"hmong men have no talent other than to kill"

Law students at the University of Wisconsin accused Professor Leonard Kaplan of making statements that denigrate Hmong people, apparently telling his legal process class that "Hmong men have no talent other than to kill," and that second-generation Hmong become criminals, among other crazy racist statements: UW professor accused of Hmong slurs.

Kaplan claims that this was all a "terrible misunderstanding," though I have to wonder what he was actually trying to say if he was indeed misunderstood. More here: Anti-Hmong Comments Set Off a Law School. That's racist!

Not a great week of news for Hmong Americans... According to this article,the USA Patriot Act has apparently classified many Hmong residents as terrorists, and thus unable to obtain a green card: Patriot Act Classifies Hmong as Terrorists.

The snag comes because of the Patriot Act's definition of "terrorist." A number of Hmong veterans are considered terrorists because they were guerrilla soldiers during the Vietnam War. The part that doesn't make any sense: they fought as allies alongside American troops. Shouldn't this service make things easier for them to obtain citizenship?

And in Fresno, Southeast Asian farmers have been hit hard by the recent severe winter freeze, with many losing more than half their crops: Fresno's Hmong farmers stung by freeze. The city is stepping in to help.

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