china underground film series, december 3-5

Hey, cinephiles. If you're in San Francisco this weekend, you should check out this first-of-its-kind film series, China Underground, focusing on the new Chinese independent film movement, presented by VIZ cinema and NEW PEOPLE, in association with dGenerate Films. It's happening December 3-5 at VIZ Cinema. Here are some more details:

please say a prayer for "these attacks between the chinas"

So last week, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado expressed concern, via Twitter, about North Korea's recent attack on the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong. And that's cool -- we're all concerned about the tense situation on the Korean peninsula, right? Too bad the Venezuelan beauty queen has a little trouble telling the difference between the two Koreas... and China. Her tweet:

video: welcome home remix by julie zhan

Came across this cool homemade dance video, and thought I'd share: Welcome Home Remix by Julie Zhan, who I had the pleasure of meeting recently. I had no idea she was such a fab dancer. The project is her own little tribute to Daniel Cloud Campos' amazing Welcome Home video. Here's Julie's take:

usc freshman collapses and dies in dorm room

More tragic news out of Los Angeles... Last Wednesday at the University of Southern California, a freshman student reportedly collapsed and died in her dorm room: USC freshman dies after passing out in her dorm room.

According to her roommate, 18-year-old Rachel Kim was "talking and laughing" just moments before she passed out and stopped breathing:

breakthrough presents I AM THIS LAND, a video contest on diversity

Here's a cool opportunity from human rights organization Breakthrough... They've just launched I AM THIS LAND, a contest that invites people to make a video using the phrase "I am this land" to express your aspirations for a more positive and open-minded America. For more information, watch this video:

2-year-old dies from fall at lakers game

Heard about this terrible, tragic story from last week... In Los Angeles, a 2-year-old died during a Lakers game after falling from a third-level skybox at the Staples Center: Boy who fell from skybox died of multiple injuries.

According to the Los Angeles County coroner, Lucas Anthony Tang died from multiple traumatic injuries after falling about 30 feet into a row of seats. The death has been officially ruled an accident:

kim jong il looking at things

I've been seeing this one making the rounds... It's so random, I kind of love it. The title basically explains it all: kim jong-il looking at things.

Indeed, the Dear Leader likes to look at things. And that's what you get. A bunch of photos of Kim Jong Il looking at things. Though I imagine sooner or later, he'll run out of things to look at in North Korea.

arlene ackerman thinks she knows a thing or two about "cultural competence"

I don't pretend to know much about what it really takes run a school district. But from what I do know, Arlene Ackerman, the superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, is doing a pretty crappy job. You only have to look at her complete mishandling and failure to address the ongoing problem of violence against Asian students at South Philadelphia High School.

That's why I find one of Ackerman's quotes in this Philadelphia Inquirer article completely ridiculous: More relaxed, refocused, Supt. Arlene Ackerman says she's learned from last year's mistakes. Discussing former D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee -- a controversial figure herself -- Ackerman says:

Chinese Immigrant Homework

Found this kind of amusing, though I don't know exactly what it is... Well, it's homework. It's a history/creative writing assignment. And the directions seem fairly straightforward. But I guess this student took the instructions quite literally: Chinese immigrant homework.

Hey, a Chinese immigrant in 1870 probably isn't writing home in English, right? I just wish I could have seen the look on the teacher's face when this assignment got turned in. (Thanks, Stephen.)

UPDATE: Hold up! Some background on this homework assignment, from the teacher who actually assigned it: That funny Chinese homework assignment... now with context!

no brown hobbits allowed

The news out of New Zealand, where they are currently casting for the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit: NO BROWN HOBBITS. That is, according to a Pakistani British woman who says she was refused a part as a background extra in the movie for not being "light-skinned" enough.

Extra claims she was rejected for Hobbit role for looking 'too brown.'


research society at el cid, december 2

This week in Los Angeles, up and coming indie rock band Research Society are playing a show El Cid in Silver Lake, bringing a little something they like to call "sci-fi soul," which incorporates elements of "90s era Manchester, grunge, U2, solo Morrissey, with a 21st century polish."

