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Oh wow! Two more Asian guys on a reality show! What is this—Survivor? Talk about representation! That's great... oh wait. It's the third season of Beauty and the Geek. Yeah, that makes sense. It's the show that pairs up "eight gorgeous but academically impaired women and eight brilliant but socially challenged men." Thus, beauties and geeks. And of course, two of the eight geeks just happen to be Asian American. Well, Piao ("Only Kissed One Girl") and Sanjay ("Virgin")... make us proud, I guess. Or at the very least, try not to embarrass yourself too much. The show premieres tonight on CW.

EDIT: Make that three Asian guys. I forgot about Niels ("Had A Perfect S.A.T. Score"). According to his bio, he's currently pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley, but "paying the bills with a new job as a professional dating coach with Art of Attraction." The guys is a dating coach? He's actually got a blog here.

In other reality TV news, MTV has teamed up with magazine Rolling Stone to create I'm From Rolling Stone, a show that follows six young writers vying for a full-time contributing editor slot at the magazine. According to TV Squad, the six contestants were chosen from a pool of several thousand applicants. They spent this past summer fielding writing assignments from Rolling Stone's editors—including artist profiles, political coverage and event reviews. Among the contestants is 23-year-old Krishtine. Originally from the Philippines, she's all hip hop, and reppin' for the Bay Area. The show premieres on Sunday, January 7th.

And I'm pretty sure I already mentioned this, but we've also got some Asian dudes on the upcoming season of The Apprentice... James ("The Webhead") and Surya ("The Hair"). Both guys look like interesting competitors... too bad I can't stand The Apprentice. Anyway, the show also premiers on Sunday night.

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