest, I have throw down my support for rapper Adam WarRock, aka Eugene Ahn, winner of Kollaboration Atlanta with his song "Angry Asian Man." I'm voting for him, for obvious reasons. Here's video of his winning performance:

    angry archive