The show will include an opening performance from comedian Rasika Mathur, who will be playing songs from her upcoming comedy album The Sari (W)rap. They'll also be hosting a toy drive to benefit the Asian Pacific Women's Center of Los Angeles. It's happening Thursday, December 2. Here are some more details:

who is the top aapi unsung hero of 2010?

Check it. Asian Pacific Americans for Progress is looking to recognize the hard work and commitment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who fought for equality, fairness and progressive values in 2010: Nominate your Top AAPI Unsung Hero for 2010. Do you know someone who deserves some recognition? Read on:

video: clara c covers "rocketeer"

Yet another cover of Far East Movement's "Rocketeer"... this time from Clara C, who puts a different kind of spin on the song: Clara C - Rocketeer. I heard her perform this live at a show a couple of weeks ago, and it totally blew me away. I'm glad she recorded it. Listen for yourself:

home invasion robbery suspect surrenders

Some news out of Pennsylvania... Last week, 26-year-old Nyfis "Feese" Toppings, who was wanted in connection with an armed home-invasion robbery that targeted an Asian American business owner in Delaware County last summer, turned himself into the FBI: Feds seeking 3rd man in Aug. Delco home invasion.

Toppings was apparently persuaded by a family member to surrender. According to the FBI, he and several other assailants allegedly broke into the victim's home on August 8. Armed with handguns, the crew forced the victims to open a safe, then fled with over $200,000 cash:

new music: "coffee and snow 2" by blue scholars

Another new track from Blue Scholars! Back in December 2008, it hella snowed in Seattle. So they filmed "Coffee and Snow." Well, last Monday it snowed again, so they filmed something again: "Coffee and Snow 2.", directed by Zia Mohajerjasbi. Take a look:

seeking nominations: 2011 emerging leaders in philanthrophy recognition awards

The Asian Pacific Community Fund and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy - Los Angeles are accepting applications/nominations for their 2011 Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy Recognition Awards.

The award recognizes individuals and organizations that have exemplified outstanding support for the API community through their leadership and philanthropic efforts. Here are some more details:

win tickets to comedy zen, december 3

If you're in Los Angeles this Friday, and looking for some laughs, head downtown this Friday for another round of Comedy Zen, featuring the comedy stylings of Joe Wong, Jay Phillips, Steven Ho, and hosted by Hasan Minhaj. It's happening this Friday, December 3 at the Downtown Independent, with two shows at 8:30 and 10:00pm. Here's a trailer for the show:

this guy has been reading your emails. would you invite him over to thanksgiving dinner?

So get this... James West of Australia had been receiving emails from the Tran family in Florida for several years. The only problem: he was the wrong James West. His email address was being mistaken for another family member's. But instead of deleted or ignoring the emails, or informing someone of the mistake, he actually started reading them, and got to know the Trans...

amazing fan-made walking dead opening title sequence

Totally missed this when it hit the web about two months ago (I think I was on vacation)... So I've been really enjoying AMC's The Walking Dead. But while the opening credit sequence is okay, it pales in comparison to this brilliant fan-made title sequence by filmmaker Daniel Kanemoto, which draws heavily from the comic book series artwork by Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore. The Walking Dead rocks, but this would make it rock fifty times harder. Take a look:

Eddie Zhao, Private Investigator

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times ran a really cool story on Eddie Zhao, a poor Chinese peasant-turned-Los Angeles private investigator. Once the victim of a con himself, he now helps Chinese immigrants to the San Gabriel Valley who fall prey to swindlers -- and there are a lot of them: Eddie Zhao is on their side.


read these blogs

Obama, The Destroyer of the World: Saw this post over at Sepia Mutiny, about Newsweek's recent cover depicting President Obama as a version of the Hindu deity, Shiva, also known as "the destroyer of the world." As you can imagine, Hindus are not happy.

