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Disturbing news of another Chinese food delivery robbery, out of Springfield, IL... Two men were arrested after Kin Ming Poon, the owner of Mr. Eggroll, was badly beaten and robbed while making a delivery late Saturday: Two men arrested after owner of Mr. Eggroll beaten, robbed. According to police, the robbers stole cash from the victim and hit him twice in the head with baseball bat or similar object. When did delivering Chinese food become such a dangerous task?

In other Chinese food news, this week a food factory worker in Ontario, CA pleaded not guilty to federal charges he sprinkled glass and other debris into wontons packaged and shipped across California three years ago: SoCal man pleads not guilty to federal food tampering charges. The company was alerted to the contamination when customers complained about finding odd items in their wontons. Besides glass, prosecutors alleged the guy also placed seeds, pebbles and spit inside. Dude, that's nasty. What the hell was this guy's problem?

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