the anti-hung

The San Jose Mercury News has a story on local American Idol hopeful Paul Kim, who has indeed made it to the competition's coveted top 24: Saratoga singer gets 'Idol' break. The way I see it, the guy is the Anti-Hung. William Hung, that is. The guy who, with one lousy rendition of "She Bangs," set back Asian Americans in music a good twenty years. When he auditioned on Idol, Paul said:
"It kind of bothers me that when people think about 'Asian singer,' they think 'William Hung,'" Kim, a Korean-American, said in an "Idol" interview. "And I'm not hatin' on William Hung, but I mean, come on... There are many talented Asian people out there, you just don't see them. They don't get an opportunity in the entertainment industry... at all."
That's all right, Paul. Feel free to hate on William Hung all you want. Now, millions will see Paul perform on national television, and have the chance to vote him into the next round. And maybe he'll get that big break we've all been wanting to see...

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