bad band name: ching chong song

Ever heard of a band called Ching Chong Song? With a name like that, definitely not my kind of band. (But maybe Rosie O'Donnell is a fan.) So last semester at Bryn Mawr college, the school booked the band to play on campus.

Not taking this lightly, Bryn Mawr's Asian Student Association protested the band's scheduled appearance, and the school agreed to cancel the event. I'm told that the matter was handled pretty quietly and resolved in early December. Everything cool, right? Nope.

Last week, the school's newspaper published a letter from Julia LaMendola of Ching Chong Song, responding to what occurred between her band and Bryn Mawr: Letter to the Editor; Ching Chong Song Treated Unfairly.

It pretty much boils down to a incoherent, whiny, offensive tirade againstt some entity she refers to as the "asian society," calling them "stupid twats" and "retards." Yeah, taking the high road. Let the war of words begin...

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