ching chong song saga continues

The latest in the saga of Ching Chong Song... I've been hearing from folks who attended last night's protest of the band Ching Chong Song at NYU, passing out flyers educating attendees about the term "ching chong." Hey folks, guess what, it's racist. According to the press release I received, the band is going to change its name:
When the band learned of the impending rally, it agreed to change its name and to make an apology during its performance. Band pianist and singer Dan Gower said the name wasn't changed until now because of "all the action people have taken."
Jinglu tells me the new name is "Church of Lurch." Before we all go celebrating, I'm told that the band was really sarcastic and insincere with their "apology," and refused to see why people were so upset over the whole thing:
NYU senior Lily Yuan expressed concern about the sincerity of the band's apology. "But, even though the band changed their name, they announced it with sarcasm and pride and few words that meant nothing and left us standing in humiliation and shock." Yuan was brought to tears during the band public apology when band member LaMendola said, "The college banned me from performing and then I wrote them a letter calling them retarded twats [the audience laughed]...Yea I thought it was pretty funny too..."
I guess LaMendola's pulling a Rosie—a slap in the face shrouded in a crappy non-apology. Here's the NYU campus paper's coverage of the protest: Protests meet V-Day band

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