mike north's chinaman "joke"

The controversy over Mike North's "chinaman" comment from last year continues... A North Side school is asking its local alderman to decide whether to name its softball field after a controversial radio host: Controversy over proposal to name school's ball field for talk show host
"We adamantly oppose dedicating the ball field in the name of Mike North. Some may say, 'Well, he apologized, that should be enough.' It isn't that simple," said William Yoshino, Japanese American Citizens League.

"I'm not a racist; I'm an entertainer. People cannot take jokes," North said. "I understand there are groups out there that have to watch out for things. I've never shied away from any kind of challenge," said North.
Wait, I thought North apologized, and said he had no idea it was a racial slur... but now he's going back to saying it was "a joke"? And that people need to learn how to take said joke? Right. The guy should get together with Rosie O'Donnell and share "jokes."

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