Macleans offers a nonapology for writing a nonstory called "Too Asian?" Henry Yu, associate professor at UBC, responds to Macleans' nonapologetic justification for that idiotic "Too Asian" article. (Yup, we're still talking about this.)

Asian, whatever that means: Here's an interesting interview with artist, writer and UBC faculty member Ray Hsu, who also offers his thoughts on Asian Canadian writers' responses to the "Too Asian?" article.

Thanksgiving Turkey and Kimchee/Kimchi: My friend Kathy has a wonderful post on Thanksgiving, and how the once-foreign holiday has evolved into a tradition for her Korean American immigrant family.


happy birthday, bruce

Bruce Lee, born November 27, 1940, would have been 70 years old today. Martial artist, actor, philosopher and general all-around badass, his life, work and legacy continue to impact the world today. Respect.



Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. What are you thankful for?

I am truly thankful for all the friends, family and colleagues that continually bless my life. I'm thankful for all of the amazing opportunities that have dropped into my path -- I don't take them for granted. I'm thankful for you, everyone who's reading this, for making this space what it is.


wired rebels/my ninja! present 90s kpop party - new york

Last month, Wired Rebels and My Ninja! threw a big ol' 90s kPOP Party, taking it back to the old school with some classic O.G. K-pop. The event was such a huge success, they're doing it again, this time in New York. You will be jamming to the sounds of DJ DOC, S.E.S, SOLID and more, with tunes provided by Peter Rocks and Denkym. It's happening Thursday, December 2 at Pranna in New York. Here are some more details:

free music: "give thanks" by kero one

In honor of Thanksgiving, one of my favorite emcees, Kero One, is offering a free MP3 download of his song "Give Thanks" off his first album Windows of the Soul. Doesn't matter where you are in life -- you do have something to be thankful for. Here are the lyrics:

original art from the eternal smile for sale

Check out this amazing, gorgeous original art for sale from "Urgent Request," the Eisner Award-winning story from Derek Kirk Kim and Gene Luen Yang's The Eternal Smile. Get it on eBay here, as well as other original art from Derek Kirk Kim's fantastic, critically-acclaimed graphic novel Same Diference. Here's some more art:

call your members of congress and support the dream act

Got this action alert passed along to me from the folks at APALC... Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have promised that they will call for a vote for the DREAM Act in the lame duck session.

With a possible vote on the DREAM Act in Congress as early as Wednesday, December 1, your help is need now more than ever to remind our elected officials that we should give these talented youth a chance to contribute to this country.

Just what is the DREAM Act, and what can you do? Read on:

wong fu and ryan higa present agents of secret stuff

It is on! Agents of Secret Stuff (A.S.S. -- get it?), the long-awaited new mini-movie collaboration between YouTube star Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions is now up and running. It's a goofy secret agent comedy starring Ryan, Arden Cho, Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval, HiImRawn, and Aki Aleong. You can watch the whole 35 minute film here:

second suspect arrested in indiana university hate crime

A follow up on that hate crime that happened last month at Indiana University... In Bloomington, police have made a second arrest in an attack and robbery targeting a group of Asian students. 19-year-old Aldwin Shade has surrendered himself to IU police: 2nd suspect arrested in IU hate crime attacks.

the enemy is the enemy, but a cute girl is still a cute girl

"A North Korean soldier stands guard on the banks of the Yalu River, near the North Korean town of Sinuiju, opposite the Chinese border city of Dandong..." Came across this striking photo on Twitter, found on Boston.com's The Big Picture.

