utada hikaru, reggae artist

File Under Reggae?
Exodus, the U.S. debut album from Utada Hikaru hit stores this week. I guess that's a pretty dig deal, because she's only like the BIGGEST pop star in Japan. So I'm told. Anyway, her single "Devil Inside" is #3 on the US Billboard Dance Club Play charts this week.

You know, I went to the store because I was thinking about picking up the CD, but when I got there, it was nowhere to be seen on the pop music rack. What's up with that? Haters. Now I'm hearing reports that it was apparently placed in the wrong category, perhaps under the World Music section. They see an Asian face—must be a foreign-language album, right?

Funny enough, someone went to Best Buy and snapped the above photo. Take a look at the price sticker. Dude, no wonder. I should've been looking under "Reggae." Tell me, does this CD look like it has anything to do with reggae? (Thanks, Lou.)

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