the motel dvd/poster giveaway

As I've mentioned before, Michael Kang's indie feature film The Motel will be released on DVD next week, January 30th. Pre-order it here or here. To celebrate the release, we're partnering up with the good folks at Palm Pictures for a kickass giveaway. Five lucky readers will receive a copy of The Motel DVD and a autographed theatrical poster signed by the cast (Jeffrey Chyau, Samantha Futerman, Sung Kang, Alexis Chang, Jade Wu) and director Mike Kang. How cool is that? You know you want it. To enter, just send an email with your name and mailing address, along with "MOTEL DVD" clearly written in the subject line by the end of Friday, January 26th. I'll throw all the entries into a bucket and pick five winners. Easy. To top it off, everyone who enters and submits their address will receive a funny Motel doorhanger, pictured here front and back:

Don't you want one of these hanging on your bedroom doorknob? Get your entries in, and it's yours. And maybe even the DVD and poster! But like Lotto, you gotta be in it to win it...

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