I know I'm supposed to despise the regime of the uniform she's wearing... but is it weird that I find this DPRK trooper kind of cute? I'm with Hyun, who says, "I feel guilty for being attracted to her in spite of yesterday's violence. But I still can't stop looking at her." It's the hat.

ubc forum discussion on idiotic maclean's too asian article

News from the north... This is short notice, but if you're at or around the University of British Columbia tomorrow (those Canadians don't observe our Thanksgiving), they've organized a forum to provide a space for dialogue about that ridiculous "Too Asian?" article in Maclean's. It's happening Thursday, November 25 at Buchanan A201. Here are some more details:

far east movement's free wired on sale at amazon for $1.99

In case you haven't picked yours up yet, just wanted to pass along word that Far East Movement's Free Wired is currently on sale as an early Black Friday deal from Amazon MP3 for just $1.99.

The whole album -- ten tracks -- available as a digital download for just under two bucks. So if you haven't gotten on board and want to hear what all the fuss is about, get Free Wired from Amazon here. And for more information about Far East Movement, go to their website here.

sarah palin: "obviously, we've got to stand with our north korean allies"

The case against Sarah Palin, reason number a billion... During today's Glenn Beck radio show, Palin apparently had some trouble remembering which of the Koreas we're supposed to be friends with: Sarah Palin: We've got to stand with our North Korean allies.


cape soiree, december 2

If you're in the Los Angeles area next week, and want to go to a fancy, star-studded celebration thing, the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE) has been hyping their annual CAPE Soiree. It's happening Thursday, December 2, 6:30-11:00pm at Vibiana.

This year's celebration honors comedian/actor Ken Jeong and CBS President of Entertainment, Nina Tassler. In addition to the awards show, the evening includes a silent auction, red carpet photo opportunities, and food from some of LA's finest dining establishments. Here are some more details:

yin chang in prom trailer

So I happened to watching the trailer for Walt Disney's teen comedy Prom (don't ask why) and caught a super brief glimpse of Yin Chang as "Mei." In the shot above, it appears that she is being asked to said prom.

She appears to be one of the main characters. Not the main main character, of course -- that's reserved for the pretty blond girl. But she does appear to have a story and actual lines of spoken dialogue. Take a look:

running a chinese takeout shouldn't be this hard

This is a heartbreaking Philadelphia Daily News story from a couple of weeks ago about Chinese immigrant takeout restaurant owners trying to make a living while under the constant threat of robberies and violence: Immigrant owners of Chinese shops often vulnerable to crime as they struggle to get by, fit in.

The article opens with the story of 43-year-old Jicun Wu, who's been in a hospital for four months after an attacker came up behind him outside his takeout and hit him in the back of the head and in his torso, severely injuring his pancreas:

toyota "ideas for good" commercial with asian dad and daughter

Spotted an Asian dad and daughter in this Toyota commercial.

I guess Toyota's got some image-rebuilding to do after the recall fiasco that has plagued the company in the last year, so they're touting these "Ideas for Good" engineering innovations.

I like the part where the little girl says, "Daddy. I'm four."

teenage dumbass arrested in chinese food delivery robberies

Some news out of Brooklyn... Last week in Ditmas Park, a 16-year-old girl was arrested in connection with a string of robberies on Chinese restaurant delivery men: Delivery devil arrested.

The suspect would call place orders to lure her victims, then rob them of their food and cash. The only problem with her brilliant plan? This idiot used her own address and phone number:

video: "please don't touch my junk" by david choi

As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, and everyone converges at the airport for the usual holiday traveling madness, here's a smooth little ballad by David Choi, inspired by the TSA's extreme (and much-criticized) new airport security measures: Please Don't Touch My Junk Song.

David is not only concerned for his own well-being, but also for the health of his future children. Like the song? Download it free from David Choi's website here.

kamala harris is the next attorney general of california

It's not exactly officially official, but after weeks and weeks of cautious waiting, this LA Weekly blog post has gone ahead and called it. Kamala Harris has defeated Steve Cooley to be the next attorney general of California: Kamala Harris Defeats Steve Cooley For California Attorney General.

