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A few weeks back, I posted Beau Sia's powerful, amazing, eloquent open letter to all the rosie o'donnells, his response to Rosie O'Donnell and her now-infamous "ching chong" mockery on The View, asking her to just do the right thing and own up to her mistakes.

A few days ago, Beau reposted the video (prompting everyone to email me about it all over again) with added remarks addressing his critics. The video has sparked quite a discussion in the comments, ranging from "a well done response" to "get over it, chinkboy." A

But wait. Rosie O'Donnell has apparently seen Beau's video and posted the following message on her blog:
last night i saw def poetry jam
on HBO
i love that show
i wish it was an hour
not half

2 day i found
beau sia
on you tube

with great delivery
wonderful editing
set in a school room
he spoke

an open letter to all the rosie o’donnells

"ching chong ching chong
is not an accent
it is a racist interpretation of a language
often associated with
being buried alive in a mine shaft"

"i would never make fun of who u r
and then make u feel wrong
for just trying to inform u
of y i shouldn't say
whatever it is i am about to say
about plus sized lesbians"

"so listen 2 me
because i dont think ur evil
i dont care if ur mean"

"learn from this rosie
apologize darling
tap into the humanity
i know that u posses"

2 beau
an open response
to ur informative creative
and quite beautiful video

i apologize
for any and all pain
caused to any and all
by my comments
lack of compassion - empathy

u r right
i didnt get it

i know
my intent
was not to harm
yet obviously i did

there ya have it

and beau
before u refrain from all observations
comments or comedy
in any context or capacity
about the queer community
in all it variations

arttst 2 artist beau
say whatever it is u need
i trust
after seeing u 4 all of 3 minutes -
ur soul is in the right place
ur aim is 2 enlighten
not debase
as is mine

peace out
rosie o'donnell - plus sized lesbian
Nice to know those words did not fall on deaf ears, and good to see O'Donnell going further than just that sad excuse for an apology on The View. Again, big props to Beau.

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