christmas eve hate crime in new york

I was forwarded this email the other day, describing a vicious hate crime that occurred on Christmas Eve in New York:

From: Madhu R. Goel [madhu.goel@gmail.com]
Date: Jan 12, 2007 12:35 PM
Subject: A Horrible Crime

Dear Friends:

I am in complete shock.

This past Christmas Eve, a very good friend and an upstanding
individual, Ashwani Nagpal, was ruthlessly beaten by 10 to 11 rich,
connection happy, Caucasian kids (all between 23-24) to the point of
near death at his restaurant (Leela Lounge) for over 25 minutes before
the police arrived.

Ashwani was hosting a Desi Holiday party when at around 2:30am he shut
down the bar. Around 2:45 am a few of the people at the party started
to get rowdy and demand more liquor. Ashwani asked one of the kids,
who damaged and vandalized the restaurant, to please take care and to
act respectfully while he remained there.

This set the kid off and he, along with this friends, went into a
flying (racially charged) rage. They punched and kicked him
repeatedly, all the while yelling racial epithets.

Once Ashwani became unconscious, they picked up his body and slammed
him against the stone bar. The bartender was screaming and yelling
and begging the perpetrators to let Ashwani go because she was sure
Ashwani was dead, but they kept on beating him. Ashwani's co-worker
who tried to help was paid in kind and hospitalized for broken bones.

Although the kids had a limo parked outside to make their getaway,
they were apprehended by the police and they spent one night in jail.
However, with a few quick calls from their parents, they were

Ashwani has contacted the D.A's office. They are "looking into" the
matter. He has been following up with them weekly, but no action has
been taken, no charges have been brought.

Ashwani has reached out to me to make sense of what happened to him.
We call upon you to assist in making people aware that this crime
occurred and figuring out a way to make these kids and their parents
understand that they cannot and should not be able to get away with
this grave of a hate crime.

*The 5 defendants have been charged with Gang Assault which has a
maximum penalty of 15 years. A conviction under as a hate crime would
not add to a greater possible sentence, however, it could play a role
in influencing the Judge to give a greater penalty at sentencing.

*Because an indictment has not yet been issued, you have a greater
chance of influencing the DA's office.

Show your support by:

1) writing letters, or making calls to:
Robert M. Morgenthau
Manhattan District Attorney

2) attend the rally on February 20, 2007
at 9:30 AM
at Manhattan Criminal Court,
100 Centre Street, Part F (a courtroom)

It is important that people, groups, organizations from as many
different backgrounds and races to pack the Courthouse to send a clear
and powerful message to the Judge, the DA and to the Defendants that
this is something that is not going to be forgotten or swept under the

Madhu Goel
That's racist! A quick Google search didn't turn up any other news about this incident, but I'm told that Councilman John Liu has gotten involved and is working with a coalition of people. For inquiries or offers to help, contact John Choe in Councilman Liu's office at john.choe@council.nyc.ny.us. The court date is February 20th. Consider contacting the Manhattan DA's office, encouraging others to attend the court date, or just spreading awareness.

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