It sounds like LA Weekly got impatient and said enough already. Several weeks after the election with still no final ballot count, they've crunched the numbers, and according to their calculations and projections, everything shakes down in favor of Harris. I'll go along with it:

america's best dance crew season six coming in april 2011

It's official! For those eagerly awaiting the return of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, it's on its way. Season six has been greenlit and will premiere in April 2011. So get your crews together, and start practicing those moves, because casting begins in January: MTV Renews 'America's Best Dance Crew' for Sixth Season; Premieres in April 2011.

Q & A with Asian Harry Potter

You may have seen the Asian Harry Potter on Conan last week. He's the guy whose Harry Potter costume pretty much stopped Conan O'Brien mid-monologue, due to its awesomeness. It was a pretty fun moment.

Well, with the help of a reader (thanks, John) we have tracked down Asian Harry Potter. He is 27-year-old art student Larry Quach, who is indeed a Harry Potter fan and an even bigger Conan O'Brien fan. He kindly answered a few questions about his crazy encounter with Conan...

north and south korea exchange fire near border

I am extremely concerned about what's happening on the Korean peninsula right now. North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire this morning after dozens of shells fired from the North struck the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong near the countries' disputed maritime border: North and South Korea Exchange Dozens of Artillery Shells.

Two South Korean soldiers were killed and 14 were injured, four of them seriously. No word on civilian casualties yet. The South Korean military has gone to "crisis status" and fighter planes have been put on alert. There is some serious stuff going down:


clara c & vision album party at the loft, december 1

Hey, Clara C fans. If you're in or around San Diego, you don't want to miss Clara's all ages album release party, happening December 1 at the The Loft at UC San Diego. The evening will include an album release set from Alex Shiau aka Vision and opening act Feats In Inches. Here's an awesome video with the announcement, featuring Batgirl and a screaming dancing dude:

"fast don't lie" remix

So you've seen "Fast Don't Lie," the Adidas commercial/"music video" starring Dwight Howard and Slim Chin (aka Ken Jeong). Here's the remix: 'Fast Don't Lie' Remix - feat. Slim Chin, Dwight Howard, & D. Rose. For the rest of the Fast Don't Lie campaign, go here, including videos and ringtone downloads and all that, go to the adidasbasketball's YouTube channel here.

david c. lam, first asian canadian lieutenant governor, dies at 87

Heard the news that David C. Lam, who served as British Columbia's 25th lieutenant-governor -- Canada's first Asian-Canadian lieutenant-governor -- from 1988-1995, died early Sunday morning of prostate cancer. He was 87: Former B.C. lieutenant-governor David Lam dies.

music video: "genevieve" by conjen

Steve Mallorca of P.I.C. tells me about the latest music video he directed, "Genevieve" by indie-pop-soul group Conjen (aka Convertible Jennifers). Their sound is described as having "80s Squeeze/Joe Jackson meets Wilco elements." Sounds good to me. Take a look at the video:

on harvard time's non-apology

More on On Harvard Time's "Why Did I Choose Yale?" video spoof, which received a great deal of criticism for making a joke about murdered Yale grad student Annie Le... The original video with the offending line ("What happened to that girl who got murdered and stuffed in a wall?") has been taken down and replaced with a redubbed version ("What happened to the original line in this video?")

On Harvard Time also released what it's calling an "apology," though as anyone who's seen their share of these statements can tell you, it's a straight-up classic non-apology: Harvard, Yale, and the Non-Apology Apology.

american teen stages protest in tiananmen square

Remember Jonathan Lee? He's the teenage American activist who traveled to North Korea last summer on a mission of peace. Well, he's not done protesting yet. The 13-year-old from Mississippi staged a brief protest in Beijing today, before being stopped by police: US teen protests in Beijing for NKorea peace park.

