kid needs a history lesson

Heard this news about an event held by a Republican student group at NYU last week: 'Find the Illegal Immigrant', a mock hunt for a student posing as an illegal immigrant, while other students play the part of border patrol agents and wearing nametags saying "INS." I've heard of similar events happening at other college campuses around the country. The College Republicans said the event is intended to "bring attention to the issue of illegal immigration." Seems to me it's just a bunch of people running around acting like fools. Like this kid Wesley Chan, a NYU freshman who took part in the "game." According to this article, he was actually one of the few nonwhite students among the group. Young Wesley, who is Chinese American, seems to be uninformed of the history of U.S. immigration... including racist laws like the Chinese Exclusion Act: How easily he forgets racism. An unjust law that never would've let his parents come to America in the first place, if it was still on the books. Prejudice and xenophobia at its American finest. But hey, this... this is just fun and games, right Wesley?

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