don't be coming around here with your ching chong song

The latest on the Ching Chong Song controversy at Bryn Mawr College... As I mentioned here the other day, the school recently canceled the band Ching Chong Song's scheduled campus performance. (Because, you know, the name.)

Band member Julia LaMendola wrote to the school's paper to whine and point fingers about the show's cancelation: Ching Chong Song Treated Unfairly. This caused all sorts of trouble.

Here's a response from the paper's managing editor on why she decided to run LaMendola's offensive letter: Ching Chong, this Witch Is Dead. For the most part, I have to agree with her. How else would we know that the Ching Chong Song lady is a raving crazy?

The paper's editorial board also chimed in: On Letters to the Editor. Meanwhile, the school's Office of Intercultural Affairs also responded to the letter: Office of Intercultural Affairs Responds to LaMendola.

And here's a good one from a student: Ching Chong Song Letter Shows Ignorance. Don't mess with Bryn Mawr, and don't be coming around there with your Ching Chong Song. Bryn Mawr don't play that.

UPDATE: The fight against Ching Chong Song continues... I received this a little too late (I'm working on Pacific Standard Time), but Ching Chong Song was apparently scheduled to perform tonight at New York University, opening for Jeffrey Lewis & the Jargonauts. Organizers of NYU's Asian Heritage Month, as well as other concerned groups, were planning on staging a peaceful protest this evening outside the event. I hope it went well...

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