In attempted to get the Chinese president's attention, Jonathan unfurled a sign saying "peace treaty" and "nuclear free DMZ children's peace forest" at the gate outside Tiananmen Square, but was quickly thwarted by a plainclothes police officer:

new music: power struggle's "artofficialfreedom - digital martyrs remix"

Hey! Some free new music for ya... Beatrock Music is teaming up with Digital Martyrs to release a full-length remix album, Digital Martyrs Remix Beatrock, due out in early 2011. For now, you can download and listen to Power Struggle's "Artofficialfreedom - Digital Martyrs Remix" here. Also take a look at the music video:

spoiler: the amazing race 18 cast

I know we're not yet done with the current season of CBS' The Amazing Race, but when Kevin and Michael were eliminated, but interested in the show definitely dropped a notch (go Nat & Kat!). However, there's already been some solid speculation on the next season, based on sightings, and it looks like it's going to be an all-star edition with contestants from previous seasons.

what happened to privilege denying dude?

So you've probably seen High Expectations Asian Father (which is pretty damn hilarious). But did you see Privilege Denying Dude? I came across the Tumblr site last week, and it was friggin' great. It's just one of those things you get, because you've had some frustrating, crazy-making conversations with this same guy. You know -- Privilege Denying Dude.

Unfortunately, when I went to check it out again right now, it was gone!

According to Jezebel, the account was suspended for "extensive copyright violation": Privilege-Denying Dude Pulled Off Tumblr. Bummer. I hope it comes back in another form, because it was all kinds of awesome. Here's another Jezebel post with a bunch of them.

"bus stop bandits" targeting commuters in queens

In New York, police are searching for a band of "bus stop bandits" who are targeting commuters as they exit the bus in Queens. Six of the seven victims were Asian and the latest victim was a white woman: Bus Stop Bandits Targeting College Students, Commuters In Queens.

Authorities are asking for the public's help with catching the suspects. They're described as three black men and they have already mugged seven people, including some students from St. John's University, between the hours of 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.:


Asian Harry Potter on Conan

Did you see Harry Potter? I'm talking about Asian Harry Potter, of course, who appeared in the audience of Thursday night's Conan. His striking Potter costume literally stopped Conan O'Brien's during his monologue and left the late-night host speechless. Here's the video:

notorious shoplifter banned from toronto's chinatown

In Toronto, career criminal Anthony Bennett, who is now infamous for his run-in with a vigilante shopkeeper who had had enough, has been barred from shops in the Chinatown area -- much to the relief of local shopkeepers: Career shoplifter barred from some downtown stores.

jean quan on kqed's california report

KQED's California Report has a good profile on Jean Quan, who made headlines when she won the Oakland mayor's seat in an upset, come-from-behind victory. She will be the city's first female and first Asian American mayor. She talks about her family history, and the innovative campaign strategy that went behind her unprecedented win: Oakland's Come-From-Behind Mayor-Elect Jean Quan.

dangerously delicious by dkng

Just wanted to share this cool-ass poster by DKNG for Aziz Ansari's Dangerously Delicious Tour. Check out the other three designs from Aziz's three San Francisco dates back in October here.

can pacquiao and mayweather fight so everyone will just shut up already?

While we all wait and wonder if/when Manny Pacquiao will finally meet Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the ring, lots of people have been pointing me to this article about Bernard Hopkins, who makes the bold claim that Pacquiao doesn't have what it takes to go up against black fighters: Hopkins: Manny Pacquiao beatable.

new green hornet theatrical trailer

Yahoo! Movies just launched the new theatrical trailer for The Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou. This one's actually not too different from the teaser trailer that launched over the summer, but it does have a few more shots of Jay Chou kicking ass as Kato. Take a look:

angry reader of the week: teddy zee

Hey, everybody. It's time to meet another Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Teddy Zee.

oscar-eligible chinese animated feature: the dreams of jinsha

I received a press announcement the other day about The Dreams of Jinsha, an animated fantasy adventure from China. I didn't know anything about it, but hand-drawn feature is apparently the most expensive animated film ever produced in China, and took five years to make. And it's coming soon to U.S. theaters. Here's the trailer:

was this professor fired for refusing to teach from a racist textbook?

A former University of Central Florida professor has filed a lawsuit against the school after she said she was let go because she refused to use a textbook that "contains antiquated and offensive racial, ethnic and other stereotypes": Former professor sues UCF, says she was fired for complaining about textbook.

