six years of anger

Well, hey. It's Valentine's Day, and that's all well and good. Love one another. But today also happens to be the sixth anniversary of angryasianman.com. Crazy, but an early incarnation of this site went live six years ago today. And man, it's been quite a ride. I certainly never expected this space to grow into some kind of full-fledged online destination. In the beginning, I just wanted a space to write about some of the stuff I was thinking about... but somewhere along the way, folks out there seem to have connected with it. So thank you, good readers, for making this site what it is. And a big fat thank you to all of you out there who have helped me out along the way, providing story ideas, articles and links, moral support, good laughs, and free food. I know I write a little message like this every year, but I do really mean it. Thank you. And to all the Haters, keep it up. You fuel my anger.

There are actually some big changes and plans in the works, including a big fat contest, new features, a significant layout change, and a cool event or two. Coming soon! Good times. Thanks, again. Stay Angry.

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