why not just call her "ching chong"?

Have you been watching the latest season of American Idol? Every year, I swear to myself that I'm not going to watch the damn show, and every year I somehow get sucked in. It's like a black hole of television. For poor suckers. Like me. Anyway, careful watchers might've caught an offhand remark that asshead Simon Cowell made last week during the New York auditions. This blogger took notice:
The judges were snippy, but almost managed to keep from going over the top. Simon seemed to take a page from the Rosie O'Donnell book of political incorrectness when, after failing to understand that an Asian woman's name was "Fong," called her "ping-pong, or whatever your name is."
Why not just go all the way and call her "ching chong"? I know Cowell's supposed to be the jerk on the show, but how purposefully ignorant can you get? Like "Fong" is that hard to pronounce. I don't care how bad the wannabe singer was. That's just being an ass for the hell of it. (Thanks, Ling)

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