This is a blog about Asian America.


I'm not as angry as you think. Yes, racism angers me. But I'm not here sitting in front of the computer, hating "whitey" and plotting revolution. This is just a subject that has always interested me — pointing out racism and noting any and all appearances of Asians in mass media and popular culture (the good and the bad). It's something I care about. So I've created a little space on the web for it all... I suppose the angry part sometimes scares people, but rest assured, I'm a pretty civil, reasonable guy. Just don't cross me.

Everything is racist, but not everything is racist. Yes, I've been calling anything and everything racist. I'm only joking... some of the time. I think some people tend to take issue with my definition of 'racist.' Yeah yeah, I know. But for me, racism and ignorance all run together in the same club —it happens all the time, and I'll be happy to point it out for you. It sometimes just helps to deal with it using a little humor. But I'm not organizing crusades and media campaigns against every little offensive thing I mention on this site.

These are my opinions — nothing more, nothing less. Don't write in complaining about my lack of objectivity. This is just a place for me to express some of the things I observe and encounter, living my life as a regular Asian American guy in the United States. I'm not trying to incite riot, and definitely not trying to win anyone over. This website is not intended to be any kind of reputable source for academic research, news reporting or political influence. It's just me, a regular Asian American guy, writing about a few things that I find particularly noteworthy or interesting. More than anything, a place to express myself and work it all out. You'll notice a large part of this site deals with Asians in pop culture and entertainment. Just stuff I dig, I guess. And if that connects with people and brings you to the site, so be it. If you disagree with the content on this site and my opinions offend you, well, that's racist! No, just kidding. Go elsewhere, I guess.


"Keep it real with the rice fields."

Some friends and I made it up in college sitting around over ice cream and Korean food. It started out as a joke, as a mock catchphrase of Asian empowerment. Picture it: Asian Americans everywhere, connecting with their roots and finding pride in the famed rice fields of the Orient. Can't you visualize the Chinamen? Wearing those funny hats. Holding a stick or something. Squatting. It also makes no sense at all. Perhaps that's why we made it up. Actually, that's exactly why we made it up.

That's the way I usually approached most issues of Asian American pride. Facetiously. Mostly by becoming Angry Asian Man. "Angry Asian Man," as I was dubbed by I don't know who, represented all things loud and proud about Asian America. My purpose was to acknowledge and encourage our yellow struggle against The Man, who in turn was determined to keep us in our bamboo cages and hold us down. I was angry. I was Asian. And I wasn't going to stand by and watch idly as my people were unknowingly subjugated!

And the racism! Man, was everything just RACIST. I threw the word around left and right. Angry Asian Man had developed the special gift of hypersensitivity towards Racism and could detect it anywhere and everywhere. I took the liberty of calling attention to the surrounding Racism for all to see! The picture of the Asian in this magazine ad? Racist. The word 'Chinese' on page 862 in Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov? Racist. The yellow traffic signal light? Racist. It was all Racism with a capital 'R'. The rest of the world was unaware, but Angry Asian Man had been given the power to see!

Mind you, as I mentioned before, it was all very facetious. A big joke about hyperbolic, misguided Asian pride. And most people knew I was joking, save for a few who just got annoyed at my "zeal" (sorry K), or those who were truly concerned that I might actually lead some sort of dangerous Asian uprising. Watch out for that guy —he's really vocal.

However, in time it became apparent to me that I was actually only half joking. The concerns I was raising were funny because there was truth to them. Because racism does exist, and because Asian Americans still do struggle with issues of acceptance in this country. My context for discussing these problems often came from comic exaggeration, because at times, it was the only way to make such ugly issues open and approachable.

So Angry Asian Man became a cause. And just like Angry Asian Man, the views expressed in the contents of this website will inevitably be ridiculously zealous and exaggerated. Of couse, it's all in fun, but just like the persona of Angry Asian Man, rooted in truth.

So stay strong, and support the struggle. Keep it real with the rice fields!

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