According to court documents, Dr. Nancy Rudner Lugo believes her termination came after she complained about and later refused to use Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care in her Community Health Nursing class, because students complained "of how their ethnic groups were depicted" in the text.

The lawsuit lists several specific examples of allegedly stereotypical depictions of particular races or ethnicities:

what's up with that: filipino artists excluded from pacquiao/margarito pre-fight tailgate lineup

Here's what happened, as I understand it. Last weekend, New Jersey-based hip hop group Triangle Offense had been scheduled, alongside other Filipino American musicians, to share the stage with Mexican performers at the official Pacquiao/Margarito pre-fight tailgate in Dallas. Which is cool, right?

But due to some inexplicable last-minute changes, Triangle Offense and all of the other Filipino performers ended up getting cut from the lineup, and it became an exclusively Mexican roster of musicians and entertainers. That's not cool! Here's a video with Bry and Sci explaining how it went down.


giant robot presents the slants, november 19

If you're in Los Angeles, this is a last-minute plug for Portland-based "Chiantown Dance-Rock" band The Slants who are teaming up with Giant Robot for an in-store appearance and performance. It's happening Friday, November 19 at GR2 in Los Angeles. Here are some more details:

the lxd: chapter 15 & 16

Catching up on the last few episodes of director Jon M. Chu's kickass dance adventure web series saga thing The LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Season two continues to impress, showcasing some awesome choreography as the mysteries unfold and the stakes get higher. Here are episodes five and six:

privy 5 los angeles guide

Looking for some good eats in Los Angeles? Asia-focused private global network Privy recently launched the Privy 5 Los Angeles Guide, a comprehensive list to help visitors and locals discover the best L.A. has to offer -- everything restaurants to nightlife and shopping.

The guide includes top five picks from various celebrities and personalities like Kelly Hu, Lisa Ling, John Cho, Justin Chon, Liza Lapira, Lynn Chen, Archie Kao, Aaron Yoo and more. Take a look at their picks here

free music: remember when... by soulchef

Hip hop! New music! Free downloads! Check out Hydroponikz, Akim of The Vox Merger, and Unknown Suspect all making appearances on SoulChef's recently released album Remeber When... from Kitchen Dip Recordings. I'm listening to it right now, and really digging it. Here's the album description:

in-kyung kim donates entire lpga event winnings to charity

You know who's awesome? In-Kyung Kim. Last weekend at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational, the 22-year-old golf star shot a final-round 64, jumping ahead to nab her third career LPGA win. Yaaaaaaay.

That's awesome, but what's even more awesome is that Kim donated all of her winnings from the week -- $200,000 -- to charity: In-Kyung Kim wins LPGA event, donates entire winnings to charity.

help sheri find a bone marrow match

Got word passed along to me about another community member who is in need of a bone marrow donor, so I'm just trying to help spread the word.

43-year-old Sheryl Chin Co was diagnosed with leukemia on September 27. Since then she's been going through intense chemotherapy treatment, and is need serious need of a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, her brother is not a perfect bone marrow match, so Sheryl will need to rely on the National Bone Marrow Registry to find her perfect match.

Here's a video one of her friends, Sabrina, made to encourage people to join the bone marrow registry -- Sheri's best chance for survival. Seriously, my Asian people, we are awesome at so many things, but we absolutely suck at being bone marrow donors. Register!

For more information on what you can do to help Sheri and her family (her husband Everett and three kids - ages 12, 10 and 7) go to her Facebook page: Bone Marrow Donor Search for Sheryl (Chin) Co. (Thanks, Nelson.)

icons: the dc comics & wildstorm art of jim lee

Icons: The DC Comics & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee, is recently published coffee table book that celebrates the career of comic book art master Jim Lee -- a giant in the industry whose work can arguably be credited with changing the medium forever. If any comic artist deserves a book like this, it's Jim Lee.

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