jessica hagedorn's dogeaters

Southern California theater-goers.... Jessica Hagedorn's Dogeaters has been adapted for the stage by Center Theatre Group is currently playing through February 11th at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City:
A tragi-comic look at the Philippines during the reign of Marcos, and the conflicts experienced by Asian immigrants caught between cultures.

Brought to life through a diversity of characters including a soft-porn movie star, a Jesuit priest, a Filipino-American Californian, a hustler and deejay, a movie usherette and Imelda Marcos herself, the world of Dogeaters is beautiful, lush, and always volatile – a wondrous bundle of contradictions where mundane reality, the supernatural, the spiritual and the carnal collide and coexist.
They've got an interview with playwright Hagedorn here: Capturing the Soul of the Philippines

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